The Namikaze War (Aka: NamiBranch Competition) was a war that happended in the Land of Sun and Fire.


The Namikaze War was a war that took place about 20 years ago on the border of Land of the Sun and Land of Grass between two branches of the Namikaze clan, the Main Brach and the Second Branch, a war demeanded by two of the three greatest Konoha shinobi ever to live, Kakashi Namikaze, "Konoha's Heaven Flash", a name he got for his Space and Time Teleportation, and Namikaze I, "Konoha's Torando Flash", a name he got for his speed which is greater than wind and ability to teleport through wind.


The two were great friends during childhood and wanted to proove who was the more powerful one. They demanded war for 30 days. Kakashi's men consisted of decendents from his clan and both his actual children who were often compared with Kakashi himself. Namikaze I's men consisted of Kagemaru and a few other clan descendants ending up with both teams with an equal number in their army.


Each of the two teams shone great power. The war was divided into three rounds.

A. Descendants Fight

The purpose of this fight is to see which team consisted the better Namikaze descendants decided by a battle only fought by the descendants. Gashiromaru, the eighth Gokage Sennin fought with Kakashi.

Results: The Main Branch won. No deaths occurred.

B. Clan Fight

The purpose of this fight is to see who gave birth to the better clan members decided by a fight between only the sons of the two leaders.

Results: Branch II won. No deaths occured.

C. Battle of The Brothers

Because of the tie, with both teams with one win, it would be then decided the winner by a baatle between Kakashi and Shodai. The fight lasted for days.

Results: Tie, however Namikaze I surrendered and remains alive.

Final Results: Kakashi Namikaze won the war and went to Land of the Sun to help a village suffering, Harerukagegakure which was suffering from an evil Five Kage Sage, Tsumaru. Namikaze I promised that he would come and see him in the Sunny Shadow Village the next year and be friends again along witth his son, Kagemaru.


  • Minato had no idea of the war until it had ended and fell in sadness and promised that they would meet one more time however failed to and was killed during the attack of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Kakashi promised that he would avenge his death and returned to Konoha.
  • Namikaze I was the older brother however, lost.