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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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GA - Nisemono - Normal

GA - Nisemono - New Pro

Imposter (偽者, Nisemono)
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius February 7
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 18
Blood type A
Classification Missing-nin
Occupation Spy
Team Hilt Symbol Hilt
Clan Tsuriai Symbol Tsuriai Clan
Ninja Rank ANBU
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 11
Nature Type

Nisemono (偽者, Nisemono) is an operative of Hilt. A member of the Tsuriai Clan, her original name remains lost to the sands of time, purposefully expunged after abandoning her home village in pursuit of something of more substantial. Finding their small minded temperament distasteful, and their imitation of larger nations foolish. Nisemono would ultimately take their most prized armaments they had crafted with her upon jumping ship, before crippling the remaining trade by destroying their weapon facilities. Adopting the forms of particular people in an elaborately staged lie. Untethered, Nise would travel the world for something more appropriate.




GA - Nisemono - Appearance and Hobby

The young girl's beauty coupled with a particular pastime.




Her prowess with clone techniques are second to none, using them to easily evade and overwhelm the opponent. She can create several clones at once, a couple of clones, or even hundreds, depending on what the situation calls for. Once in play, she can use them to bully the opponent into submission, lead the opponent to believe that they managed to successfully corner her, or occupy a large group of shinobi while she goes about other tasks. Her clones have been noted to be very durable, being able to withstand powerful attacks, and even bleed like a normal person, further aiding her ability to confuse the opponent. She also formed a unique style of taijutsu from having multiple clones in play, as she uses their sheer numbers and durability to defeat an opponent. She has also shown the ability to combine her bunshinjutsu with the transformation technique, allowing her to impersonate multiple people at once, and thanks to her clones' ability to last, infiltrate multiple countries and locations at once. This also allows her to increase her clones' battle prowess, as by impersonating other people they become privy to their abilities. Lastly, she has shown the ability to combine this with explosions and replacements, adding a further layer of deception. Thus she becomes a very hard person to track down, giving way to the alias Fake, as even Rosuto has trouble locating the real Nisemono at times, being forced to communicate through a clone to the original.

Tsuriai Clan Techniques


Other Skills

She is as sharp as they come....


  • Her primary image source is Miyaura Sanshio.