Metal Release
Kanji 金遁
Rōmaji Kinton
Literal English Metal Release
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie

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The Metal Release (Kinton, 金遁) is a Kekkei Tōta used by Shisui Hatake which combines the fire, Earth, and lightning chakra natures to generate metal. These techniques allows Shisui to create, manipulate, and control metal, including iron, steel, copper, gold diamond and many more. As the originator of the Metal Release, Shisui is the only one capable of manipulating all preexisting metals, and his own, mentally and without moving an inch. The Metal Release techniques can be generated from anywhere, including the earth and the user's body.Though the metal release is commonly affiliated with the Boar handseal,seemingly Shisui uses it with the Tiger Seal. Shisui's Metal Release is same as Sannoto's,which hints that they might have a relationship after-all as Shisui is originally from Future.


  • The Metal Release is an idea that is also shared by [[User:Omnibender, as seen on his [Metal Release]. The icon for the metal release was created by ShounenSuki.
  • Shisui's metal release is inspired from Gaara's ability to manipulate sand and Sannoto's abilities.
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