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Naoki 1
(直樹, Naoki)

  • Lady Naoki (奥方直樹, Okugata Naoki)
    Proginator of the Kōboku Clan (人祖の紅木一族, Hito so no Kōboku ichizoku)
Appears in Anime
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius February 9
Gender Gender Female Female
  • Part I: 17
  • Part II: 27
Height 125 cm
1.25 m
4.101 ft
49.213 in
Weight 78 kg
171.961 lb
Blood type A
  • Instrumentalist
  • Healer
Clan Burūdeshi Tribe

Naoki (直樹, Naoki) was civilian during the Warring Era that lived as a instrumentalist and healer within the heart of the Land of Fire. Raised with Itsuki along with her family she grew close to him during the durations of their years before upcoming war, eventually she marries Itsuki and move to Méihuā forming her own family. Naoki is also credited with being the progenitor of the Kōboku Clan.



Naoki is a cheerful and socially active during her young years growing up with her family before the death of her brother, very competitive with her family members during certain seasons of the year and also very motherly by nature when she's worried of her father and brother, shown scolding her father for his gambling habits or not taking care for himself, this however never spared Itsuki when he became part of her life. After tragically witnessing Kazuo's death she shut herself from those close to her but with the help of her family and lover she slowly recovered. By the time she was a young teen Naoki was very level-headed and cheerful with her sassy side that makes her very different from the rest of her family that are formal, antisocial and cool headed, she retained her motherly side from childhood and occasionally would scold or give her siblings and her crush Itsuki meals for their day but is not the type to sit at home sow clothes, she would do above all else to get out the house and enjoy physical exercises as well playing her Ocarina whenever alone but grown to allow Itsuki to listen.

By adulthood Naoki blossomed into a mature woman that is level-headed and formal to those around her, using honourifics like "sensei" or "sama" towards members of powerful clans across the nations as a sign of respect and learn how to formally address a issue politely without losing her temper and shown to be quite calm and collected during situations, although she matured naoki never lost her fierce flames as she is proven to be fighter. She grew to love healing as a form of bond that allowed her to save and meet people across the land, having a kind-hearted nature towards those with nothing, she would give children purpose and will to become what they desire something that passed onto her and Itsuki's children.


Naoki is a average pale skin girl with long black hair, charcoal black eyes and pale pink lips with jagged scar on her bottom and upper lip. Naoki wears her own style of clothing at a young age from child to teenage, wearing a simple pair of pin-striped pants, a dark-coloured shirt, and a short haori that fits her perfectly as a tomboy. skinny throughout her childhood to the point of being known as flat-chested, many of her siblings and friends would make fun of her flat chest and style of clothes whenever she's out an about.

By adulthood Naoki body changed remarkably well within a few years, going from skinny to curvaceous frame with above-average height and noticeably large breasts that made her quite the beauty even during her second pregnancy with their son, something that made Itsuki blush uncontrollably by a single glance from her. As a mature adult she now wears high-collared kimono with obi which was tied around her waist, Jika-tabi and wooden sandals. After migrating to Méihuā she changed her clothing style to a Qipao Cheongsam with a owl design that spreads on her left side of the dress, wore several rings including her wedding ring and Buddha beads from Land of Tao, Jika-tabi with Geta, wooden sandals she traditionally wore.


Naoki is a skilled healer that uses herbs and Senbon to heal internal and external injuries upon the body, use the senbons for acupuncture's and other remedies as concoctions for health. After moving to Méihuā she learned how to use Mystical Palm Technique by her husband Itsuki Burūdeshi. Over the next twenty six years in the land of owls Naoki developed the ability in sensing.

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