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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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  • Dark Incarnate
  • Bane
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 34
Blood type AB
Kekkei Genkai
Ninja Rank Kage
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Absorbs Chakra

Maru is the newest member of the revived Akatsuki under the leadership of the resurrected Danzō Shimura. Maru has been paired up with Ryuk Uchiha in order to keep an eye on him. He is believed to be one of the sole surviving descendants of what use to be known as Soragakure, the village in the Land of the Sky that was destroyed during the 2nd Shinobi War by Konohagakure. In an attempt to restore the power and fear of Soragakure, Maru and several other descendants, his lover included, began to execute terrorist attacks on the five nations following the 4th Shinobi War. Refusing to stop their terrorist attacks the 5 nations responded by forming a group of 5 assassins from each nation to dispose of the remnants of Soragakure. Maru and his team were attacked by these assassins ultimately losing everything he held dear including his lover. Desperate and driven for revenge, he desired power and began researching ancient sources of power that his country once had. He came across what was known as the Zero Tails and Dark Chakra, however, finding out that the Zero Tails had been destroyed, he continued his studies until he found something about an artifact that was hidden in the Land of the Demons that held a massive amount of Dark Chakra within it, an object that was fueled by negative emotions and pure hatred. Maru eventually found the artifact and it began to cause whispers in his head, telling him to give into his hate and allow it to consume him. Wanting nothing more than revenge he embraced his in hatred and negative emotions and the Dark Chakra was subjugated into his very being. The Dark Chakra fueled his hatred and transformed Maru into the very incarnate of hate and despair, along with his appearance turning into a demonic like form. As a result Maru was granted with extraordinary power and continued to train and learn to wield this Dark Chakra. So that one day he could wreak havoc and destroy the Five Nations.


Maru initially was a rather well built bald man that wore gray and beige robes. His eyes held a certain fierceness within them and were brown in coloration. He also had a scar on the left side of his face slightly above his eyebrow.

After finding and consuming the Dark Chakra from the Dark Artifact, he not only underwent a psychological transformation, but a physical one as well. The darkness altered his body dark intricate markings appeared all his body and his skin tone became the color of blood. His eyes gained a menacing appearance awakening his dojutsu known as Dark Eyes. Horns also manifested on Maru's head. His appearance has been likened to the incarnate of hate and pain itself and is something to be feared.


Maru was once a kindhearted man who was madly in love. He also at the same time was strong willed and fierce as shown in his beliefs. Maru has a fierce loyalty to his country and his allies and is well versed in his country's history. Despite all of the nice things about Maru, he was also a terrorist part of an organization that desired to once again regain the fear and respect of Soragukure by preforming terrorist attacks and assassinations against the 5 nations. Despite what he was doing Maru truly believed what he was doing was right and anyone who got in his way was to be cut down.

After the death of his lover Maru changed, he became even more hateful of the 5 Nations, and became obsessed with revenge. He knew however, that he needed to be patient and obtain more power if he was going to go against the 5 Nations. He began delving into the tomes and scrolls of his country's past and learned of Dark Chakra and its power. Eventually acquiring it by discovering an ancient and mysterious artifact. The artifact spoke to him and told him to give in to the malice in his heart, the sanity in his mind, the anguish in his soul. Maru did this and he was transformed into the incarnate of hate. Maru's personality changed completely and his former self was consumed by darkness. Maru shows and feels no fear, he only believes in his revenge. He wishes to see the world burn before his eyes and make the 5 nations feel the pain that he felt. Maru doesn't believe in mercy and will not hesitate to kill anyone who stands in his way. He seems to show a level of calmness most of the time however, but in some cases he releases he rage to overpower his enemies and show him his wrath. Maru is highly intelligent and and skilled tactician and manipulator, capable of bringing peoples fears to light or the inner darkness. Maru despite not showing cares for his apprentice Kuroi Hyuga, who was betrayed by everyone he knew. Maru is a harsh and violent teacher but his methods of training Kuroi have proven very effective.



Chakra Prowess

Maru is extremely skilled in the understanding and use of chakra. He have a masterful control over his chakra and he is able to deduce accurately the exact amount used in his or his foe's techniques. As such he has a large chakra pool at his disposal and is skilled in conserving his chakra for powerful techniques. More interestingly is Maru's well nourished ability to absorb massive amounts of chakra effortlessly at alarming rates. After obtaining the Dark Release kekkei genkai as a result of subjugating Dark Chakra, he began to study the properties of the Dark Release chakra absorbing abilities. After extensive research and training he developed and honed his ability to absorb chakra to such a degree that ninjutsu and genjutsu are useless against him. He is capable of absorbing a full-powered bijuudama as shown when he fought and captured the Eight Tails jinchūriki. He then learned how to use Naka Kuroi's Worldly Subjugation technique.

Physical Prowess

The Dark Chakra has seemed to alter his body in a way that has increased his physical capabilities. His reflexes, strength, and speed have all seemed to have been augmented by the Dark Chakra. He virtually is unable to feel any physical pain, and usually sweats it off unless severe enough, but this usually only results in him going into a rage. Aside from his inhuman pain tolerance he is exceedingly hard to kill despite not being immortal, capable of using the Body Revival technique who he taught to his apprentice Kuroi Hyuga, and his spy known only as The Dr.

Sensory Perception

A truly admirable skill of Maru his sensory perception skills are so astute that his sensory skills surpassed shinobi who are more predisposed to sensory perception like the Yamanaka or Uzumaki Clans. He is able to sense chakra over long distances that exceed 25 kilometers and has proven to be an esteemed user of the Detect technique, which allows the user to sense movements rather than chakra. Maru also seems to have the ability to use the Mind's Eye of the Kagura which allows him to sense chakra seamlessly and be able to detect dishonestly from reading chakra fluctuations.


Maru is skilled in the used of single and dual wielding kenjutsu. While most of his skills in kenjutsu have yet to be shown, he has proved to be able to easily take down multiple ANBU-level targets using kenjutsu without blinking and eye. It is also stated that his kenjutsu is mostly comprised of quick and precise strikes combined with acrobatic movements.


Highly skilled in the use of taijutsu, Maru has shown to be an expert practitioner of the Suppression Style, capable of causing painful muscle contractions by striking his target's muscle groups while incorporating his knowledge of chakra by being able to cause his foes to lose the ability to manipulate their chakra correctly.


Maru seems to be very skilled and knowledgeable in the use of his Kekkei Genkai Storm Release and Dark Release. He is able to use high caliber techniques effortlessly due to having large chakra reserves and being wise when conserving chakra. Maru also is able to use Lightning Release and proves to be so skilled in its use that he is able to manipulate at his whim. He can also use certain Wind Release techniques.


Through his studies of chakra Maru came across Senjutsu or natural energy, after several months of going deeper into his observation of senjutsu he was eventually able to use Sage Mode. After obtaining the ability to go into Sage Mode, Maru furthered his studies until eventually coming across the ability of Juugo's Clan to naturally absorb natural energy. Maru wanted this ability so he spent 2 years with a group of descendants of the clan and was taught how to naturally absorb nature chakra, however Maru being th incarnate hate seem to be able to control his rage and didn't experience fits.

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