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Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki
Voice Actor Japanese: Daisuke Namikawa
English: Xander Mobus
Name Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki
Kanji 大筒木モモシキ
Romanji Ōtsutsuki Momoshiki
Personal Status
Age 2100
Status Deceased and Sealed
Gender 18px Male
Height 176 cm
Blood Type O+
Clan Ōtsutsuki Clan Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan
Family Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki (Father)
Chikarashiki Ōtsutsuki (Grandfather)
Partner Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki
Previous Partner Chikarashiki Ōtsutsuki
Affiliation Neo-Ōtsutsuki Empire Symbol Neo-Ōtsutsuki Empire
Momoshiki's Planet Symbol Momoshiki's Planet
Previous Affiliation Kaika Otome Symbol Kaika Otome
Rank Nobleman
Kekkei Genkai Byakugan Byakugan
Rinnegan Momoshiki Rinnegan
Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Nature Icon Lava Lava Release
18px Ice Release
Unique Traits Can Absorb Chakra
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Nature Icon Lava Lava Release
18px Ice Release
Jutsu Black Receiver
Caged Heat Arson Prison
Chakra Edible Creation
Crimson Flame
Deep Crimson Spiral
Hair Binding Technique
Inukai Takeru no Mikoto
Monkey Rock
Pheasant Hunter
Shadow Imitation Technique
Tailed Beast Ball
Thunder Splitting Heaven and Earth
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique

Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki (大筒木モモシキ, Ōtsutsuki Momoshiki) was a member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan.


Momoshiki and his subordinate, Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, originate from an unknown location, which also contains its own God Tree, whose power supply has been depleted. Like Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, they also wanted to recollect all chakra into a new Chakra fruit, only to create medicine that could sustain their godlike power, youth, and longevity. Fearful of their arrival, Kaguya created the White Zetsu Army in order to fend off against them should they ever attempt to steal her chakra.


Momoshiki was typically calm, collected, and calculating. However, he had been prone to demonstrate sadistic tendencies, which was shown during his and Kinshiki's attack on Konoha, where he laughed after seeing distressed citizens while firing his elemental attacks. Momoshiki also had a severe superiority complex and thought very lowly of people other than himself, calling Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto and Sarada "lowly beings". Likewise, he also cared very little for other people, even his closest comrade. When he was in a difficult situation, he absorbed Kinshiki without a second thought in order to claim more power for himself. Similar to Boruto Uzumaki at the beginning of the film, Momoshiki was also uninterested in hard-work, preferring to absorb and use the techniques of others instead of relying on his own personal strength. Any effort disgusted Momoshiki, and he was even greatly angered when his clothes were ripped during his final battle against his enemies. As is fitting of his lazy personality, he was easily intimidated when opponents powerful enough to pose a threat to him learn his weakness and rely on taijutsu to fight him. Sasuke and Naruto both agreed Momoshiki's personality is a mirror image of Sasuke's when he was bent on killing Itachi.


Momoshiki had pale skin, and pale-blue hair which he kept in a long ponytail. His hair was parted down the middle in a zig-zag pattern, and his head was adorned with a pair of flat, curved horns which resembled bulls horns (unlike Kaguya's, who's had resembled rabbit ears). He had delicate facial features and his eyebrows were cut very short as a symbol of nobility. He dressed in a traditional white kariginu hunting robe, baggy pants, a pair of tengu-geta, and a single black glove on his left hand, with a hole cut into the palm for his Rinnegan, which was red in colour (purple in some depictions). He also wore a transparent veil over his head.

After absorbing Kinshiki, Momoshiki's appearance took a drastic change including; black sclerae, white irides, dark-red skin, a pointy chin, fangs, claws on his hands and feet which were exposed, white hair, ponytail enlarged and became much spikier, larger, sharpened bull horns, white markings under his eyes and a massive increase in size. His Rinnegan on his palms turned purple and he awakened a third one on his forehead.

In the manga, Momoshiki's appearance is radically different upon absorbing Kinshiki. His body becomes lithe and covered with a black mark, his horns are far longer and curve back, and all his dōjutsu turn golden.


Momoshiki was an extraordinarily powerful being who, alongside Kinshiki, was deemed a threat greater than Kaguya. He was capable of holding his own against multiple Kage-level opponents simultaneously, as well as defeating a perfect jinchūriki. After absorbing Kinshiki, he could fight near evenly with Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki, who both utilised the Six Paths Chakra. Being an Ōtsutsuki, he possessed extremely powerful chakra and had the ability to fly.



Byakugan Momoshiki

Momoshiki wielded the Byakugan in both eyes, granting him a near 360° field of x-ray vision (with the presumed exception of a small blind spot at the upper thoracic vertebrae), and the ability to see the Chakra Pathway System. Using it, he could see Kurama's chakra that was sealed within Naruto.


