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Lunar Release
Luna Release
Kanji 太陰義
Rōmanji Taiinton
Lunar Release
Other Moon Release
Moon Arts
Moon Style
Clan Sumaru's Clan
Oraculum Kingdom's Royal Family
Tsuki Clan
Chinami Clan

Sealing Technique: Ice Prison
Lunar Release: Spiralling Shuriken

Lunar Release is a Kekkei Tōta only accessible to those who can use Stellar Sage Mode. Lunar Release is basically an enhanced form of Ice Release, able to bring temperatures close to absolute zero. It consists of a combination of wind, water and yin nature transformations.


Attaining Lunar Release

Although Reiko was the first user, the first user would technically be her adoptive father, Sumaru. But even this isn't true. The first user of this Kekkei Tōta is Chinami Chinoike, a mind-boggling 18 years earlier than when Reiko first discovered her power. This is because Chinami is the first wielder of Stellar Sage Mode (again Reiko was mistaken to be the first one to use it). First attaining Stellar Sage Mode seems to be the only known method on gaining this Kekkei Tōta. Chinami's mastery over the Lunar Release quite easily surpasses normal Stellar Sage Mode, even gaining Truth-Seeking Balls in base Stellar Sage Mode (most likely due to her Chinoike lineage).

Level 1

Users of Stellar Sage Mode can use the Lunar Release, just not to the extent of those who have Universal Stellar Sage Mode. With this, the user will be able to instantly bring temperatures down to a few degrees below zero Celsius.

Level 2

Universal Stellar Sage Mode brings out the true potential of Lunar Release. The user will be able to bring temperatures down to absolute zero, the lowest possible temperature. This second level seems to be genetic as only the current queen, queen regnant and priestess of Oraculum Kingdom have this when their parents do not. It is unclear whether the children will have inherited Universal Stellar Sage Mode or if they will have to awaken it themselves.

Tsuki Clan

Main article - Tsuki Clan

The Tsuki Clan can use the Lunar Release to the same extent as the Taiyō Clan can use the Solar Release. Those without their clan dōjutsu, the Tsukigan, will not be able to use it to its full power. At best, those without the Tsukigan can only manage 50% while those with the eye will be able to use it 80-100%.

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