"Never underestimate the conviction of a Shinobi! Our will of fire.... never could be extinguished!"
— Mowa Sōzō

editMowa Sozo



(も和, Mowa)

  • Lord Mowa (も和の主, Mowa no Omo)
  • Nine-Tails (九尾, Kyūbi)

Fourteenth Hokage (第十四 火影 , "Daijūyondaime Hokage" Literally meaning: "Fourteenth Fire Shadow)

Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Scorpio October 29
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Celestial Human
Age 23
Height 182.88 cm
1.829 m
6 ft
72 in
Weight 62.8 kg
138.45 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
Tailed Beast Kurama (Yang Half)
Partner Kyucho
Ninja Rank
Academy Grad. Age 6
Nature Type
Unique Traits

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Mowa Sōzō (創造 も和, Sōzō Mowa) is a member of the Land of Carrots' Sozo Clan and Land of Fire's Uchiha clan, who had been active as a Shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. He is more known to be an associate with the likes of Owa Sozo and Heiwa, his parents. Despite his struggle, he begins to thrive in life with recognization adding into his name, not only mastering his comrade, Kurama's chakra becoming a perfect Jinchūriki. In the midst of chaos, he has also been appointed as the Fourteenth Hokage (第十四 火影 , "Daijūyondaime Hokage") in a state of emergency.


Mowa Sōzō was born in the Hidden Village within Land of Fire during an attack by an Otsutsuki—which came with several complications—to a Kouwei Uchiha and Owa Sōzō. However, the relationship of his parents was a secret affair, a fact that was withdrawn from her then ex-husband, Heiwa Sōzō, making him a bastard child. At the age of three, he was made the host to house the yang half of Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama, giving him even more impeccable abilities as a result. At the same time, this would damn him to many future conflicts because of his status as a Jinchūriki. Which later on turns out to be true as when he was eight, he got kidnapped by the Red Tongue Organization to make an example of the village. Later on, he was rescued by his then-teammate, Mie Senju but it was too late as the Red Tongue did something to him which interrupt his chakra flow as well as the chakra system. During a mission, Mowa had lost one of his close friends during a separate mission which later on collides with his own. Both were assigned to two different squads and was tasked to escort two prisoners, individually. However, their paths collided when they got attacked in the same location where Mowa had found his friend, Hiryu Uchiha's body.

Despite the losses he had to suffer through, he continued to persist as a boy who tries to survive in the harsh world. This is where it gets worse. When he was hanging with his friend at a restaurant, they, unfortunately, witnessed the attack of Izanamimikoto and even acted to rescue the villagers and escorted them out of the danger. With the Jinchūriki, proven in a vital part in the rescue, poured his chakra into Owatatsumi, his adoptive brother to summon the surviving villagers out of the village where they witnessed the destruction of their home. At that moment, Mowa could not forgive whoever did this to them and wished that it wouldn't happen again. Still, this is where he thrives. With such a drive, he seeks people out to train under them and to become stronger. But for what? It was all in preparation to face Izanamimikoto. Not wanting for the new generation to experience the same fear as him when he witnessed the horrible incident. And now... What will his path lead to?


Things have never come easy for Mowa in his childhood—often ridiculed in his classes for being the slowest in the room. With the children dubbing him Mowa the Dunce (も和の劣等生, "Mowa no Rettō-sei") as a result. It is clear that ever since he was a baby, there were always learning curves for him; he learned to walk later than most toddlers and did not learn how to count or spell properly until he turned 10. This results in him speaking in a broken language. Sometimes he tried to express what he wanted to say but doesn't know the word for it; something that often causes Kurama to correct him in the Biju Psyche when needed. Which cause the Jinchuriki to complain about the beast's correction as he disliked being educated with the entity rolled his eyes at him.

