Codename: Mouse Trap is featured in a news clipping. His current name is unknown.

Naruto character

Code Name: Mouse Trap
Debut News Clipping: Mouse Trap's Avenging
Highest Rank Jonin
Classification Spy-nin
Birthdate July 30
Age 27
Height 175 cm
Weight 58 kg
Gender Male
Blood type B
Affiliation The Oyasumi
Previous Affiliation(s) Konohagakure
Previous Team(s) Oyasumi Division B.2
Occupation Cryptologist


Life at Konoha

Mouse Trap before getting his codename lived at Konoha as just a villager. Not much was known about him at this time except at age 13, he left Konohagakure to join an oraganization.

Life at The Oyasumi

On Mouse Trap's thirteenth birthday, he wanted to help the Shinobi World get more smarter and stronger so he went to join an organization known as The Oyasumi. He lived very excellently and became known as the best code cracker and got title of Cryptologist within The Oyasumi. He became known by many poeple in the group, and because of his fame, he was sent on the most dangerous missions. He had an excellent talent of maing and decoding codes.

Because of the spilling of the identity of The Oyasumi, Genno, known as One quit the organization and sent to help villages in need. It is revealed that al secret codes written by Oyasumi are opposite of what they mean meaning why it saud to kill Jinchuriki.


It is revealed that Mouse Trap had a very good talent of codes and is the inventor of the Strike Up Code which you cut out unnecessary words and combine leftover words to read a secret message. He also seems to enjoy playing tricks on people as seen in the news clipping.

Part I

Mouse Trap's Avenging arc

Mouse Trap is asked to play tricks on Gaara, the host of the Shukaku. After that howver, he gets injured and cannot attack for the rest of the day. Later on, he goes to Konoha to play tricks on them instead. Kakashi Namikaze presumes that he could be attacking Konoha to lure Suna. Kakashi Namikaze teaches Naruto and Sakura the basics of a Spy-nin. Then, they read a note that was written from Genno to Mouse Trap about getting the Shukaku at 2:45pm, Kakashi Namikaze decides that this is worth telling the Hokage and then leaves. After awhile, Mouse Trap expells a Hidden Mist Technique to distract Naruto and Sakura then emerges with a laugh. Naruto tries to attack him with a Shadow Clone Technqiue but Mouse Trap disappears. Mouse Trap then goes to fight Kakashi Namikaze and then, frightenly sees Naruto and Sakura back. Naruto then finds out what has really been going on. As he finds out, time rus out and Mouse Trap collapses for an unknown reason. Tsunade tells the entire story of The Oyasumi and Mouse Trap is taken to heal.


Not much is known about Mouse Trap's abilities except that somehow (maybe a Space Teleportation Jutsu) he can avoid attacks and disappear into thin air. He is also seen using Hidden Mist Technique (Kirigakure no Jutsu).


  • "Hmhmhmhmhmhmha!"