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Nosei 2.1

Nousei Final

(濃青, Nōsei)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Taurus April 28
Gender Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 12-13
  • Part II: 16-20
  • Part I: 160 cm
    1.6 m
    5.249 ft
    62.992 in
  • Part II: 177
    17,700 cm
    177 m
    580.709 ft
    6,968.504 in
    -182 cm
    1.82 m
    5.971 ft
    71.654 in
  • Part I: 43.1 kg
    95.019 lb
  • Part II: 56.7
    56.7 kg
    125.002 lb
    -61.2 kg
    134.923 lb
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai Reisei
Classification Mystic
Occupation Bodyguard/Mercenary
Team Team 14 (Part I)
Partner Rika (Part II)
Clan Mikoto Symbol Mikoto Clan
Ninja Rank Chūnin
Ninja Registration 461542
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Nature Type

Nōsei (濃青, Nousei) is introduced as a young shinobi and orphan within the Land of Wind. In Part I of his story he is shown to have attended the Sunagakure ninja academy and was later placed within Team 14 under the leadership of the jonin Naomi Kyuuketsuki. Nōsei would eventually become quite close to the members of his squad, but would be forced to flee the village after an unfortunate series of events. In Part II has taken up the duty of protecting a young woman named Rika and has become a Mystic due to his utilization and apparent mastery of the Yin Release, which is directly attributed to his possession of the kekkei genkai Reisei.


Nōsei's known life began with a tragedy. When he was nearly seven he was apparently the only surviving citizen in a village that was completely destroyed. He was found in the wreckage of a downed building by Sunagakure shinobi with very little of his memories intact. While he can remember his given name and even the characters associated with it, he has no recollection of his surname or anything of his life before his village was destroyed. Even intense interrogation methods from Hidden Sand ANBU were unable to yield any answers of the past. It would appear that his first memory is in fact and a massive fire, most likely that one that resulted in the collapse of the building he was found in.

Upon his initial arrival into the Sand Village Nōsei was immediately made the beneficiary of a local merchant nobleman that had been previously suspected of treason against the village. Despite being named the beneficiary, he wasn't welcomed into the family or the estate and was instead purchased an apartment on the west side of the village. In addition to lodging he was provided just enough funds to feed and clothe himself. For some reason he is often visited by a unknown ANBU member in his apartment where Nōsei will discuss the events of his classes. This ANBU member also seems to have tested Nōsei for his elemental affinity and taught him how to develop it. It is currently uncertain why this ANBU member visits with Nōsei and who he has be ordered to do this by. As such it appears that the generally governing and educational bodies of Sunagakure do not know of these visits.

During his academy education, Nōsei was well liked by his teachers regardless of his quiet demeanor and excelled in nearly all training exercises. In fact, he only failed to succeed in team based work and was thus his education was extended to the standard age of 12. It is suspected that if he would have shown the same level of skill in team based operations while in the academy, Nōsei would have progressed much further in his career as a shinobi at this point.

While Nōsei's past is mostly straight forward, an awkward event occurred when he was ten where he was suspected of attempted suicide. While Nōsei officially stated that it was merely a training exercise gone array, it appears as if he tried to drown himself in one of the few waterways in Sunagakure. Despite an eyewitness report that stated Nōsei bound a large rock to his legs and hurled himself into the water, authorities were unable to prove anything. The rest of his time before graduating the academy was rather uneventful and didn't draw any unwarranted attention.


Nōsei is introduced as a rather normal sized shinobi with and average height and weight for his age, though he appears quite thin to most people. He has medium length hair that he must frequently brush out of his grey eyes. His hair, silver in color, has an almost unnatural metallic shine. This appears to draw him unnecessary and unwanted attention. When on shinobi business he usually wears a baggy kimono-esque top, secured with a greyish sash, over a fishnet shirt. He also sports a pair of black, and equally baggy, long shorts. He is commoning spotted wearing a pair of sunglasses, and is hardly seen without them. In the few occasions where he been without his glasses he seems unwilling to push his hair from his face. In addition to these sunglasses, Nōsei appears to have pierced both of his ears multiple times around the time of his graduation from the academy.

Even after he masters his kekkei genkai Nōsei still wears his sunglasses more often than necessary, but this seems to be more attributed to his personality at this point.

