[nil edit]Lava Release: Blazing Menacing Ball 15px
Kanji 溶遁· 溶遁脅迫的玉
Rōmaji Yōton: Enten Kyouhakutekidama
Literal English Lava Release: Scorching Menacing Ball
Novel Testimony of Daiochan
Appears in Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Hand seals Ram → Ox → Boar → Ox → Tiger → Dragon → Tiger → Rabbit → Ox
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Tailed Beast Ball

The initiation of this technique mimics the formation of a Tailed Beast Ball which include the chakra ratios which are Yōton and Yin rather than Yin-Yang. This technique requires no hand signs but rather a concentration of chakra towards the maw or in some cases other body parts. After concentrating a sustainable amount of Yōton and Yin chakra into the form of a rather large sphere resembling our own sun, the technique fires off at blinding speeds igniting anything that is near its path.

The heat generated from this sphere is hot enough to ignite surrounding forests and even capable of evaporating large amounts of water. This technique is fired at blistering speeds making it very difficult to dodge the initial impact. When this technique makes contact with the land, its initial impact creates an explosion that surpasses that of the standard aforementioned Tailed Beast Ball. Not only is it an explosion of Yōton and Yin chakra, the ball also creates a radial wall of lava and magma that moves at speeds nearing the speed of sound. The wall of lava which can reach over 400 meters in height generated by this jutsu resembles that of a tsunami that was created by asteroid impact and carries the same characteristics and it travels out for a few kilometers. The resulting effect of this wall of lava resembles that of the inferno as no biological form of life is able to withstand the intense heat of the incoming lava let alone the kinetic impact from the blinding speeds.

Afterwards, a truly gargantuan lake of magma and lava will be created allowing Daiochan to use this lake to further empower her creations and to give her an absolute advantage on the battlefield. Due to the technique itself being infused with Asu’s corrupting energy from the Pradāśa Seal astral implementation, the opponent will not be capable of merely absorbing the technique. If the opponent attempts to absorb the astral existential energy infused technique, they will instantly become branded with the Pradāśa Seal which will render them under the rule of the user or Asu Rashoujin himself. The energy from this seal is not physical or even spiritual in nature as it hails from a plane of existence that has a higher innate frequency than our own. Therefore, not having tutelage by the Heavenly Sovereign Gaoh Minazuki of understanding the mechanics behind the Pradāśa Seal makes it impossible to absorb and stopped by conventional means.

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