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editNisshou Fuyutama


Stat Chart Nisshou-1

(日照 冬霊)

  • The Boy Who Calls The Flames (火の手を呼ぶ少年, Hinote o Yobu Shōnen)
  • Lord of Waves (波浪の侯, Harō no Kō)
  • Admiral Fuyutama (大将・冬霊, Daishō Fuyutama)
  • Lord of Time (時間の侯, Jikan no Kō)
  • Nisshō Uzumaki (日照 渦巻き)
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Human
  • Part I: 12
  • Part II: 29
  • Part I: 137.2 cm
    1.372 m
    4.501 ft
    54.016 in
  • Part II: 173.7 cm
    1.737 m
    5.699 ft
    68.386 in
  • Part I: 45.4 kg
    100.09 lb
  • Part II: 78.5 kg
    173.063 lb
Blood type O
Team Harōgakure Armada
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Can Absorb Chakra
"Nice to make your acquaintance, I am Admiral Fuyutama, of Harōgakure. To come to my shores uninvited means you are declaring war on my nation and I assure you, that is a bad idea; Retreat now or face the full might of my fleet."

Nisshō Fuyutama (日照 冬霊火の手を呼ぶ少年) or originally known as Nisshō Uzumaki (日照 渦巻き) is a powerful Time-Traveling Shinobi from Otogakure, One-Hundred years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. He is a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan as well as the ancient Fuyutama Clan, being a direct descendant of Kazeyo Fuyutama. Being from the future he holds a certain amount of foreknowledge of technology and events, however, due to his travels through the Corridors of Time, his own recollections are muddled. Due to a botched trip back to his time period, he would go onto found a small island nation known as the Land of Merchants, becoming the first Admiral of the Ocean Federation of Trade.


Some events follow the same path as Nisshō

Just like his main universe counterpart, Nisshō hails from 100 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War in a dystopian future ruled by the Ōtsutsuki Clan. Living in the remains of the Land of Sound, as the grandchild of an Uzumaki Warlord who had a Fuyutama woman as a concubine, Nisshō was "blessed" with and cursed with natural talent in using his chakra. By the age of four, he started showing signs of having the Uzumaki's special chakra, which could produce the Adamantine Attacking Chains without much conscious effort. During his youth, he was treated as an indentured servant under his grandfather. This life was difficult but not terrible as he was permitted to learn how to read and defend himself using Taijutsu, and some minor Genjutsu.

While he was permitted to learn, he was prevented from actively learning any combat Ninjutsu, however, he was observant in his studies as he was able to copy the use of the Tool Creation Technique in secret by watching his "masters" use it to discipline others. By the time he was 10, he would go on to study the records he would find in an abandoned hideout of Orochimaru. Using these, he would go on to develop a Space–Time Ninjutsu in order to attempt to change his personal past. As if he was guided by an unseen force, he would craft the technique in secret and discover that it allowed him to peer into the Corridors of Time.

During a test of his Time Shift, Nisshō ended up in the Warring States Period, where he met Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. It would be here that he would learn how to control the seas and flames. In this era, he also learned how to manipulate his Chakra Chains, manifesting his Adamantine Attacking Chains and Adamantine Sealing Chains from distortions in space rather than his body, using materials in the earth to do so. While in the past, he would have to learn his skills on the fly as he had to defend himself from attacks on both sides, as he didn't side with either faction. This led to his Azure Flame Ball, Azure Flame Senbon, and eventually his Azure Flame Stream, as well as the medical applications of his Adorned Sea Branch: Crown of Thorns.

He spent an undisclosed period of time before being struck by an attack by Izuna Uchiha and sent back to his original time period. This attack cost him his left arm, which was then replaced with a Shinobi-Ware prosthesis following the loss of his eye at a later date.

During the second test of his Time Shift, he would travel to the continent of Méihuā, where he would study the local flora and fauna which was very different than what he had come to know in the Great Shinobi Countries. During this trip, he would hone some of his skills as he had to learn how to fight while one-armed.

Annotation 2020-04-13 205523

Travelling with a young Yue.

Annotation 2020-04-13 205549

After losing his eye.

Prior to his Time Shift to meet his ancestor, Nisshō following the loss of his arm, traveled once more into the past and ended up in Iwagakure, it was here he met a young Yue, who was trying to find her parents. For a period fo time, he traveled with her, and during this time he saved her from a swarm of giant bee in which one ended up piercing his right eye. He ended up being saved by Yue releasing a premature wave of her Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique, disintegrating the swarm of Bees. It was after this that they discovered the graves of her parents, within the records of the nearly extinct Hōshu clan.

