Jutsu Name: Ninpou: Hebi Yuugou no Jutsu (Ninja Art: Snake Fusion Technique)

Rank: None; Forbidden Jutsu

Users: Anko Mitarashi

A variant of Orochimaru's technique of a permanent merge with the White Snake, this jutsu stops short of it by a step with this temporary merging technique. Anko merges with a summoned snake, which results in several effects. First, though of less consequence, her eyes gain serpentine slits, and her vision is enhanced by a heat-sensing mechanism that resides under her skin below her eyes. Her tongue also gains the ability of stretching beyond normal human capacity, like Orochimaru's, and it can shoot out and use considerable force. Her entire body also becomes more pliant and flexible, though not to the extreme of Orochimaru in the way of shifting the lower body into a serpentine form or streching of the neck by more than a few feet. She also gains the ability to administer venom, either lethal or paralyzing, in one of either two ways: She can either inject it via a bite using her temporary fangs, or she can spit it and blind her opponent much like a spitting cobra. Her overall speed and strength, both in jutsu and physically, are improved considerably as well.

After this Jutsu wears off, Anko's body becomes very drained, so much that she will need to be out of commission for at least a few days.

The jutsu lasts for only a moderate lengthed amount of time. During the use of the Jutsu, Anko is able to use any of her other jutsu. Mainly, she will either utilize Striking Shadow Snakes or Fire Jutsu.

Creation Info

Made by the user "Ankichi" on the Naruto RP known as "Naruto RP".