In part II of Nōsei's story his attire changes from the more traditional look, consisting of various kimonos and robes, to a modern appearance. As such he is commonly seen wearing a high collared black, short-sleeved, jacket which extend just beyond his waist. Despite this he has maintained usage of his black fishnet, which is usually hidden underneath the aforementioned jacket, and long baggy shorts. Nōsei seems to have removed several of the earrings that he wore around the time he was made a genin. In addition to the change in his apparel Nōsei has become noticeably taller over the years. Furthermore, his hair has become even more unkempt over the years. This change in appearance seems to mirror is developing, slightly rebellious, personality.

After graduating from the academy Nōsei commonly wore a daitō on his back. After this sword was replaced with Myaku-giri he initially wore it on his back like the daitō, but eventually opted to secure it to the back of his waist.


While complex Nōsei's personality has slowly been revealed and developed over the course of his interactions with others. He is initially introduced as a young man constantly lost in thought, who is often accompanied by a cold sad aura. This trait resulted in many people to avoid engaging him all together during his education in the academy. This perceived sadness was actually a result over Nōsei confusion with regard to his own purpose after the loss of his memories coupled from the lack of support he received. Furthermore, it led him to behave in a quiet and shy manner, a trait that has remained persistent throughout his life. Additionally, as his earliest memory is the fire of the building that collapsed around him, he possesses an intense fear of flames.

While his life during his education in Sunagakure was a lonely one, Nōsei took a genuine interest in the study of Ninjutsu and associated combat arts. While he claimed this was due to the expectancies of his instructors, and even his merchant benefactor, Nōsei's training soon became a hobby in addition to a chore. As such Nōsei would train for countless additional hours outside of the academy, seeking perfection in his abilities. By the time of his graduation he had also developed a handful of techniques on his own.

After becoming a member of Team 14 Nōsei's first attempted to distance himself from his team, as he had done to others in the past, but soon found himself comforted by the bonds he was forming with them. He even personally dedicated his life to the protection of his comrade, and became less burdened by the loss of his memories. It was during this time that Nōsei revealed his kekkei genkai to his team, no longer fearing persecution. Even after his memories of his childhood were returned and the path of vengeance was laid before him, Nōsei instead decided to stay with the family he had found in his squad.

After he was forced to abandon his village in order to prevent the advent of war, Nōsei once again sought to find a purpose. Unable to protect, or even see, his "family" any longer Nōsei felt as if the light had been extinguished in his life. Furthermore, while in the custody of the Land of Fire he was given the choice of death of servitude as a weapon. While he wouldn't have to fulfill either of these conditions this event, coupled with his dealings with his former benefactor, would turn Nōsei against serving others as simply a tool of destruction. Despite this, Nōsei was once again left without a purpose. This decision would result in Nōsei looking down upon the shinobi profession, seeing their existence as abused and mistreated by their superiors. As per his lack of satisfaction with people being considered tools Nōsei values his ability of an individual to choose their own fate.

While the events that he had been through had left Nōsei at the verge of an emotional collapse, peaking with at least a single suicide attempt, he eventually found support through outgoing individuals, notably Ozume and Rika. Through their involvement in his life Nōsei generally sad demeanor has been replaced with cool and thoughtful disposition, which is generally more approachable than the sad aura that he initially had.

While in a combat situation Nōsei tends to hold back in hopes that the fight doesn't have to end in death, but this often backfires against higher class opponents. Maintaining a calm attitude in the heat of combat Nōsei is able to observe and react accordingly in hopes to minimize the risk to himself, his allies, and even his opponents. This non-confrontational personality, except under certain circumstances, is in direct opposition to his arsenal of techniques, which is incredibly offensive in nature.

Nōsei constant desire to discover his purpose often leads him to offer his help to anyone with a worthy cause. Furthermore, his fear of fire has warped into a trigger for anger after discover the truth of his past. In the same manner, Nōsei's normal non-confrontational behavior is replaced with a merciless disposition when confronted with those who have harmed, or seek to harm, those he cares about. Though, he often displays remorse for the behavior he expresses during these events.


Due to his living circumstances and personality Nōsei initially had a difficult time developing even a single important bond. While he did speak with his merchant benefactor on occasion, these meetings hardly counted as a valued relationship as Nōsei was considered a mere tool in the merchant's goals. After becoming a member of genin Team 14 Nōsei finally acquires people to care about, and who reciprocate this feelings. Once he is able to remember some of his own past before coming to Sunagakure, Nōsei's affection for his late mother return as well.

