Naruto Fanon Wiki
Keep in mind that these policies are ultimately guidelines. If it's found that a policy restricts something that the reason the policy was created didn't intend to restrict, then the policy should be changed.

The Naruto Fanon Wiki Discord is a social media tool, used by this wiki, to allow users to get a faster response than one would on a Message Wall. The chat is monitored by our Chūnin.

To Join the Discord

  • We are currently working to get the widget up and running again. As such, if you wish to join, please contact one of the admins.
  • Be prepared to link your NF profile, you will not be permitted past the new members channel (ninja-academy) if you do not link it. Failure to provide it within 24 hours will have you kicked from the server.

Chat Rules

1. The Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated. This means no offensive or inappropriate messages such as racial slurs, sexist comments, homophobic comments, religious or political insults, ableism, etc. Harassment and doxxing will not be tolerated.

2. Post messages and images in their proper channels. This is to avoid cluttering the main chat.

  • Discussion of past Naruto chapters/episodes in general chat is fine, to a certain point. If it feels like discussion is changing to something else, please be aware and do so. Any new chapters/episodes should be discussed in the appropriate channels. Keep spoilers to a minimum. Anything major should be tagged with the spoiler tag.
  • When asked to move a discussion to a proper channel by staff, do so or parties involved will be appropriately punished.
  • Do not spam under any circumstances!

3. Image Policy:

  • No unspoiled images of gore or other extremely violent images. If you must post them, put a spoiler tag on them. This can be done by the "Mark as spoiler" option in the upload window, and make sure it goes in the proper channels.
  • Pornography or pornagraphic images are not allowed in any channel. If it is not pornographic but questionably risqué, please use the "Mark as spoiler" option like above.
  • Give credit to artists!

4. Keep arguments to a minimum or take it to DMs. If asked by a staff member to move it, do so or parties involved will be appropriately punished.

  • If discussing parts of a series and you disagree, stay in good faith.
  • Notify a staff member in DMs if you are having issues with another user.

5. Staff Policy:

  • Disagreeing with an admin is fine, but do so respectfully. If you wish to contest an infraction/staff action, contact an admin directly.
  • Do not attempt to impersonate a staff member. Alternate accounts are not allowed and will be banned immediately.
  • Conversely, staff is expected to follow the above rules and treat users with respect and fairness as well. Do not fall into favoritism.
  • Failure to abide by server rules will (depending on the severity of an offense) result in a warning. 3 warnings results in a ban.

Three kick rule

A "kick" is when a Chūnin forcibly removes a person from the chat without banning them. This is meant as a warning and deterrent to offenders of the above rules.

  • Before kicking a user, acknowledge what they have done wrong and warn them twice.
  • If the user persists in their wrongdoing, kick them.
  • If, after three kicks, the user does not comply to chat rules, they will be banned from the chat.

Ban from chat

  • Chūnin have a privilege which allows them to ban someone from only the chat. See the above section for when this is to be applied.

Note to Jōnin

Official decisions are to be made via a blog post or a forum page. This is because, in the event Wikia Staff has to get involved, they must see decisions made by the community. Therefore, while important matters can be discussed via chat, voting and other official activity must be done on the wiki itself.

  • Side Note: This includes official warnings. Warning someone on the chat should only be done if they are at risk of being kicked or banned from the chat. However, if the user is to be warned about breaking wiki rules, then they must be warned on their Message Wall.