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The Land of Wind (風の国, Kaze no Kuni) is one of the more prominent countries in the shinobi world. It is located to the south-west of the Land of Fire and borders the Land of Rivers and Amegakure. Its government leader is Jingū, the current daimyō. The country covers a vast realm, but that realm is largely composed of deserts. Because there is very little rainfall throughout the year, the people of the country live in villages built on one of the desert's many oasis. Despite the country's extremely harsh environment, it has a large population. Although they have warred with each other in the past, the Land of Wind is on good terms with the Land of Fire, with a great deal of trade going on between the two countries.

The "Sand Dumpling" (砂団子, Suna Dango, English TV: Sand Dango) is a regional specialty of the Land of Wind. A unique characteristic of the Sand Dumpling is the soy flour, which is prepared especially to resemble sand. They apparently taste very good.


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Sunagakure (砂隠れの里, Sunagakure no Sato, Literally meaning: Village Hidden by Sand) is the hidden village of the Land of Wind and was founded by the First Kazekage. As one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, Sunagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Kazekage, who resides in a spherical structure in the center of the village. There have been six Kazekage, the most recent being Bunbuku Chagama.

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  • According to Kasuga Sarutobi, the Seventh Hokage, there exists a village of Scorch Release users where Pakara—a famous kunoichi from the past—originated from. This is unconfirmed as of yet.