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Crimson Shock
Red Chidori
Kanji 紅閃
Literal English Crimson Flash
English TV Crimson Shock
Classification Ninjutsu
Nature Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Rank A-Rank
Class Offensive
Range Short, Mid
Other Info
Derived Jutsu Crimson Shock Senbon

Lightning Release: Crimson Shock

Feel free to use this jutsu!

Technique Description

Crimson Shock is a technique very similar to that of the Chidori and Raikiri in that it concentrates a substantial amount of lightning nature chakra in one’s palm. Similar to Lightning Release: Purple Electricity, it's a short to medium range jutsu that doesn't produce tunnel vision, so it doesn’t require the Sharingan.

However, although it's a relatively quick lightning release jutsu, it's significantly slower than that of its counterparts. What it lacks in speed and penetrative piercing power, it makes up for in raw electrical power. A jab or thrust can be used to slightly increase its speed, but an open “tiger palm” or “slash” is often used to make contact with the target in close quarters encounters. Essentially, the speed of the jutsu is relative to how fast the user is rather than how fast the jutsu itself is.

Again, this jutsu is a jutsu centered around electrocuting the target, not piercing through the target's chest like Raikiri or Hell Stab.

In medium range situations, Crimson Shock can extend from the user like a tether or lightning whip to harmlessly incapacitate or lethally shock a target. Incapacitation followed by an incredible surge of electrical energy can torture, subdue, and even kill a target.

Crimson Shock is a lightning release jutsu that appears red and has a dark and low chaotic sound. The jutsu can also be channeled through various mediums including swords, water, metals, etc. It increases the sharpness of a blade and a weapon's speed.

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