[nil edit]Light and Dark Exorcism Arts of Togakushi 15px
Literal English Light and Dark Excorcism Arts of Togakushi
Viz print media The Great Exorcism of Togakushi
English anime Exorcism of Light and Darkness
English games Arts of Togakushi
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Hiden
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Hand seals Ram→Tiger

"May these creations fulfill their purpose! Now my beasts go forth and bring wrath upon these forgotten souls!"
— Gaoh Minazuki

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."


This is a Hiden, or secret technique, that is also sometimes referred to as spiritual puppetry. Much like the true puppetry technique, it involves the manipulation of an inanimate physical body, such as that of a puppet. For that matter the limitations of this technique follow along with the average limitations of a puppeteer, in regards to the number of bodies that can be manipulated at once and the ranks of the puppets involved. For this technique, Gaoh must concentrate a ghostly soul into one of his hands and combine it with the Sage of Enlightenment chakra.

After that point, he will have to make contact with the desired object, which will then become infused with the deceased soul used in this technique. The soul will spread into the new body, and the puppet well then be able to be controlled by Gaoh much of the same way that a puppet is manipulated by a puppeteer. While no strings exist between the tips of the fingers and the puppet's actual body, Gaoh still must fiddle his fingers in order to move this creature, unless if he is in direct contact with the body.

Gaoh does not usually use this technique with normal puppets, but instead uses it on animalistic creations that mimic the movement of beasts with these souls within them. This technique can also be used to implant a soul, temporarily, into a corpse. The body of the corpse has only basic taijutsu capabilities, with little self-consciousness. However, were Gaoh to maintain contact with the body it can again regain its spiritual consciousness for a time. Only a corpse can move away from Gaoh's body, though the technique is canceled if it escapes the range of control, and movement can persist for a few hours. Any inanimate object must remain in direct contact with Gaoh, else the technique cancels.

With the essence of the Heavenly Sovereign imbedded within the Path Gold Alignment techniques, few find possible to surpass them in all their aspects. The most potent of the yin-yang release is comparable to those of the lower class of the enlightenment technique which revolves themselves around the usage of the seven existential planes. As we take a further look into these techniques, we start to realize their true purpose in our world and in the world we can’t quite see just yet. As with this technique and with the others, the Gushkin-banda techniques are in a series of their own and many try to comprehend their use as basic ninjutsu but instead they require the patience and discipline of an enlightened body.