The thought of abandonment lingered within the Jinchūriki for years—something that was instilled by the unwillingly acts of his loved ones who leave him because of something; may it be death, someone, or entirely something else. Resulting in him engaging in juvenile acts; such as breaking rules, sneaking out to stalk someone on their mission, and even more. He doesn't have respect for authority nor addressing people with honorifics. Never shy to speak his mind when he felt like it and can be outright rude without caring. While it is true that Mowa grew up with such luxury and attendants in his life, he wanted his parents back in his life more than anything. His expectations for his parents was low and terrible because of how he was left alone to his device in his life. However, his juvenile phase ended when he met his mentors who had straightened him out and balanced him to a point that he wasn't as bad as he was in his childhood. On the other hand, he was changed by his peer, whose presence has a rather good influence on him growing up.

After the attack by Izanamimikoto, the will of fire within him has matured and blossomed—resulting in him working harder than before. Despite the harsh obstructions in his learning curve, Mowa studied with the help of many tutors as well as the entity within him to reach a point; where he would able to speak and think much easier. However, this can change when he gets emotional; causing him to revert to how he speaks when younger. It is clear that he retains the same tumultuous spirit since childhood; something that can be sensed in his fights as well as in his interactions with people. Although he had shown to be matured, many would describe him to be quite a womanizer when it comes to girls. A trait that is found in his adoptive father, Heiwa Sozo. At the same time, his addiction to girls got worsen due to the amount of money he has under his name as a result of Kouwei Uchiha's doing. And even then, it is clear that he retained some of his habits from his childhood; he would voice his mind, disregarding authority, and more. Even then, Mowa isn't one to treat things as a joke as when someone is seen as an absolute threat, he would display such ruthlessness to go for the kill. Something that can be strange for a Sozo clansman, however, this may be due to the Uchiha blood in him. Mowa is extremely overprotective when it comes to those who are in the same boat as him and his comrades in his village.


Sharing the same hair and eye color as your average clansmen from Sozo, though Mowa's orange hair and emerald eyes changed in the shade of color, due to him becoming the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi. Although it was clear that he had inherited some of his mother's look such as the hair and eye color, it was true that he certainly had inherited the vibe and bodily features of such from his heritage of Uchiha through his father, Kouwei Uchiha. Through his training, he had become somewhat slimmer and muscular, which was enough to attract unwanted attention from both sexes, he was, stated by many women his age or twice his age, to be one of the topmost desired bachelors in Konohagakure no Sato, due to his good looking and accomplishments in the world of modeling and acting.

Though Mowa is capable of altering his appearance to be whatever he wants it to be through one of the abilities he would inherit from his clan, Genetic Admonition, such as capable to alter the hair and eye color or create freckles on his face. It was ideal for him to disguise himself as someone different than his true appearance when on missions.


Jinchūriki and Physical Prowess

He is the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox and because of this boasts a nearly limitless amount of chakra, stamina, and power. Kurama also gives Mowa advanced regenerative abilities and the ability to sense negative emotions, even more so than his bloodline. It is unlikely that the Dōjutsu would disperse quickly given the reserves of chakra he possesses—it is said that when he activates the Dōjutsu passively, it is likened to breathing as it wasn't enough to take a toll on him until after a while. At the same time, his body was so unique that it possessed additional tenketsu as well as chakra network cords expended about 16.6% wider. And so this allowed him to have a faster transfer of chakra to be jolted and current throughout his body for him to use right off the bat. At the same time, his body is capable to adapt and repair upon exposure to a dangerous power, be it biological or chakra, by utilizing the consistent adaptation.

When exposed to the chakra of Naruto Uzumaki, he was immediately to use his clan's Kekkei Genkai to intertwine the foreign chakra into his own, with each chakra inserted into his cells so much that he attained the Six Paths Chakra, at the same time, this would make him the jinchūriki of Nine-Tailed Beasts; resulting in him obtaining the Six Paths Senjutsu as well. As he possesses the Six Paths Senjutsu, this would enable him to utilize the basic elements, as well as three Kekkei Genkai (Boil Release, Lava Release, and Magnet Release); making him far powerful than before. This would heighten his already powerful reserves of chakra to a level of chakra that was so unmeasurable.