Hitsuyō no Mikoto

Spending nearly all of his time with her up to the age of seven, Nōsei was very attached to his mother. Unfortunately, his time with her was cut short when she was targeted for murder at the hands of a combined force of Yūgure and shinobi. Due to the events that transpired during that tragedy that stole his mother's life Nōsei would become unable to recall any memory of her for several years. Once some of his memories were returned to him Nōsei's connection with his late mother returned as one of his most powerful established bonds.

Ozume Fuyutama

Arguably one of Nōsei's most important bonds is the one he shares with his best friend and rival, Ozume Fuyutama. Meeting when they were both placed on Team 14, Ozume outgoing personality served as a catalyst for friendship. Fighting together in countless battles Ozume the two shinobi became powerful allies who combined efforts seemed unstoppable. Ozume's loyalty, in particular, was so great that he willingly defected from Sunagakure the moment Nōsei was handed over to the Land of Fire. Furthermore, because of this loyalty, Nōsei considers Ozume his brother and the closest thing he has to family.

Nanase Sudachika

Nanase and Nōsei's has been one of question since they met each other. While they were initially quite distant from one another, they appeared to becoming closer with every challenge that their team faced. This is best illustrated with the contrast between their nearly nonexistent communication upon being first sent to the border of the Land of Wind and the events that occurred between when they fist encountered enemies. It was at that time that Nōsei acted, even against his own judgment, to protect her which was then reciprocated when Nanase patched up the wounds the young shinobi acquired in the process. While it appeared as if their continued time together would result in the potential development of closer relationship, their time was cut short when Nōsei was forced to flee the village. As such his feelings for Nanase never were given the opportunity to be fully explored.

Naomi Kyuuketsuki

While Naomi was officially nothing more than his jōnin sensei, Nōsei would never consider that to be the case. From the time that they met Naomi personality began to bring their team together. For Nōsei specifically the young sensei would showed a surprising amount of affection, in what appeared to be an attempt to counteract the years of neglect he has received. It is due to this deep commitment and care that Nōsei would come to think of Naomi as more of an older sister, looking out for him, than his commanding officer.


When they first met with each other Rika appeared to have a great amount of animosity towards Nōsei. This anger appeared to stem from Nōsei's passive and introverted behavior, which annoyed the young woman to no end. Furthermore, Nōsei's unwillingness to retaliate against Rika's comments and insults only served to fuel her dislike for him. Despite their initial incompatibility in personality, abilities when fighting together were in direct contrast, executing collaboration techniques with absolute perfection. Due to this they Rika and Nōsei appear to respect the abilities of one another.

After Rika's mother is killed by Yūgure, and Nōsei swears to protect Rika, the relationship between the two changes significantly. The fact that they have both lost their mothers in the same way has lead her to occasionally speak to him a lighter, even concerning tone, though most of the time she catches herself and adds an unwarranted insult. Nōsei has also come to show legitimate concern for Rika, outside of his duty as her bodyguard.


Showing promise in all of the skills that the Sunagakure academy teaches, except for teamwork, Nōsei has displayed particular interest and skill in both ninjutsu and armed combat. Furthermore he appears to desire absolute perfection in the techniques that he performs and often spends countless hours of his own time training in solitude. Due to this dedication, and what can only be described as absolute genius, Nōsei's skills seem to be quite developed for his age and current rank. Also unique for his age Nōsei seems to have a definite affinity for the creation of original techniques, which always he appears to be adding to his arsenal.

Another surprising feat for a warrior his age is the exceptional amount of experience he has gained over the years. To this end he has faced Byakugan users on multiple occasions and even gained the approval of the Rinnegan user, Teiou Asakura, by matching him in battle. Due to the high class opponents that Nōsei has encountered it can be safely assumed that he is a combatant of the highest calliber should not be underestimated in the least.

In addition to his combat abilities his training in Mysticism has granted him the ability to sense dark and/or demonic energy sources. While this ability doesn't grant him chakra sensory in a general sense, such allowing him to track via sensory, it does allow him to recognized nearby individuals and locations that have been in contact or who produce such chakra. It is because of this ability that Nōsei can recognize jinchūriki, majutsu users, demons, and most importantly Yūgure by simple coming in close contact with them. Despite his apparent skill with this ability, Nōsei has stated that it isn't an easy ability to utilize.


