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Lava Field
Kanji 溶遁·原の生き地獄
Rōmaji Yōton: Hara no Ikijigoku
Novel Testament of Daiochan
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Rank S-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Long-range
Hand seals Dragon → Rabbit → Ox → Rabbit → Tiger → Boar → Dog → Ram

The earth has at its core a churning center of magma. In nature, a direct path between this core and the surface can be formed resulting in an extremely violent eruption of magma and lava, changing the face of the earth. This technique, crafted by Zōu Shì is used to turn the entire battlefield into a smoldering field of molten rock. From this, mountains and even whole islands can be created. Next, Zōu Shì will send her Yōton chakra down in a straight path towards the earth’s core. In doing this, Zōu Shì will cause the magma to shoot up all the way to the surface through a path carved from the manipulation of magma and lava. After performing a series of hand seals, Zōu Shì will send Yōton chakra into the ground starting at her feet and quickly spreads out turning the very earth into a fiery field of ash and searing hot magma. As this technique spreads, plant life such as trees, will be set ablaze before sinking into the pit and being completely obliterated as the magma spreads outwards, upwards and downwards endangering Earth Release users who may be under ground.

If the opponent is submerged within the lava, death is a guarantee. Furthermore, being lava, the fluid surface of this technique cannot be walked upon and even attempting the Walk on Water technique will result in a massive increase of chakra to keep themselves on top of the flowing molten rock and then there is the danger of Zōu Shì completely controlling the field, thus greatly increasing the danger for the opponent. This size of the lava field can vary to that of a small pond to the size of a lake. While Zōu Shì can completely survive within this field, she can form solidified igneous rock on which to stand. Furthermore, Zōu Shì ’s creations (including her clones) can stand on the surface of the lava or they can sink below it to attack from below.

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