A single punch can be a life-threatening scattering one causing one to have their organs ruptured, immediate blood loss, and even more when taking a hit by the full power. Through the great vitality and physical prowess, Mowa is shown to be quite incredibly powerful in youth—able to lift cars as well as to scatter boulders when he was merely eight years old—allowing him to able to crush rocks into pieces by hand. At some point, many had compared his strength to Heiwa Sōzō though to a lesser degree; it is evident when he could break someone's bone by a single punch. And so, he subconsciously held back as a result of the great physicality. It was almost as if he was meant to be a taijutsu expert as a result. At the same time, he had honed and harnessed the untameable strength into a force he would put in use against his opponents. In the same breath—the jinchūriki can push this further by making use of the great boosts given by the Kurama Chakra mode to increase such destructive blows to his opponents. At the same time, it is noted that he may able to lift a tailed beast with some resistance to change the direction of a Bijudama it may use, surprising it in process.

Chakra reserves & Lifeforce

This can be described as a warm presence with such a pacifistic nature by those who peered into the Jinchūriki with a sensor skill. It is noted that the abundant reservoir of energy within the Jinchūriki can be likened to the amounts of leaves across the continent—sending a chill through one's mind at the surmise of such growth in him. One could have sworn to be engulfed by the warm energy—healing their mind in such an effective way. At the same time, one who looks deeper inside the Sōzō would be meet with a malicious feeling that is buried under the many layers of chakra. Even without the tailed beast, Mowa's was still impressive to be considered as a tailless Bijū, which may have been chalked to the great cultivation of his heritage; Senju and Sōzō by a bit of sheer luck. For many expert sensors, it would be clear that the chakra signature could be analyzed by pieces and pieces to a point, one could discern Mowa's chakra signature to be of an Sōzō, but at the same time, one could also realize that it also resembles Uchiha as well as Senju in the chakra alone. This would be a different case when he too would be recognized as an Uzumaki as well, due to him having the chakra of the late Naruto Uzumaki. While a shinobi with such abundant energy—he has a long way before he could truly contain the untameable energy of his. As a result, his presence can be felt across continents by sensors, making it difficult to conceal his chakra nor control it to a point he could prolong his usage of techniques. This may be something that can be missed by the jinchūriki as it was pointed out to him that he was wasting chakra too much in each technique.

At birth, it was clear that he would be destined to receive a boost in his life-force and vitality overall from the mixture of the bloodlines of Sōzō, Senju, and even Uchiha. However, as an Sōzō clansman, it is clear that he can live over several centuries if he lived a leisure life, surpassing those of the Senju and Uzumaki in life-force. At the same time, Mowa was made the Jinchūriki of Kurama, which would even give him even more access to its yang energy to use. Cultivated with such energies would bless the warrior with a muscular life force, noting it to be even stronger than Naruto Uzumaki. And so, life shall blossom in his presence, capable to infuse his techniques with his yang energy to breathe life into them. When exerting his chakra, everything within the perimeter would be filled with plant-life without warning. And then he received the chakra of Naruto Uzumaki, which was formed from Naruto's physical and spiritual energy. And so, this is clear that Mowa would too inherit the same life force of the late Naruto Uzumaki. The result of the physical energy intertwined with his already powerful energy would result in a level of physical energy far above the likes of Naruto Uzumaki as well as Hashirama Senju. With an incredible life-force, it is possible for the jinchūriki to survive extraction, far longer than Kushina Uzumaki, to his last breath.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Eighth 4 5 3 4 5 5 5 3 34


  • Mowa Sōzō can fully be translated as "Harmonious Agreement Creation" (も和創造)
  • A Jinchūriki of the Nine-tailed Bijū, Kurama. Only those who do know of this fact are generally his close relatives and friends.
  • As an actor, Mowa portrayed a fictional character of a superhero show, Red Fox.
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