Nōsei is know to be exceptionally bright for his age and attempts to be in constant awareness of his surroundings. As such when engaged in combat he immediately will begin to take note of his surrounding and how they will correspond with his opponent's abilities. As such he will commonly readjust his distance and angle from his opponent in preparation for his next move. Despite his thoughtful planning of both his opponent's and his own moves he originally had a great deal of trouble incorporating the movement of allies in operations causing him to often slip up when working with other people. He eventually grows out of this under his position in Team 14, and later shows seamless teamwork with both Rika and Ozume in Part II.

His intelligence is further shown through is incredible understanding of the nature and utilization of chakra. It is because of this trait that he is able to constantly create original techniques to add to his skill pool. Furthermore, this skill allows him to naturally analyze even complex techniques employed by others in the heat of battle and adjust his fighting style effectively. Along with his physical abilities, his intellect allows him to combat most threats without using much chakra.

Ninja Skills

Through the progression of his life Nōsei has has developed and acquired an impressive arsenal of technique. Furthermore, most of the techniques he employs are of his own design, as testament to his understanding and subsequent skill in the ninja arts. Even after he shed the title of shinobi he roughly doubled the number of techniques at his disposal. This large skill pool seems to be directly tied to his passion for practicing ninjutsu, while his skill in utilizing these techniques is the result of perfectionism. Nousei can perform techniques of different classes, and even different natures, in such rapid succession that they appear to be used simultaneously. Coupled with his above average chakra reserves he could easily decimate a field of battle in mere moments, were it in his nature.

Taijutsu and Kenjutsu

Due to his rather lightweight form Nōsei's has learned to rely on the technique and speed of his strikes, instead of the raw strength behind them. As such he commonly employs evasive tactics to avoid attacks and has learned to take advantage of an opponent's weight and stance to keep them off balance. Along with his desire for perfection Nōsei attempts to quickly and accurately target his opponents in a way that will easily and effectively debilitate them, without inflicting life-threatening injuries. Furthermore, he uses acrobatic feats and his skill with the Body Flicker Technique in an attempt to keep his opponents on guard. In order to increase his abilities at close range even more Nōsei will commonly employs weapons to give himself an edge in such situations. Between Part I and Part I Nōsei's taijutsu develops considerably, effectively allowing him to challenge nearly anyone in taijutsu, given they aren't a specialist.

While his taijutsu is usually enough to take on most opponents, his melee combat seems to be at its greatest strength when he is utilizing a blade. Additionally, Nōsei appears to prefer to utilize a sword while in combat. When utilizing a sword he appears to switch between several different stances depending on the situation, obviously showing that he has had a formal education when it comes kenjutsu. It has been noted that his flow of chakra appears to change when switches between these stances. In addition to his raw abilities in the sword arts Nōsei has the ability to channel elemental chakra down the length of his sword for the purpose of increasing its cutting edge and performing several original techniques. Nōsei's skill with a sword is so impressive for his age that a noticeable amount of his techniques incorporate blades. In Part II of his story it is revealed that his swordsmanship it attributed to his recently finalized kenjutsu style known as Saigo no Hōtō, which he executes with peerless precision.

After he is forced to flee from Sunagakure under the threat of execution, Nōsei begins to rely on his skill with his blade so that he is not recognized due to the unique ninjutsu he possesses. As such his skill with a blade can be considered one of his most powerful attributes as he has shown the ability to take on numerous foes at once only with his taijutsu and kenjutsu prowess.

In addition his increase in physical combat abilities Nōsei's speed has dramatically increased over the time skip as well. As such he has learned to mimic the speed of the Body Flicker Technique without the use of chakra. In turn he has created a more powerful version of the Body Flicker Technique called Zanzō which grants him nearly unparalleled abilities when it comes to speed.

Nature Manipulation

Nōsei's broadest area of expertise is his mastery of elemental ninjutsu. Displaying unnatural skill with the wind release, even at the point of his graduation, he could easily perform lesser wind techniques without the use of hand seals. Furthermore, he could dramatically increase the power of these techniques by simply utilizing their normally requisite hand seals. By his appearance in Part II Nōsei's mastery of the wind, in conjunction with the hiden jutsu Ten'i no Kaze, is great enough create localized weather phenomenon under the right conditions.

