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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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editMisaki Ryuketsu
Ryuketsu Misaki (流血美咲)

  • Konoha's Double Flash (木の葉のダブルフラッシュ
  • Konoha no daburufurasshu)
  • Konoha's Flashing Flicker (木の葉の点滅ちらつき
  • Konoha no tenmetsu chiratsuki)
  • Hokage's Keeper (火影の番人 Hokage no ban'nin)
  • Tsunade's Shadow (綱手の Tsunade no kage)
  • Kakashi's Shadow (カカシの影 Kakashi no Kage)
  • Pillars Of The Prophecy (予言の柱
  • Yogen no hashira)
  • Dragon King (龍神 Ryūjin)
Appears in Manga, Anime, Novel, Movie, Game
Birthdate 23 Febuary
Gender Gender Female.svg Female
  • Part I: 26-27
  • Part II: 29-31
Height 165cm1.65 m <br />5.413 ft <br />64.961 in <br />
Weight 54kg119.05 lb <br />
Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Tōta
Clan Ryuketsu Symbol.svg Ryuketsu Clan
Ninja Rank Kage
Ninja Registration 009721
Academy Grad. Age 5
Chūnin Prom. Age 6
Jōnin Prom. Age 9
Nature Type

'It is our choice to be shinobi, but that shouldn't stop us from grieving the dead.' - Misaki

Misaki Ryuketsu (流血美咲, Ryuketsu Misaki) is the last surviving member of the Ryuketsu Clan. Upon Tsunade's ascension to the throne of Hokage, she became the youngest ANBU supreme commander in Konoha history at the age of 26, after 13 years of service in the task force. She is renowned all over the shinobi world for her formidable partnership with Minato Namikaze, receiving the title Konoha’s Double Flash (木の葉のダブルフラッシュ). After his death, she attains her own title, the Konoha's Flashing Flicker (木の葉の点滅ちらつき). She is the godmother of Naruto Uzumaki as well as the adoptive mother of Sasuke Uchiha alongside Kakashi Hatake, which makes them the Pillars Of The Prophecy (予言の柱).



When Misaki was physically grown enough and qualified, she replaced her personal wardrobe with the village’s shinobi uniform as her main form of outdoor clothing. She is normally seen wearing Konoha’s standard infantry clothing in public areas which consisted of a green flak jacket with a red swirl on its left sleeve, dark blue pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and black ninja sandals. Its signature piece, which is the military leafy coat, has two sizable rectangular compartments on each side of its chest front, a neck guard, tripled padding over the shoulders (which is fastened on by steel buttons), and a zipper down the middle to lock it in place. Misaki also straps a kunai leg bag on her right thigh and has two small-to-mid sized lumpy pouches secured to her belt behind her to carry extra scrolls, weapons, and medical items.

While more of the shinobi population see her in the jōnin attire, Misaki settled in the standard ANBU uniform almost permanently when she enlisted into the task force. Underneath the steel grey flak jacket and protective gauntlets, she gears up in anchor grey clothing to achieve some balance, dressed in a short-sleeved Oxford button-down shirt (with long arm protectors that cover her scar) and cargo pants with her regular footwear. She still keeps her pouches on her back waist and kunai leg bag, and wears a black coat when needed (though rarely due to her silent and fast movement, unless if she was in a cooler climate). The only differentiating aspect of hers is the symbolic dragon mask she dons that was formerly worn by Takeo Ryuketsu.

Personal Style

When Misaki is not in uniforms, her own taste is rather dull, evident by her reliance on uniforms and disinterest in elaborate fads. Her wardrobe only had comfortable and simple items in dark neutral colors, though it was displayed more apparently when she was a lot younger. Loose t-shirts, shorts and sweatpants were constant reappearances when she was at home, choices that stuck with her until present day.

