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Naruto: Kaimetsu
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(ナルト: 壊滅, Naruto: Kaimetsu)
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Naruto: Kaimetsu (-ナルト-壊滅ナルトかいめつ, Naruto: Annihilation) is a Fanon Canon set in the Shinobi World two decades after the end of Naruto Shippuden. As many events taking part in this FC override those in the Boruto series, it is considered an Alternate Universe (AU) project. It is open to everybody on the site who wishes to participate.


Note: All current events for Kaimetsu have been set to take place 25 Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War.


The Ninja World is split into many different nations, but most notable among these are the Great Five Nations and their Great Five Villages. For decades, the majority of the wealth and prosperity obviously goes to Konoha, Kiri, Kumo, Iwa and Suna, with the other villages having to make their own fortunes, or rely on these Five in one way or another. There is an uneasy balance all along with the Five Villages in a state of perpetual unease, but with the advent of the Shinobi Alliance to fight the Akatsuki's plan, the new political environment turns things on its head. Residents of the Great Five Nations enjoy great peace and prosperity, sharing Intel to protect each other's borders while also effectively forming a deflector shield around their planet — a warning to any extraterrestrial threats.

Even if somehow Naruto and Sasuke were to fail, the Alliance would rise together to counter any threat: unity was their greatest strength. Or so the propaganda videos sang. Even when Naruto and Sasuke met their ends.

Yet in this time of prosperity, only the elite, privileged minority enjoys the benefits. It is a more unfriendly and even hostile world for those not blessed to be born within the walls of a Great Ninja Village. Crime is ever rampant away from the Great Villages, with fallen samurai, criminals and missing nin battling each other for territory and power. The drug wars and battles against smuggling syndicates aren't problems that the undermanned local police forces of small villages handle efficiently and only the wealthiest of the smaller villages are able to afford such aid from the Great Ninja Villages. The everyday person continues to eke out a living, but for even the strongest back and roughest palm, a sense of envy creeps in as the clearly uneven distribution of wealth, safety and prosperity becomes ever evident. And as usual, whispers of unrest remain just that, unrest.

As the Daimyō rule, there are also those who seek to take power for themselves, hardened and intelligent elements of the criminal underworld that simply are not satisfied with anything less than total control. Power is the greatest commodity in the Shinobi World, be it the awe inspiring strength of Naruto Uzumaki or the sharp wiles of the drug trade's masters. These ambitious, fallen ninja have sought to undermine the establishment for years, but as the gulf between the Five Great Villages and every other village grows more and more apparent, clever forces have begun to exploit the fault lines and fuel the embers. In a concerted attempt to finally throw the dominance of the Five Nations on its head, these powerful crime lords with their immense influence and wealth, unite mighty enforcers under their banner while also sending agents of chaos into the villages — finalising a master plan that has been put into motion since the days of the Fourth Shinobi War; almost 26 years earlier.

As numerous calamitous events transpire, the Great Ninja Villages are thrust into a whirlwind of chaos and danger; as the major power players in the world realise that the existing status quo lay on the brink of a massive shift. Rumours and spiteful intentions spread over the weeks and months, and dissent grows into desperation. A promise is sold to the disenfranchised and oppressed inhabitants of the Shinobi world, a promise which unknown to them, is sold by new oppressors. A promise of equality, if they could rise up against their Daimyō and demand changes. A demand that goes unheeded, or is even mocked by some of the Great Villages. Yet protests continue, until the fever pitch is reached and tempers flare. The leaders of the movement find themselves hurtling head first into a full fledged rebellion, as isolated violence and decades of resentment come piling down on the Shinobi World.

Caught between a wild lust for power and a superhuman urge to hold on to it, the people on the side of the Rebellion and those under the banners of the Great Villages find themselves in a treacherous world with no more rules and enemies lurking at every corner. There is no good and evil, no absolutes, only beliefs clashing against one another: marred by betrayal, bloodshed and broken dreams, as the various participants of this civil war realise one thing:

The eventual end of this bloody conflict would be a bitter affair for all of them.