In addition to his skill with the wind Nōsei becomes aware of his talent with lightning by the end of Part I. In particular he displayed his abilities with lightning based techniques when he utilized his technique Chakra Weave in order to form his teammate's lightning chakra into a sharp blade. He would later learn that the technique that resulted was an incomplete form of Chidori which he would later research extensively while in Konoha, during the chūnin exams, and eventually master. It should be noted that Nōsei considers the technique Chidori to be an invaluable gift that he has inherited from Kakashi Hatake, a man before his time, and thus seeks to wield it in a way that wouldn't stain his honor. In addition to simply utilizing his lightning techniques for electrocution or even the manipulation of natural electricity Nōsei has developed a unique form of lightning release genjutsu.

While wind and lightning constitute Nōsei's basic elemental natures, he also has access to the rarely witnessed Yin Release. A product of his kekkei genkai Nōsei's abilities with this release are far beyond that of the normal usage seen in most techniques. As such he is able to create form from nothingness, as seen when he conjures various items from his chakra, and can manipulate the form chakra takes to an impressive degree, displayed in his elemental mimicry techniques. Furthermore, his usage of the yin has earned him an official classification as a mystic. Nōsei's mastery of the Yin Release was marked when he completed Heaven's Wrath, the technique envisioned by this late mother, and associated skills.


Developed primarily during Part II Nōsei's skill in the illusory arts originally centered around his a refined application of lightning release chakra. As time goes on he steadily increases his skill in the field, demonstrating abilities with one of his clan's trademark illusions. Furthermore, he eventually acquires multiple impressive illusory skills, whose mastery demonstrate Nōsei's exceptional ability with genjutsu.

Shard Arts

While a majority of the ninjutsu that Nōsei performs are based around elemental natures, he also has knowledge of a secret form of ninjutsu known as the Shard Arts. Techniques utilizing these arts are focused around condensing ones chakra so that it behaves more like matter than energy. Non-elemental chakra appears to behave similarly to glass with these techniques, possibly the reason for name of this Hiden Jutsu. In addition to non-elemental chakra Nōsei has learned how to utilize this Hiden art with wind release to create techniques with much greater potency than normal. While he supposed to keep these techniques secret Nōsei would eventually pass them down to his teammate Nanase Sudachika. While the shard arts never became Nōsei's primary combat method, he has incorporated the fundamentals of condensing chakra in order to create several of his most potent and dangerous ninjutsu.


While the events surrounding Nōsei's kekkei genkai have caused him to view his genetic heritage as more of a curse than a gift, the abilities associated with Reisei are invaluable. Initially his use of the dōjutsu portion of Reisei, which is occasionally referred to as the Seizongan, was extremely limited and caused him to live under constant migraines and fear of persecution if it was ever discovered. Shortly after he finally managed to master the Seizongan and his migraines were relieved, events would transcend that would result in him being forced to flee from his home of Sunagakure.

Despite the extreme pain and suffering inflicted on him by Reisei, Nōsei has come to master his dōjutsu to an impressive degree. While the aforementioned fact stands true, Nōsei treats Reisei as one of the most important things he received from him mother. Because of this, and the fact that overuse will definitely draw unnecessary attention to him, only uses the Seizongan in the most dire of circumstances. This in turn has lead him to also gain access to the Yin Release by Part II of his story. When he does use his dōjutsu fully Nōsei has yet to meet his match in another opponent, a testament to both his skill and the abilities of Reisei.



Part I

Upon Nōsei's graduation the young shinobi escaped the commotion of newly promoted genin and their parents celebrating as he returned to his lonely apartment made out of a storeroom. After cleaning himself up and consuming what little food he had left he collapses upon his bed and stares at the ceiling for some time. At some point he appears to notice the sun setting on and turns his attention to his small window. Watching the sun's descent through the sky he is distracted by the voice of an unnamed ANBU member who had silently made it into his apartment. After a quick conversation in which Nōsei explains the details of his day and informs the mysterious shinobi which team he was placed on, he is reminded of his instructions to report to the Merchant's residence later that night. Nōsei reassures the ANBU that he hadn't forgotten his duty and that he promises to be on time. The unnamed visitor them instructs Nōsei that the Shard Arts are to be kept absolutely secret from the public and that he isn't to use them around anyone, especially his team. Nōsei complies with this as the visitor disappears as quickly and silently as he appeared before the young genin had a chance to bid him farewell. Nōsei then suddenly turns back towards the window to see that the sun has already set. Sadly falling back onto his mattress the newly graduated shinobi is enveloped by the darkness of the encroaching night.