Momoshiki's Rinnegan

Momoshiki wielded a pair of Rinnegan in the palms of his hands, which he could use to absorb ninjutsu with his right, and utilise said techniques with his left. Also with his right Rinnegan, he could turn a target into editable pills, which when eaten, grants him youth and their chakra, increases his muscular tissue, and can transform his entire body in the case of consuming Kinshiki's chakra. Unlike other Rinnegan wielders, Momoshiki's Rinnegan was red in colour instead of light purple. However, after transforming from his absorption of Kinshiki, the Rinnegan in Momoshiki's palms turned purple and he gained an additional purple Rinnegan on his forehead. He could create Black Receivers as well.


Momoshiki could absorb an enemy's technique and utilise it on a much greater scale, as seen with the Tailed Beast Ball, Shadow Imitation Technique, and the Rasengan, which he proclaimed to be capable of making a limitless number of. He could also create glowing red weapons. He had some knowledge in fūinjutsu, evident from his attempts to extract Kurama from Naruto's body.

Nature Transformation

With his Rinnegan, Momoshiki could use all five elemental nature transformations easily through absorbing his enemies' elemental techniques. He could create enormous elemental creatures, such as a fire phoenix and a lava golem, which was powerful enough to battle a Susanoo-clad Kurama. Momoshiki's Fire Release was strong enough to overpower Sasuke's Susanoo and severely burn him. He could also perform Wood Release, capable of manipulating the God Tree to create wooden spikes and dragons. In the novel, Momoshiki could also use the Ice Release and showed prowess in creating an absolute zero blizzard, as well as a downpour of meteorites, after absorbing the ninjutsu that were generated through Katasuke's Kote.

Children Of The Phoenix: Side Story of the Shadows

Momoshiki is seen in a battle against the Dharma Resistance's Earth Faction on Momoshiki's Planet which at the time still had some plant life on it as the withering god tree sprouts its last fruit Yūka Ōtsutsuki took advantage of the opportunity and broke into one of momoshiki's bunkers on the planet. She stole the 7 Edibles of the 6 paths that Momoshiki in turn stole from the Moon's Temple of the Six Paths. Afterwards Yūka left the dying planet and dispersed the edibles across the earth. Meanwhile Momoshiki ate the last fruit and the planet finally began to slowly die off as the shinju withers and so does any remaining plant life. By Boruto's time all life on the planet was dead. Momoshiki then uses the power he gained to kill off every last Resistance Soldier. By the time Yūka returned her entire division was wiped out. Momoshiki then seemed to subsequently kill her however this may not be the case and she was Presumed KIA.

Momoshiki's Ambition

About a month after the 4th Shinobi World War, Momoshiki sets his eyes on regathering the 5 celestial beasts for a new experiment, to create a beast that surpasses the Ten-Tails in power and become its jinchuriki. The Dharma Resistance gained intel of this plan by a spy within Momoshiki's ranks. Back on earth Sakiko, Kintaro, and Nozomi are in Ryūko Village playing a game of poker, Kintaro loses a few rounds and is down to his last bet, he then uses his Sharingan to win the last round to which Nozomi punches Kintaro into a wall for cheating, calling him an idiot. As the two girls head home a group of Dharma Resistance soldiers kidnap Sakiko and left through one of the portals in the village. Nozomi whom was defending Sakiko was left unconscious from the battle. The next morning Kintaro finds Nozomi and asks her what happened to which she tells him everything. Kintaro in a fit of rage punches a statue next to him completely destroying its upper half and declares that the Children of the Phoenix will rescue her. Meanwhile, Sakiko wakes up to see an eight trigrams seal on her midsection. Just as she is greeted by her kidnappers and is given an explanation, Momoshiki starts attacking the rebel facility. Sakiko and a few of the rebels escaped in time to which on the surface of the planet, Kaika Otome they are greeted by an evil Momoshiki and Kinshiki. As some of the escape pods are launched into orbit, Momoshiki activates his byakugan and saw that Sakiko was a jinchuriki of Byakko. The now smiling Momoshiki orders Kinshiki to restrain Sakiko as Momoshiki kills the others. Afterwards Momoshiki and Kinshiki returned to the Otsutsuki Homeworld, Sakiko fainted as they left. After having her talk with Byakko about the origin of the Celestial Beasts and waking up in a lab, Sakiko was strapped down as Momoshiki was preparing to extract Byakko's chakra. As she tried using her strength to break the bindings she noticed they were hindering her use of chakra and then the bindings shocked her with electricity. Just as she was about to give up to Momoshiki, the Dharma Resistance and the Childen of the Phoenix arrived on the scene wreaking havoc on the Otsutsuki Capital. An all out planetary battle was ensuing. Not only were the Dharma Resistance and Children of the Phoenix fighting but soon after the Sakuraki Clan arrived to aid the Dharma Resistance along with other lesser developed alien clans from both sides. Kintaro rushed into the lab and quickly cut the bindings to Which afterwards teleported Nozomi to the Dharma Resistance troops with his Yōkai ability. Momoshiki then rushed in for Kintaro whom dodged the attack quickly the other members of Kintaro's organization arrived for the Final battle of the attack. Each and every one of them gave it their all managing to push Momoshiki and Kinshiki all the way outside the facility. In the final moments of the battle Kinshiki used his Crimson Flame technique in conjunction with Kintaro's amaterasu which he absorbed in an attack he called Onyx Flame. The attack blasts a large hole in Kintaro's Midsection and severely incapacitated all of his comrades save for Sakiko whom used her Kamui to teleport all of them to safety. The Otsutsuki began striking back harder and eventually pushed everyone to retreat. Momoshiki then goes back to his lab to plot his next plan with Kinshiki.