Status of Notable Characters

This section lists the status of various characters within this project. These changes are put in place to either make more sense for the project as well as balance problematic characters as to not make certain events impossible to achieve. Most importantly it also charts the deaths of both canon and fanon characters, who have some role in the story or who have appeared in any given roleplay.

Canon Characters

  • Naruto Uzumaki - Died in battle alongside Momoshiki.
  • Sasuke Uchiha - Died in battle alongside Momoshiki.
  • Momoshiki - Died in battle with Naruto and Sasuke.
  • Kinshiki - Died when converted into Chakra Fruit before being consumed by Momoshiki.
  • Kaguya - Sealed away in a Moon in her Dimension.
  • Killer B - Died in battle against Honrui, after having the Eight Tails extracted.
  • Kurotsuchi - Died in battle against Minegumo Kurama and Ichirou Akimichi while defending the Four Tails.

Tailed Beasts

This is the Tailed Beast Section. It lists the various Tailed Beasts featured within the project, as well as what shinobi and/or village is guarding them. Depending on how the story plays out, the status of the beasts and what side they are on can and will change depending on various situations and outcomes.

Villages and Countries

Great Five

Minor Villages


List all role-plays pertaining to Kaimetsu here:

Prologue Arc

  • Nintō Gaiden: A Ripple On Troubled Waters
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: 7 years before the events of Kaimetsu, Densetsu learns of a potential enemy working against the Shinobi World and has to come to terms with whispers of discontent towards the Great Ninja Villages and his own growing fear that he could be defending the very evils he fought in times long passed.
  • Nintō Gaiden: The Impending Chaos
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: 1 year before the events of Kaimetsu, a masked man has been gaining renown for a series of revenge killings, brutally eliminating criminals. As he also spreads anti Shinobi Union rhetoric, he is tracked down by the increasingly determined Densetsu, who seeks to put a stop to these incendiary rumours — while remaining deeply fixated with the possibility that the Masked Man is a proxy for the much more dangerous and anonymous enemies to peace.
  • Reaching Across The Aisle
    • Status: Completed.
    • Result: "I will be there to pick you up when you fall." A ruined city full of bandits, renegades, and ex-cultists sat on the brink. Hated, reviled, left to sink. But an old ally from a lifetime past, brought needed goods and supplies at last. Then the rebuilding came, as old ruins made way for new structures. A phoenix rising from the ashes Ato became Koūhōshu. With it, an alliance was resurrected for a new challenge in a new day.
  • Heart of the Blade
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Under the guise of the Masked Man, Kenshin continues his mission of sparking fires into the people's hearts, finding himself in the neutral haven of Eigakure. His actions attract the attention of Masumi Uzumaki - a fierce defender of the village with a famous lineage, who bonds with the charismatic man and agrees to grant him an audience with the Eikage. Though his attempts to persuade Eigakure to join Kaimetsu ends in failure, Kenshin leaves the village on good terms - with the village deciding to remain neutral. The arrival of a Konoha taskforce hot on his heels complicates the political situation after a fiery and tense spat between Densetsu, Shunrai Yotsuki and Eihei Uzumaki concludes with the Konoha team evacuating hurriedly amidst a sudden protest and Shunrai's warning that anyone from Konoha to step foot in Eigakure, would be met with lethal force.
  • The Firebringer and the Baron
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Some of Kaimetsu's higher ranked members meet at the Land of Snow, tasking Kenshin with the recruitment of a powerful kunoichi known as the Firebringer. Kenshin manages to recruit the young woman; while his fellow comrades at Kaimetsu set up a trap for the Konoha forces that pursue him.

