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Makino Clan
Makino Clan
(牧野氏, Makino uji)
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The Makino clan (牧野氏 Makino uji) is a clan who were extremely prominent in the Warring States Period. They currently reside in the Land of Runes.



Long ago, the Goma Clan sent down one of their own to Earth to scout it for resources. Their intentions were to search the planet for a cure to their darkness. The Goma, however, became attached to humanity's concepts and way of life. He eventually met with a human woman who was the princess of her country. The princess had heard of the celestial beings, gods who ruled over the stars, and it was written prophecy in her nation that one would select her for marriage. Before their marriage, a demon who called itself Maji, contacted the Goma. It was summoned due to the cries and worries of the Goma, who did not want his children to inherit the darkness that plagued his clan.

The demon offered a solution to this: to connect the souls of his children to it and it would extinguish their darkness and give them power in return. While this may have been dangerous, the Goma was desperate enough to authorize it, and he would eventually give up his soul to Maji. Soon afterwards, the Goma and the human princess married and gave birth to many offspring, creating the Makino clan. The Makino were dark-spirited people and were believed to have been cursed. This frightened the princess's people and changed their perception of the celestial beings. Their fear transformed into courage and they stormed the palace to execute the celestial being who they now believed was a "demon". Not wanting to hurt the people of his wife, he sacrificed himself to them.

The Makino clan became the next target. They were driven out of their home lands and became wanderers who were turned away by other countries.

Land of Runes

After years of nomadic life, the leader of the Makino Clan arrived at would later become the Land of Runes. It was the perfect place to begin building their empire. They began constructing Yōike, their kingdom. Eventually, people from distant lands came there and helped to construct the kingdom as well. Soon, the rulers would become known as the Three Kings. They were also the first to utilize the Rune Seals, mysterious symbols that descended from the Goma clan's writing system.


Being descended from a powerful clan of celestial beings, the Makino have a very unique chakra that is hard to read by sensors. The Goma clan were known to be armored beings who wielded unbreakable weapons and were naturally powerful warriors. The Makino are very different from them since they are half human. They also wield the chakra of the demon Maji, which creates feelings of unease and killing intent to others. The chakra of Maji is extremely malleable and can become semi-solid constructs. Those touched by this chakra feel extremely cold. The Makino are also noted to have durable skin, which could be related to the Goma's celestial armor. Some Makino have also awakened the Tokogan, a dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Goma that allows them to see dimensional disturbances.


  • "Makino" (牧野) means "pasture land"
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