Momoshiki's Return


Versus Momoshiki Arc

Momoshiki and Kinshiki encountered Sasuke in another dimension as he was seeking information on a threat greater than Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. In a blizzard, Kinshiki fought against Sasuke, while Momoshiki watched from afar and was enticed by the power of Sasuke's Rinnegan. After Sasuke escapes, Momoshiki and Kinshiki eventually made their way to the real world and began their quest to gather chakra. They first encountered Killer B, and Momoshiki easily manages to defeat him by absorbing his attack and using it against him. He then absorbs Gyūki's chakra from within Killer B and leaves him unconscious, despite the attack, Killer B survives. Unsatisfied with their chakra consumption, they then focused their attention on their next objective: capturing the Nine-Tails by kidnapping its current jinchūriki, Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage.

Momoshiki and Kinshiki appeared in Konohagakure during the Chūnin Exams and created massive chaos. Momoshiki kicked Naruto out of the arena and remained on the side while Kinshiki destroyed most of the arena and tried to attack Sasuke and his daughter. Momoshiki calmly walked past a frightened Boruto, who tried to use his Kote to attack him but all of his attacks were absorbed through Momoshiki's Rinnegan. Sasuke related to Naruto their purpose based on what was deciphered from Kaguya's scroll and they are a stronger threat than Kaguya. When asked by Naruto what they wanted, Momoshiki explains he and Kinshiki want to gather Kaguya's scattered chakra into a new Chakra fruit and complete what Kaguya failed to do by cultivating it into a new 'cinnabar panacea', which he says will grant them eternal youth and supernatural powers. Because of Kurama's powerful chakra, they desired to take Naruto and extract the beast's chakra so they could use it for their own purposes. Momoshiki and Kinshiki attacked Naruto, Sasuke, and their children, leading Naruto and Sasuke to combine Kurama and Susanoo to shield themselves. All the while, Momoshiki laughed hysterically at their efforts. To end the battle, Momoshiki created a giant black ball that was amplified by the powers he stole from Boruto and launched it upon them. Ultimately, Naruto allowed himself to be captured by Momoshiki and Kinshiki while Sasuke protected Boruto and Sarada.

Momoshiki and Kinshiki took Naruto to another dimension and bound him to begin the ritual of extracting Kurama's chakra from inside him. Sasuke, Boruto, and the four other Kage arrived to rescue Naruto. Momoshiki fought Sasuke while the other Kage fought against Kinshiki and was defeated with ease. Wanting to finish everyone off once and for all, Momoshiki turned Kinshiki into a chakra pill and swallowed him, which increased his strength and his body underwent a drastic change. Naruto and Sasuke fought against him and almost had the advantage until Momoshiki briefly imprisons Naruto in boulders and severally burns Sasuke. However, Momoshiki was severely weakened from the combined efforts of the pair.

When Katasuke used his Kote in an attempt to kill him for good, his attacks were absorbed by Momoshiki, restoring his strength. He captured the other Kage with the Shadow Paralysis Technique and was about to kill the other Kage, except for Naruto. With no other options, Sasuke decided to have Boruto use Rasengan to put an end to the threat. Boruto hit Momoshiki with his small Rasengan and freed his father and the other Kage. Enraged at Boruto for damaging his garments, Momoshiki absorbed more chakra pills and increased his strength. Naruto then lent Boruto his chakra to help his son create a Parent and Child Rasengan while Sasuke distracted Momoshiki long enough for Boruto to launch his attack on Momoshiki. First, Boruto ambushed Momoshiki with a shadow clone to take out his Rinnegan and then attacked him with his Rasengan, which collided with Momoshiki's own Rasengan look-alike, destroying him for good.

Momoshiki's spirit stayed intact for a while, noticing that Boruto could feel his presence thanks to his blood of the Byakugan users. He approached Boruto and told him that despite his inability to foresee his own fate, he could see Boruto's fate clearly. Momoshiki warned him that someday his blue eyes would take everything from him and that he's no longer an ordinary human after defeating a god. He also left a mark on Boruto's right palm and added that he should continue to follow his own path before disappearing.


An adult Kintaro Uchiha with his Sister and Wife show up in the aftermath and find Momoshiki's body partially mangled up. Sakiko used her Yin-Yang Release: Humanoid Chakra Statue to seal away his body for good so no one can attempt to revive him. Several Dharma Resistance members accompanying them after the events of Momoshiki's Return were glad Momoshiki was gone for good. The empire began to break down into various factions eventually creating a coalition of planetary states run by a senate. Empire loyalists were banished and exiled into the vastness of the Frontier regions.


  • Similar to how Kaguya was named, Momoshiki's naming convention seems to follow the Japanese folklore motif. It is a reference to Momotarō, while Kinshiki is a reference to Kintarō

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