Naruto Regashi ( Malestorm Legacy') is a sequel series to Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations set 50 years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War in a world where Shinobi are widely discriminated against and the world has become an Empire.

The world has known 20 years of relative peace since the Kawakii Incident, Great Daimyo Restoration Conflict and the War of Unification. Under the rule of Emperor Nobushige Takken, every country has been united under a single banner. The Five Daimyo hold court with their Emperor in Shihongakure, a fortified city located in the center of the world. Only three Kage remain, being the Hokage, Kazekage and Raikage while Iwagakure is governed by an elected council. Meanwhile, Kirigakure is embroiled in a brutal civil war among those who wish to preserve the wills of the Fifth and Sixth Mizukages and a sect calling themselves the Blood Mist Loyalists. This has been covered up by the Water Daimyo as a failed attempt for the Shinobi to rise up and take power.

Every four years, The Grand Tournament is held in order to distract the public and to keep an eye on the power levels of the Shinobi population. The prize: A single request of the Emperor as well as widespread fame and recognition.

List of Arcs

Prologue: Mission to Kazegakure Arc

The Kingdom of the Hidden Leaf Arc

Four Way Deadlock Arc

Flight from the Blood Mist Village Arc

Welcome to Shihongakure Arc

The Grand Tournament Arc

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Supporting Characters

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