Sometime later that evening Nōsei makes his way towards his benefactor's compound where he is stopped at a large gate. After being recognized by the drunkard minding the door he is granted access into the large multiple building complex that the merchant had acquired. Quickly being hurried into a large room where his benefactor is finishing a large meal he is led into what appears to be a cross between a crypt and a prison underneath the merchant's complex. It is here that Nōsei is surprisingly pitted against multiple prisoners that have been promised freedom if they are to kill him. The merchant then watches on with a sick pleasure as his beneficiary is forced to defend himself against multiple enraged attackers. While initially Nōsei appears to have the upper hand his unwillingness to deliver fatal blows backfires upon him as he is caught by the throat by one of the prisoners. From there the last thing he hears is his benefactor voice telling them to stop holding back before passing out.

He then wakes up, seemingly several hours later, in the darkness of his apartment. He notices something leaning on the wall and discovers a sword with a note attached. Unable to read the note he brings it into the moonlight and discerns the words, "For a job well done." Confused by this Nōsei suddenly collapses on the floor appearing quite upset. As his hands are illuminated the crimson color of blood can be seen in the moonlight. Distraught at his apparent murder of others Nōsei is both completely exhausted and unable to sleep. The words on the note seemingly echo through his head along with a single word of his own, "Why?"

Meeting Team 14

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Due to the events that had already transcended in the facility that they attempted to infiltrate the genin of Team 14 were quickly dispatch and nearly killed. Luckily, Sunagakure ANBU arrived in the nick of time, extracted the squad, and brought them back to the village for medical treatment. Nōsei and his comrades all made a full recovery, they would soon come to find out that Commander Kyoukan was a traitor and had been using his authority to send Sunagakure forces out on suicide missions in order to weaken the village's defenses. As it turns out, the genin of Team 14 were the only survivors of the false military campaign near the border of the Land of Earth and Land of Wind.

Unfortunately, the residents and the shinobi began to look at Team 14 with distrust after their return to the village. While the squad wasn't outwardly suspected of treason, they were treated oddly due to the fact that three rookie genin, who had just graduated the academy, had survived when more experienced operatives died.

After being released from the hospital Nōsei, along with his team, were relieved from missions that guaranteed danger. During this time Nōsei dedicated himself to another round of intense training, due to feelings of inadequacy that had developed after being subjected to real combat. It was also during this time that Nōsei secretly passed on information regarding the Shard Arts to Nanase, who also was looking to become stronger.

Chūnin Exams

As Nōsei and his squad, who had been rejoined with their sensei Naomi, begun to take on missions of increased difficulty the Chūnin Exams were announced. While the team deliberated for some time, they eventually decided to participate and soon made their way to Konohagakure. While they weren't the only squad from their village participating in this exam, the other teams were unwilling to associate themselves with Team 14, due to events surrounding the team's deployment to the border several months earlier.

With out much difficulty Nōsei and his team were able to pass the first two stages of the Chūnin Exams. It was during this time that Nōsei's abilities begun advance at a surprising speed. While in the Forest of Death he would finally reveal his kekkei genkai that he had been hiding to his team. Furthermore, he would become aware of his innate talent with lightning natured techniques, which he would later master before the final stage. It also was during the second stage that Nōsei and his team would finally learn to work in sync with one another, corresponding to their growing closeness and progressing skill levels.

While all seemed to be going well as Nōsei prepared for his first round fight, danger was looming on the horizon. The merchant benefactor, who had taken in Nōsei when he was brought into Sunagakure at a young age, was finally ready to make his move. Hearing that Nōsei was confirmed to possess a kekkei genkai from informants in Konoha he traveled from Suna under the pretext that he was going to observe the Chūnin Exams. In reality the merchant, who was actually a shinobi with plans of grandeur in disguise, finally sought to claim Nōsei's eyes for his own. Impersonating Nōsei's opponent the merchant attempted to end the young shinobi's life in a way that wouldn't lead to any questioning. Unfortunately, years outside of direct combat had taken its toll of the merchant, who soon found himself on the defensive against Nōsei. Desperate in his desire to claim Nōsei's eyes the merchant released a seal placed on the young shinobi that had locked his early memories. As Nōsei collapsed from the flood of memories he remembered major points of his past, including his mother and the events on that fateful night. He also remembers that his so called benefactor was involved in the massacre of his home village. As he laid mentally broken on the ground the merchant approaches him slowly. In a quiet voice Nōsei's benefactor leans over the young shinobi and reveals his identity before commenting how disappointed he is that Nōsei broken the sword he had given him. Picking up the broken blade the merchant attempted to end Nōsei's life had it not been for a massive burst of wind from around the young shinobi. Staggering his opponent, Nōsei pulled himself to his feet and materialized a sword in his hand before activating his dōjutsu, signally he was ready to begin the real fight.

