Namikaze I or Namikaze Sr. was the first Namikaze and the son of the founder, Namikaze.

Naruto character

Namikaze I (Namikaze Sr.)
Highest rank Jonin
Classification S-Rank
Birthdate July 16
Age Part I: 46; Part II: 48 (deceased)
Height 189 cm
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Blood type A
Affiliation Harerukagegakure
Previous Affiliation(s) Konohagakure
Previous Team(s) Sannam
Occupation Harerukagegakure Elder


  • Kakashi Namikaze (brother)
  • Minato Namikaze (presumed brother, deceased)
  • Naruto Uzumaki (nephew)
  • Namikaze (father, deceased)
  • Mitsukou Yuutou (Mother, deceased)
  • Shibuya Hirahara (Wife, deceased)
  • Kagemaru Namikaze (son)
  • Rikugo Namikaze (grandson)
  • Sorawo Namikaze (grandson)
  • Shiroa Namikaze (granddaughter)


Early Life

Namikaze I was born some time after the First Great Shinobi War happened. He was the first child of Namikaze. Namikaze suffered from the pain of the war and was starting to reach the state of death. Later Mitsukou Yuutou, wife of Namikaze, aided him and however lived for a few more years. During those years, two new children were born, Minato, and Kakashi Namikaze, while Kakashi was born first.

The leader of the Namikaze clan, Namikaze himself, declared these three children as the Sannam (San Namikaze no Ka meaning "Three Namikazes of Fire") and each became excellent friends. They made their own versions of the Body Flicker Technique.

  • Namikaze I made Wind Body Flicker.
  • Kakashi made Thunder Body Flicker.
  • Minato made Fire Body Flicker.

They even mastered their kekei genkai (Void) at a very young age.

His father later died of an unknown disease.

At some time 23 years before the start of the series, Namikaze I's wife, Shibuya Hirahara, gave birth to Kagemaru Namikaze.

Namikaze War

Namikaze fought and chalenged Kakashi Namikaze to war between who is more powerful. In round 3, he fought directly with him and forfit thus letting Kakashi Namikaze win.

Namikaze was disgraced by his defeat and decided to commit seppuku. His ever faithful wife, Shibuya, commited seppuku with him.


Namikaze I's appearance is quite unclear however, has yellow hair and known to wear a Harerukage headband replaced by his Konoha headband. He is quite old, despite his age and where a robe as Harerukage's village counselor.