Stylistically, she favors collar shirts – typically wearing long button downs and knee length high-waisted leggings, made from breathable fabric that kept her cool in Konoha’s warm climate whilst light enough to not restrict her movements. However, she does adopt a different outfit when she is posted to colder nations, as the last thing she wanted was to be impeded by the chill. She suits up in an insulated, high collared, long sleeved navy dress with a large middle slit, positioned tightly by a thick white obi. Her legs would be covered by full length creamy white pants and her ninja pouches remain hidden under by her dress. This would be the few moments where she would sport a coat, wear woolen pale socks and tight black gloves that wrap her hands except for the top of her fingertips.

Currently, she is seldom seen adorned in such attires, unless it was required of or otherwise. Funnily enough, she resembled a spitting image of an Uchiha because of that, and was often mistaken as one (specifically as Obito’s sister), much to the amusement (and mild heartache) of Minato and Kushina.

As for her Konoha headband, she ties it over her forehead like Minato did, unless if she were in her ANBU uniforms. But after The Nine Tails Attack, she had almost entirely forsaken it until The Fourth Shinobi World War.


Misaki has the most stereotypical looks of a Japanese female as a child and a woman. While her body underwent its natural growth processes, the larger part of her features remained unchanged. She has an extremely good-looking father, but had not inherited much of his money-worthy facial genetics and was instead somewhat thrown awkwardly between both her parents. Unfortunately, by Konoha's standards, Misaki looked boring, unless she was using her Blood Release: The Gift of Aphrodite.

Physical Description


Misaki's face and eyebrows had always been on the thinner side, accompanied by her crisply sharpened nose and V-shaped jaw that outlined her youthful and clean skin, indicating some luck she had with her appearances. Though it doesn't mean that she has not experience skin troubles, for milia, peeling and dehydration happens to her when she undergoes intense stress or changes in weather conditions.


Being a shinobi is an extremely physically demanding and taxing line of work, requiring immense physical engagement ranging from completing missions, training, or defending the village. Despite so, Misaki suffer more exertion than her colleagues just by her workload alone. She had only managed to enjoy simple missions with Team Minato for a short period of time before she was assigned to more difficult and dangerous missions on a frequent basis. Her job only became more loaded when she rose to become the supreme commander of The Anbu Black Ops.

Misaki trained like a beast as the rest of her peers do, driven by her call of duty, her will to protect her loved ones and most of all, to uphold Minato’s good name. But everything changed when her and Kakashi became what was left of Team Minato. Her physical and academic training became horrific (enough to instill fear in Gai himself) as her previous motivations became blurred from the newly found obsession, desperation, insecurity, and anguish – spending every free moment she had training and studying until her body collapsed from exhaustion.

Misaki had long pushed the limits of the ninja physique – and if it had not been for her bloodline gifts, medical background, strict adherence to nutrition and eventual intervention from the people of her circle, she would have done substantial damage to her body. But instead, she appear the peak of human health that flaunted the fruits of her physical toil, broadening her womanly build and enveloping her in a field of strength, with clear definitions of muscle that protected her arms, legs, abdominals and back. It looked stocky and heavy at times, but it was an irreplacable foundation that strengthened her taijutsu skills and enabled her legendary lightning reflexes. The only obvious physical similarity she inherited was her mother’s thick, long jet-black hair that flowed down to her mid-waist, a length she maintained since she was a genin. Unfortunately, she lost that thickness after experiencing major hair loss and thinning after Minato and Kushina's death.

With her scar-ridden muscular body, Misaki had long foregone the Japanese’s extreme black-and-white beauty standards that she had not and could not meet. But if she had to choose a preferred body part, it would be (what she sometimes thought) her long, slender hands and fingers, whose shape ratherish remain untouched by time and action (if she could ignore its callousness and scars that shroud it).

Body Language

Body Movement and Posture

From an outsider’s perspective, when they see Misaki on the battlefield as Konoha’s Flashing Flicker, behind Tsunade as the supreme commander of the ANBU Black Ops, or even just training, her body and demeanor is tremendously hard, firm and unyielding with a composure that seem unbreakable even at the face of despair. A true embodiment of stark and uncompromising severity, she is filled with an alertness that is scary even for individuals in her line of work. In fact, it becomes even more intense during crucial situations like on the eve of battle or when she receives directives from her superiors.

