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Living Cell Pulse: Stem Cell Clone Technique
PKH LivingCellPulse StemCellCloneTechnique
Kanji 生胞脈:幹細胞分身の術
Rōmanji Seihōmyaku: Kansaibō Bunshin no Jutsu
Literal English Living Cell Pulse: Stem Cell Clone Technique
Classification Shihomyaku SymbolKekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Clone Technique
Class Supplementary
Related Jutsu Shadow Clone Technique, Fission Technique

The Living Cell Pulse: Stem Cell Clone Technique (生胞脈:幹細胞分身の術, Seihōmyaku: Kansaibō Bunshin no Jutsu) is a technique of the Shihōmyaku Kekkei Genkai.

Using Instantaneous Mitosis (瞬発有糸分裂, Shunpatsu Yuushibunretsu), the user splits their body into any desired number of identical duplicates in an instant, complete with identicle clothing, items, and tools as the source. Because the clones created through this technique are real, physical separations, neither can be regarded as the original and are just as capable. Clones created through this method are real and as a result must be killed, though they can be easily be dispelled by the user. Due to the chakra system of Shihomyaku wielders, the chakra the clones possess are identicle as well.

By shifting the cells within their body, clones can quite literally assume the physiology and identity of any enemy they encounter, allowing the user to even the odds against particularly difficult opponents.

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