As the two combatants began a heated show of taijutsu and kenjutsu it was soon becoming evident that Nōsei was at the disadvantage. Despite utilizing his kekkei genkai and Shard Arts simultaneously the young shinobi was hindered significantly by the mental shock that he had been dealt, and furthermore, he was taking damage quick at the hands of his opponent. Jumping back in order to distance himself from his opponent Nōsei converted his shard sword into a spear and hurled it at his opponent at incredible speed. Unable to avoid such an attack the merchant created an earth natured wall to block the attack. As the spear shattered against the wall Nōsei quickly followed up with the technique Hexagon Shard Trap, manipulating the broken chakra shards to assault the merchant from six different directions. As the shards embedded themselves into Nōsei's former benefactor, and he fell to one of his knees before slamming his hands onto the ground. Utilizing the Shard Arts himself the merchant enhanced the density of Earth based techniques to create multiple glistening spikes of earth erupt from the ground towards Nōsei. Kicking up a significant amount of dirt and dust with a wind technique the young shinobi creates a makeshift smokescreen before avoiding his opponent's attack. As the battle continued to escalate murmurs from the crowd began to be heard. It would appear as if the merchant's fighting style was beginning to stray to far from that of the person he was impersonating. Hearing this from the floor of the coliseum the merchant began to panic and fled from the battle altogether under the cover of Nōsei's windstorm. Afraid that he would never get another chance to fight him again if got away now Nōsei picked up his broken sword and pursued the merchant out of the stadium. As the dust cleared, and there wasn't a single combatant in sight, swarms of ANBU and other shinobi erupted from the stadium to search for the two combatants.

With Nōsei closing in on his former benefactor with incredible speed the merchant knew that he wouldn't be able to outrun the far younger shinobi. Opting to make a final stand, and hopefully claim Nōsei's eyes in the process, the merchant ran into an abandoned storehouse of some sort on the edge of the village. Appearing several feet behind his opponent Nōsei couldn't even manage a single utterance as he clutched his broken blade in his hand. Turning around the merchant merely smirked before summoning a worn sword that looked as if it once was quite valuable. Continuing his preparations he released a seal on his right eye revealing damaged version of Nōsei's dōjusu. The merchant explains that both the eye and the sword used to belong to Nōsei's mother, Hitsuyou no Mikoto, and that he had been waiting to take Nōsei's eyes as a replacement. Infuriated by this comment Nōsei rushes in blindly, but easily blocked by his opponent and cut across his left arm. Deciding to deal with his opponent from afar the young shinobi launches a blade of wind from his broken sword, which is easily cut in half by the merchant. Laughing hysterically, Nōsei's former benefactor explains that the sword, Myaku-giri, is special and that cutting through such attacks is child's play. Launching a barrage of wind blades towards the merchant Nōsei watches in horror as they are all deflected and severed with ease. Yelling for the first time in the match Nōsei compresses his wind chakra like he witnessed the merchant do with his earth chakra in order to create a dreadfully sharp blade of wind, which he launches at his opponent. Seen through the eye of Reisei the merchant quickly slams his free hand into the ground in order to block the incredibly potent assault. By creating this shield the merchant is able to avoid certain death but is still knocked several feet back by the force of the assault. Following up his assault Nōsei descends toward his former benefactor with incredible vigor hoping to deliver a death blow with a Blade Pressure enhanced strike. Jumping back just in time the merchant is stunned as Nōsei's strike shatters the concrete of the floor as it hits, but quickly attempts to cut the young shinobi down. Already damaged and weakened by repeated stress Nōsei's sword shatters as it attempts to block Myaku-giri, though Nōsei is able to disarm his opponent utilizing a kunai he quickly reveals from his sleeve. Angered that a child could get the better of him like this the merchant encases himself in shard arts enhanced earth in order to deflect a second kunai slash by Nōsei before kicking the young shinobi back. Sprawling across the cold floor Nōsei coughs up blood from the last blow he had taken. Pulling himself to his feet he prepared for a final attack against his former benefactor. Performing a set of hand seals and drawing a kunai with from his pouch with his right hand he extended its reach with wind chakra and ran towards the merchant, who followed suit encased in earth chakra.