This physicality of hers plays for and against her. On one hand, it gives the necessary confidence to her clients and subordinates of her capabilities as a shinobi and leader. Furthermore, it helps her command respect when she has to relay orders, and more notably, as a reluctant politician facing the condescending elders of the village’s council when she has no choice. On the other hand, it made many think that there was no one less intimidating than her to approach, or anyone less unsympathetic. Only the accustomed eye would notice the small changes, such as the slight ease of her taut muscles at a joke around the Hokage’s office or the traces of tenderness she emits around small animals, and even fewer that will witness its openness of emotion.

Her Face and Eyes

Misaki’s most unique physical characteristic are her deep and dark crimson red eyes, an emblematic sign of great power and deep blood sensing ability in her clan. Besides her, only Akane Ryuketsu had been known to possess such eyes, and even then, they were visually impaired.

By and large, Misaki finds very difficult to be facially expressive, leading to her infamous ‘poker face’ that make her look very unapproachable. Forming deep interpersonal relationships help immensely to mitigate the extremity of her face, where her emotions can bleed out so much it hurts, (even if it was only around selected individuals), but it remained a struggle that continued beyond her adolescence years and into adulthood. It digressed tenfolds when Minato and Kushina died during the Nine Tails Attack, where her face became the stone that people denigrated where she came from. At best, the trained eye could make out the maturity, grief, tiredness, and the occasional blankness etched into her skin (when relaxed). When that does happen, Tsunade would see Shizuhiro flicker in her gaze.

Blood Lust

Misaki had more than several dangerous times in her life, with different points of ferocity, where blood lust gravely threatened to overcome her body and spirit. With a satanic sick twist, it funneled the worst of the brutal brawn of her parents' blood rage into her, where with Shizuhiro's incapitating monstrosity and Shizuku's biting heinous chill, she would no longer look human as her body twists and cracks like a beast out for blood. Her eyes would be devoid of humanity as the red in her pupils sung of the powers of her forefathers. While Misaki had managed to restrain herself and not kill any of Konoha's own shinobi, no target beyond that have survived her blows against them in that state.

Body Marks

Misaki has the regular ANBU tattoo imprinted on the top of her left bicep, but the most noticeable body mark she has is her hypertrophic scar. It's wide, thick, long and resembles a star-shaped neuron that covers the entirety of the inner side of her right arm. The injury was caused by the amaterusu flames that Tobi inflicted on her during the Nine-Tails attack. She escaped that death within an inch of her life (thanks to her regenerative abilities and plentiful chakra) with only an incessant itch; but cosmetically speaking wise, it was a lost cause. Misaki didn't mind as her uniforms covers it up (but her bitter thoughts still exist as it was a constant reminder of her failures during the Nine-Tails Attack), but she takes precautions to hide it with chakra during missions to avoid identification. When she does have the luxury to care, the only ones she feels comfortable with it completely exposed are her close confidants.






  • Misaki isn't fond of eating, and lost nearly all of her appetite after Minato and Kushina's death.
  • Misaki is allergic to shrimp, a fact which had been discovered on a mission with Asuma.
  • Misaki loves head massages and is great at giving it as well.
  • Misaki sleeps very lightly due to her profession. While safety measures and the feeling of home helps, she had only voluntarily surrendered herself to deep slumber in two occasions all her life: when she had lived with Minato and Kushina as their godchild, and when she sleeps next to Kakashi in their home.
  • Despite cherishing the pictures she has, Misaki prefers not to be photographed.
  • Her most prized possessions are:
    • Photographs of her family and friends.
    • The Uchiha robe that Obito gifted her.
    • Minato, Kushina and Rin's headbands (that sits comfortably with hers in front of the pictures).
    • The last set of Flying Thunder God Kunai Minato used before his death.
    • Kushina's green ghost plant.
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