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"The suffocating the stagnant pond."

(モヤ, Moya)

  • Musician of the Mist (霧の楽士, Kiri no Gakusha)
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 24
  • Part II: 26
Height 177cm
1.77 m
5.807 ft
69.685 in
Weight 63kg
138.891 lb
Blood type AB
Occupation Hunter-Nin
Affiliation Hunter-Nin
Team Hunter-Nin
Partner Dǎiyì
Ninja Rank ANBU
Ninja Registration 06-281
"N/A" is not a number.
Academy Grad. Age 11
Chūnin Prom. Age N/A
Nature Type

Moya (モヤ, Moya), whose real name is lost to the world due to his subservience to Kirigakure, is an enigmatic and skillful operative of the Hunter-nin. Among the Shinobi of the mist he is regarded quite infamously as the Musician of the Mist (霧の楽士, Kiri no Gakusha), for his elaborate skill within auditory Genjutsu that sends all who oppose him into permanent sleep.


Born into Mist

Not much of the history of Moya is known. In fact, it isn't even known where he was born in Kirigakure, or under what conditions he was born. What is known is that Moya wasn't necessarily liked by his family, for his abnormal presence that tended to cause everyone to be wary of him. So, Moya spent most of his time alone, in the streets, looking for some way or another to pass his time. Here, he would be found consistently going to the various Koi ponds near his village, admiring the grace and beauty of the fish species. But, considering that the ponds belonged to a higher-class family than his own, he would regularly get in trouble for being around the area, such a thing becoming so common everyone else in the small town decided to abolish its happening.

At one time during these events, Moya jumped into the Koi pond, to avoid the guards who were on watch. This journey nearly killed him by drowning, something his parents would have been better off with, if it weren't for a miraculous occurrence. One of the Koi used a Reverse Summoning Technique in order to bring him to the alternate dimension where the Koi resided. These particular Koi were known to be sentient, and much like other summons, were fully able combatants. The head of this village-like civilization had given Moya the contract to summon the Koi, though Moya was simply dumbfounded, and did not know how to use the power at the time. So, the Koi Chief imprinted a specific seal onto Moya, causing him amnesia of the events that transpired until he unlocked the knowledge to utilize Koi as summons.

Mass Murder; ANBU Induction

When Moya turned 9, the entirety of his life turned upside down and inside out. As a very remote town in the Land of Water, Moya's home wasn't considered very important by the Daimyō. For this reason, it was susceptible to a number of crimes quite easily. Thefts, burglaries, rapes and the like. Most of it was quite common. Though it was saddening, the fate of the townspeople couldn't be avoided, as they had nobody strong enough to stop the crime. Little did they know that organized crime was brewing, and would eventually cause their destruction.

According to a later recount by Moya, this was the scene when the obliteration of his village occurred:

"I was walking around once the Koi pond that I was so fond of. I knew I'd be chased by the guards, like I always do. But...something strange happened. I heard a scream. I turned around, and I saw blood. I saw a corpse, falling down to the barren soil of our village. There was a blade. On it the blood of the villager dripped, and my blood turned cold. I heard another scream, and another. One by one, we were dropping like flies. The monsters who attacked us, they had a smile on their faces. They raped all the women, grandma's or daughters, it didn't matter to them. Then? They slaughtered them, just like they did with the men. They took all the gold, all the food, and my family as well. I dropped onto the ground, tears swelled onto my cheeks...and then, I roared. My body unleashed with rage, and the world flooded with Koi. Everything around me was being destroyed, bit by bit. I enacted vengeance...but I was alone."
— Moya's recount of events

And thus, days later, alone and abandoned, Moya would sit in the center of his destroyed town. He was approached by the Mizukage, but Moya didn't want to hold it. He wanted his Koi pond returned to him. He wanted a life alone, but in the crowd of hatred from others. And then, the head of the Hunter-nin arrived, with his squadron, to investigate the crime scene. They recognized Moya's killing intent in an instant. They saw the glimmer in his eyes, and the chakra they wanted. Moya was told by the Hunter-nin that he could prevent such happenings in the future, but all he had to do was follow the instructions of the man.

And then Moya felt a spark ignite in him. He had a talent nobody else held, and he wanted to help other people, in any way possible. Thus, he left with them. He was given a small home with two adoptive parents, both of whom were Jōnin-ranked Ninja. They accepted his unusual chakra, his talents, and his attitudes as befitting of a new talent seen once a generation. They were the first people to ever accept Moya, something he still holds a bit of happiness for, deep within his emotionless heart.

It took only two years for Moya to complete his tenure within the Academy, and he was thought to be one of the top graduates. He also took on the habit of playing a flute within these times, something which his adoptive parents taught him how to use as a tool, by guiding chakra through the sounds made by the flute, making his talent even more intriguing.

But, suddenly, his relatively peaceful life would be put to an end. With a whisper of the wind, the Hunter-nin returned once again. They surrounded him, and made him an inescapable offer. To join the ANBU, or to see his parents be butchered before his eyes. Moya couldn't have handled it. He was already suffering. If he saw another drop of blood from his loved ones, there would be no end to his chaos.

So grudgingly, he said his final goodbyes to his parents, and left them, along with their comfort, for a life of war and solitude.

Years of Silence

Moya has never been allowed to disclose his time within the ANBU, and subsequent ascension to the Hunter-nin. After all, they are a secretive group of individuals, whose secrets remain among themselves. What is known is a simple summary by Moya, which entails the number of techniques and skills taught to Moya during his time within the ANBU training.

"It was...a difficult period of my life. I had to learn from the ground-up once more. My talent was completely worthless in a place like that. All I had to do was rely on everything around me to survive. Once I learned how to survive, I was taught how to defend. Once I was taught how to defend, I was then taught how to kill. It was a sequence. A progression that has made me drown my emotions and personality. But I understood, that my goals were irrelevant, and that all I was, was a needle for my land."
— Moya talking about his experience within the ANBU training.


"Daiyi: Aren't you supposed to be, y'know, emotionless as a member of the Hunter-nin?
Moya: I am too full of Koi to be such.
— Daiyi and Moya's banter.




Chakra and Physical Prowess


Nature Transformation

Summoning Technique




Behind the Scenes

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