Tailed Beast Capture Arc

  • The Rebels Strike Back
    • Status: Completed.
    • Result: The rebels decide to make their strongest move yet, mounting a daring triple raid on three tailed beasts; intent on boosting their military strength to mount a challenge to the Shinobi Union. Honrui leads an elite squad of shinobi from Koūhōshu to subjugate Killer B and Gyūki, succeeding in killing B and capturing the Eight Tails. These events officially kickstart the events of the Kaimetsu timeline.
  • The Path Least Traveled
    • Status: Completed.
    • Result: Nisshō and Honrui meet to discuss their next course of Action. Choosing to head after the Six-Tails together, the two set off for the Land of Marshes.
  • The Konoha Vanguard
    • Status: Completed.
    • Result: Pakura Arata organises a distraction on behalf of Kaimetsu to shake Konoha's forces off Kenshin's tail. While successful, Kaimetsu greatly underestimate Konoha's ferocity and are instead assaulted by the Konoha Vanguard: an elite scouting team specialising in extraction missions. Pakura escapes the encounter, but loses one of her men while also failing to prevent the capture of two others. While Konoha is unable to probe too far to obtain anything remotely devastating, they learn of Kaimetsu's official existence as an organisation.
  • Distant Thunder: An Uneasy Summit
    • Status: Completed.
    • Result: A Kage Summit is held to discuss the state of the world currently, with an emergency summons by Darui, the Kazekage. From there, the Shinobi Union learns of two attacks on the Eight Tails and the Three Tails; while also learning that Killer B has lost his life in the first encounter. Determined to shut down any enemy plans to weaponise the Tailed Beasts, the Kage agree to a plan to keep tabs on the Tailed Beasts to prevent their unseen enemies from progressing with this potentially devious plot; with each determined to allocate the resources necessary to keep the Beasts safe while also defending their respective villages from a potentially imminent attack. At the same time, Kirigakure and Harogakure both pursue their own silent agendas while the embers of impending trouble threaten to blossom into a wildfire of chaos.
  • Tales of the Sixth!
    • Status: Completed (concurrent with Distant Thunder)
    • Result: Honrui and Nisshō travel to the Land of Marshes to capture the Six-Tails. They are intercepted by a duo from Kumogakure. This leads to an unfortunate battle between the Tailed Beast, the Rebels and Kumogakure, with the Rebels succeeding in capturing Saiken, and with the Kumo ninja retreating for unknown reasons.
  • Monkey See Monkey Used
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: As part of her declaration to the other Kage, Kurotsuchi undertakes a mission to secure the status of Son Gokū, enlisting the help of her fellow Iwa-nin Yoshitsune. While approaching the Tailed Beast's lair, the duo find themselves confronted by Minegumo Kurama and Ichirou Akimichi, a pair of shinobi from Uzushiogakure; intent on obtaining Son for their village's interests. Both sides engage in a frantic battle, eager to defend and uphold their respective agendas. The battle drags on as both sides withstand the other's salvos, but in an explosive final act Minegumo is able to escape with a tail from the ape, while Ichirou and Kurotsuchi succumb to injuries in the battle. Yoshitsune manages to convince Son Goku to shelter within Iwagakure until the threat to his existence is rooted out and extinguished.
  • A Heavy Stone: Burden of the Tsuchikage
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: The Land of Earth mourns Kurotsuchi's passing, while a reluctant Yoshitsune accepts the burden of leading Iwagakure in a dark time. Together with him are Kakashi and Gaara, who have both arrived at the Hidden Stone to show their support and lend their might to the bereaved village. There, the three Kage meet to discuss the events that have transpired recently; while deciding on a plan to flip the pressure on their adversaries. Kakashi reveals the existence of a group known as "Kaimetsu" as the chief perpetrators of the recent episodes of civil unrest plaguing the Shinobi World, while Gaara proposes a daring plan to bring the Shinobi Union's wrath upon their enemies.
  • A Stone's Ripple
    • Status:Complete
    • Result: Distraught over the death of Kurotsuchi, Shikiri Magodeshi, apprentice to Yoshitsune, underwent a risky genetic enhancement surgery, and had a specialized suit created for her. Under the alias of Apparition, she continues to protect Iwagakure from threats, while keeping an eye out for Kurotsuchi's sole living killer, who remains at large.
  • A Raindrop Upon the Ocean
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Honrui successfully siphons the chakra from Saiken to be used for the creation of chakra batteries and for the testing of a powerful serum. Gyūki gives Honrui some hard hitting truth about her rebellion, hoping to further strain her already weakening mental stability.
  • The Darkest Night
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Development of the chakra batteries and the drug Reiki are underway within Harōgakure. The first test on a human subject by Kurasa reveal the lethal nature of Reiki, and the power of the fake Tailed beast created.
  • Fight or Flight
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Minegumo Kurama, one of the operatives who played a role in Kurotsuchi's death, recuperates in the Uzushiogakure hospital following the failed mission to capture the Four-Tails. Joined by his partner, Mito Hikari, he ponders his fate in the village and soon comes to the decision to remain; planning to give over the Scroll of Seals to secure his place and gain Shenron's trust.

