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The Cleaning Patrollers, called Hunter-nin (追い忍, Tracker Ninja) is a small team that will keep the site clean. These users are entrusted to delete inappropriate and out to date pages and images from the site. The main task that this new user group will do is a mass delete ‘clean’ event, deleting pages in the various mass delete categories, but also older images that are no longer used or against the image policy.


  • Delete (old) pages that go against the MoS.
  • Delete (old) pages that are within the deletion categories.
  • Delete images that are against the image policy, or no longer used.
  • Have the role to undo vandalism. (They will have the rollback rights)
  • Enforcing the policies the Naruto Fanon withholds. This is especially about following the Manual of Style and Application policy. If the author does not adjust or apply for the article, the article may be deleted after a week.
  • Tagging articles that require approval of the Application Policy with the {{Application Required}} or when it needs to follow the Manual of Style: {{Additional Content Required}}.


  • If the last edit on the page has been done after December 31th, 2012, the Cleaning Patroller requires informing the author about the deletion on their message wall. A standard message might be invented after the rank goes in effect.
  • Would a deleted article be requested to be restored, the Sysop in charge must be informed about this. The Sysop will decide whether or not this will happen, and only he/she can restore the article.
  • If the Cleaning Patroller violates his/her rights, the Sysop in charge may revoke the user’s rights without a warning.

Hunter-nin Team