As they drew near to each other the merchant attempted to deliver crushing assault against his former beneficiary with a mighty punch. Ducking under his opponent's strike powerful surge of lightning formed in Nōsei's left hand. As a sound of chirping birds echoed through the building Nōsei ripped through the left side of the merchant's abdomen causing him to fall to his knees. Barely able to maintain consciousness as blood poured from his side onto the floor of the building the merchant pulled himself to his feet and desperately hobbled away from Nōsei, while commenting on the young shinobi's sudden usage of lightning. Turning to face his defeated opponent it is evident that Nōsei's rage had not yet subsided. Throwing the kunai he was still holding Nōsei drops the merchant to his knees and slowly walks up towards him. "Where do you think you are going?" Nōsei asked in a cold emotionless voice as he walks past the merchant and turns back so they are facing each other once again. As he looked around the nearly empty building he spotted Myaku-giri laying on the ground several paces away. It is at this time that merchant began to inform Nōsei of the debt he owes to his benefactor. As he turned to glare at merchant with the cold eyes of his dōjutsu the young shinobi reached out towards the sword causing it to flip off of the ground. Immediately after catching the sword Nōsei informed the merchant that he owed him nothing before he mortally wounded him with a slash across the chest. Without another word Nōsei picked up the sheath belonging to Myaka-giri and began to place explosive tags all over the building. As he was leaving the merchant, whose lungs were slowly filling with blood, managed to choke out that he wasn't the only individual involved with the massacre that ended with the murder of Hitsuyō. Without responding Nōsei simply walks from the building and tosses a kunai attached with yet another explosive tag into behind himself. A fiery cataclysmic explosion results as the crushing force of collapsing building extinguishes the merchants life in an instance.

Walking from the decimation that he had caused tears ran down his face. While he was glad to have remembered his past, and avenged his mother, it was as if his hands were bloodied by the way he went about it. He had killed his foe in the same manner that his mother had died, and simply felt disgusted by it. Collapsing in the street from exhaustion, clutching his mother's sword, the young shinobi doesn't even notice the scroll wrapped tightly around the handle.

End of an Era

Part II

Bodyguard Arc

After the events of Part I Nōsei seems to have found employment as a bodyguard for the leader of a trade syndicate. During his time in this position he has tried to remain undetected by anyone that would have interest in discovering his existence. Due to his behavior it would seem that he is officially supposed to be deceased, but the particulars are currently unknown. He share bodyguard duties with Ozume and a young woman named Rika, who was serving the syndicate leader since before they arrived. Because of this gap in service Rika do not get along quite well with they newcomers, but they appear to be able to coordinate their efforts for the most part.

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After Rika's mother, the leader of the aforementioned trade syndicate, is murdered by an organized group of Yūgure, Nōsei agrees to perform his former employer's final wish. This vow of protection over Rika leads the young warrior to swear his allegiance to the young woman and follow her on her quest of vengeance against Yūgure and those who seek to control them. While Ozume hasn't followed Nōsei on his new objective, he has shown up on occasion, but he seems primarily preoccupied with his own goals.

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Seven Tails Arc (Occurs During the Bodyguard Arc)

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  • Nōsei (濃青) is a shortened form of the Japanese word nōseishoku (濃青色), meaning "dark blue". This appears to correspond with the cool, and occasionally cold demeanor
  • Nōsei's birthday is officially labeled as April 28, though in reality this is the day he was discovered by Sunagakure shinobi. As such his real birthday is currently unknown.
  • According to his databook entry:
    • Nōsei's hobbies are practicing Ninjutsu and watching sunsets.
    • Nōsei idolizes both his mother and Kakashi Hatake, both of which he inherited a blade (Myaku-giri and Chidori respectively).
    • Nōsei doesn't wish to fight anyone in particular.
    • Nōsei's favorite word is "Shusha" (取捨 Meaning: "Choice"), while his least favorite word is "Dōgu" (道具 Meaning: "Tool")
    • Nōsei's theme song is Inside the Fire by Disturbed while his battle theme is Last Hope by Apocalyptica.
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