Name: Multi Fire Clone Jutsu

Rank: A

Users: 1st Yamikage, some Yamigakure Jonin

Element: Fire

Description: A bigger version of Fire Clone Jutsu. This technique follows the same principles as the Shadow Clone Jutsu. However due to a person having to draw upon a larger amount of fire chakra and fire chakra being harder to use most have yet to be able to preform it. Also those who have water elemental chakra types tend to sruggle with this technique; most are unable to perform the jutsu at all.

  • This was the 1st Yamikage 's signature techinique (very similar to Naruto and the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu). At the Yamigakure Ninja Academy it is mentioned in Yamigakure history that the 1st Yamikage defeated an army of 100 sand ninja using this jutsu and didnt lose a single clone.