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Kanji 内部眼
Rōmaji Naibugan
Literal English Interior Eye
Viz manga Eye of Diagnosis
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Known Wielders

The Naibugan (内部眼, "Interior Eye") is the lesser-known dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Sōzō clan. It gives the user of the eye the ability to perceive damage一even cellular一in living creatures and pinpoint it with accuracy. Most notably the eye has the power to sift through the 12 systems of the body. These systems include the Chakra, Integumentary, Muscular, Cardiovascular, Immune, Nervous, Skeletal, Endocrine, Digestive, Respiratory, Urinary, and Reproductive.


According to the writings, only with the heartfelt and vehement desire to save the life of another through their restorative prowess can a Sōzō awaken the Naibugan eye.
Eye Template

Naibugan Eye

It is accompanied by a large flush of chakra exiting the body but bestows upon one unbridled power thereafter. Although the eye is indeed impressive on activation all of its abilities do not surface right away and must be garnered through training, study and further determination to help others, not just oneself. Because of this, the dojutsu has always been called the "eye that speaks for the heart, even when ones mouth cannot" (たとえ口ができなくても、心のために話す目。, "Tatoe kuchi ga dekinakute mo, kokoro no tame ni hanasu me.")


The Naibugan endows the wielder with two predominant abilities: interior vision (内部視覚, naibu shikaku) and restorative power (回復力,kaifuku-ryoku).

"Interior Vision"

As its flagship power, the Naibugan allows its user to filter through the biological systems of the body, be it one at a time, several at a time and for some, all at once. In order to be effective at this one must be learned,
having studied the human body extensively or acquiring information through the Living Source. The brain assists in this tasks, slowing down ones perception to a drawl which allows the user to make decisive recommendations in the operating room or quick-paced calls on the battlefield.

Stored within the eye is a genetic mechanism: according to scholars, those who attempt a transfusion will be surprised to notice the veins of their eye bulging until they eye implodes, rejecting the failed transfer. As such, the eye has never been seen outside of the clan.

"Restorative Power"


A clan member using their green chakra to restore an ally.

Perhaps the most unique ability of the eye is its power to dispatch restorative aura through eye contact alone; users of the eye will materialize their Igaku Chakra (医学チャクラ, Igaku Chakura), the green chakra belonging to those of the Sōzō clan. This chakra will work to heal a person, the effectiveness of the recovery is based on one's medical skill and visual prowess. Users can combine this with their ability to perceive the interior of the body to heal most effectively. This technique, however, is incredibly chakra taxing, especially if one uses it in tandem with the interior vision. This ability does not simply restore external damage but can also mend psychological wounds and internal ailments. It essentially allows one to use their chakra power at a distance. It is called Kaminogennoyakuji.


The mastery of the Naibugan ties in with the tiers of the clan's kekkei genkai known as Chiyunokaisō (治癒の階層, Tiers of Healing, Viz: Hierarchy of Healing).

  • Sōichi (層壱, Tier 1)

This is the first tier of the Naibugan, obtained by any Sōzō clansmen who has the strong desire to heal or save someone. When this is achieved, a considerable amount of chakra will be released from their organs of sight as they begin to be able to discern different systems of the body. Abilities include: Power to see Chakra Network, muscular and skeletal systems, one by one. Power to perceive damage in any biotic system on the cellular level and power to see biological energy. They can also see chakra.

  • Sōni (層二, Tier 2)

This their is harder to obtain and control, giving the user the power to discern twice as many systems of the body, but also to see the world in abated view. It can be achieved via practice and diligent study of the human body. Abilities include: Power to see Integumentary, Cardiovascular and Lymphatic systems one by one.

  • Sōsan (層三, Tier 3)

Rare, but still garnered by clansmen, this percentile of the Naibugan gives an incredible clarity of the human body and can even be used on the microscopic level. Abilities include: Power to see Nervous, Skeletal and Endocrine systems and all others learned beforehand simultaneously. All other tiers of the clan's kekkei genkai mastery will simply improve the quality of one's abilities therein.



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