Temple Arc

  • Melancholy of the Sixth (events are concurrent with the events of Strange Fire)
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Following Iwagakure's rescue of Son Goku, Konoha moves quickly with the help of the Tsuchikage and their intelligence reports to identify Uzushiogakure as enemies of the Shinobi Union, as Konoha's Military Council prepares to officially address this betrayal. In order to deal with the multitude of threats cornering them, the Hidden Leaf acts decisively; with Kakashi Hatake leading an attack on a group of Eco-Terrorists responsible for jeopardising the village's interests. Shikamaru Nara sends a task force to subdue a group of traffickers that have been smuggling components for what the village suspects to be explosives. Simultaneously Densetsu acts under the Hokage's orders — spreading a military standby order to his subordinates in order to set a trap that three of the Kage had devised prior. While the Konoha Vanguard continues its pursuit of the protest's ringleaders, Konohamaru Sarutobi is dispatched with Densetsu to investigate the mysterious circumstances enveloping one of its old heroes — Gengetsu "Ironshield" Maeda; with Konohamaru blissfully unaware that plans have already been put into place to groom him for a position of great importance.
  • Gathering Storm: Opening of the Lotus Petals
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Buoyed by recent successes, public anger against the Shinobi Union and their increasing strength, the most powerful minor villages (and some of their key allies) hold a meeting at the Colisseum to officially form the Shiragiku Alliance - their united front against the Shinobi Union that will inevitably draw the battle lines. Now a legitimate organisation, Shiragiku attempts to force the Shinobi Union to the negotiating table, assembling a set of demands.
  • Sand and Stones (Can’t Break our Bones)
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: Shinki seeks out on information of rebel factions against the Shinobi Union, using Gitsuchi to learn what he can. The two proceed to spar, showing their capabilities to each other until the battle is ended by the Tsuchikage.
  • The King of the Depraved
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Result: Making contact with a source in the crime infested Thieves' Den, Konoha learns that "Ironshield" is indeed a real figure who's likely operating as a big crime lord in the Land of Wind. Meanwhile the Ironshield himself begins to hatch a devastating scheme meant to bring the powerhouse of the Shinobi Union to its knees, as Konohagakure reels from the brutal killing of two young Jonin at the hands of criminals by the border of the Land of Fire. Along with the recent discovery of Ironshield's criminal roots and the emergence of the syndicate in the Land of Fire, the top brass of Konoha begins to suspect that the Ironshield and his lieutenants are actually fueling the recent chaos and protests - as the danger of the situation truly begins to hit home.
  • An Ode to Jane
    • Status: Completed
    • Result: The Shiragiku Alliance is on the verge of announcing their presence to the world, yet preparations must still be made. While the logistics are coming together and the allies stand ready to mobilise in a show of collective unity, there are still missing pieces to the puzzle. While returning from a recruiting run, Kenshin faces a strike team led by the green beast of Konoha, Rock Lee, finding out that his identity as the Masked Man has now been exposed to the Shinobi Union.

Fury Arc

  • Attack on Uzushiogakure: An Approaching Storm
    • Status: Complete
    • Result: Chaos explodes as the Shiragiku Alliance broadcasts its existence to the world on the evening broadcast. While the Shinobi Union is taken aback by the sudden announcement, Kumogakure launches its own vengeance infused assault upon Uzushiogakure, as Harougakure rushes to the Whirlpool Village's aid, with Nisshou further driven to avenge Yue's death by razing the village's forces to the ground; removing any chance of either side coming to the table in the face of now inevitable war.


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