Nissho opening a time portal

Returning to his time period.

He continued to travel around the world together and he raised her for a short while, but he noticed that it was taxing his chakra to remain in this time period while injured. Returning to Iwagakure, he gave Yue all the money he had amassed while on this trip and left her with a kind family that took her in. After this, he returned to his time period once again.

Arriving in a time before the Fourth Shinobi World War, he would introduce himself to the Fuyutama Clan in the Land of Infertile Soil. Following his trial to prove he was of the clan he would begin living in the past with Shirokaze and Kazeyo Fuyutama. During this time, he would learn about the Ancestral Chakra that flows within and around those of Fuyutama blood, connecting them even in death, but also empowering them as well. This would allow him to discover his aptitude with the Spirit Transformation Technique, allowing him to transform his spirit into a weapon.

While in the past he would go on to travel the world, learning how to commune with nature, and become one with it. This would lead him to a spiritual oasis, not governed by a "Great Sage". It would be here that he would meditate and begin to heal himself spiritually. When he was discovered by Shirokaze Fuyutama, it was noted that while he was spiritually compatible with the energy of the earth, his body was unable to properly gather it, and it was explained to him the nature of Senjutsu. Being told that Shiro's late brother Seiryūō Fuyutama was once able to invoke Sage Mode, Nisshō followed Shirokaze's explanation of how Seiryūō was able to do so. After returning to his time period for a short time, he had his arm modified to be able to harmonize with Natural Energy, allowing him to draw it in, with external assistance.

After returning to the past, he trained for three weeks straight, he was able to draw on the chakra stored in his arm, and invoke the transformation, however unknown to him, the spirit of Seiryūō Fuyutama was watching and gifted Nisshō with his blessing. Following the training to balance the energy, with his chakra, he was able to hold the transformation for about 1 hour before he ran out of chakra. Unlike other users who may be able to use Shadow Clones to extend the duration, Nisshou was unable to, and as such has very limited usage of the form.

Nissho in a meeting

Hiring Hiru as his second.

In the process of trying to return home, a temporal distortion pulled Nisshō out of the Corridors of Time and stranded him in the past just before the 4th World War. Being that he was about a century or so before his own birth, Nisshō decided to change the course of history in his favor. Settling in an area he named the Land of Merchants, he displaced the small island from normal time and created a scar in the space-time continuum which he hid inside a large tower he named his Celestial Observatory. The land of merchants grew and soon boasted a small hidden village Harōgakure. During his time in this period, he would witness the great war where the Ten-Tails was resurrected and countless lives were lost, but also the rise of an era of peace. His village which was still unknown to the world stayed out of the war and due to his village being displaced, he and his people were spared the Infinite Tsukuyomi partially as while the Genjutsu took effect, they were not caught in the God: Nativity of a World of Trees.

Following the war and the introduction of the Shinobi Union, Nisshō entered the center stage as the Admiral of his nation.


Nissho aboard the Ace of Spades

Nisshō's full appearance

Nisshō in his base appearance, unaltered by his Genjutsu: Self-Concealment, has short spiky white hair. He is fair-skinned and has an eye-patch, covering his right eye, which he lost in his travels. It has since been replaced with a Shinobi-Ware prosthesis. His attire consists of a black and red long coat, with matching pants. His shirt is white and very regal, accented with a black Ascot tie. His left arm was lost in a battle with Izuna Uchiha and has since been replaced with a specialized shinobi-ware prosthetic that is grey and red. This arm allows him to absorb chakra as well as enhances his strength. His eyes are an unnatural shade of red.

Nisshou Youth

Illusion SU

While under his "Shinobi Union" guise, he retains his white hair, however, he loses his eye-patch and red eyes, having golden eyes instead. His "uniform" is blue and black, being likened to that of a Samurai. He is a bit shorter than his normal height, appearing to be younger.


Raid Illusion

While out in the world, performing raids on behalf of the Shiragiku Alliance, Nisshō takes a drastically different appearance. his red eyes turn blue, his hair is now black and very tame in comparison to his normal appearance. He has black chakra armor that he wears over top of his compression suit, which is said to withstand heavy blows to protect him. He has a blue scarf that he uses to cover the lower portion of his face. His armor is accented with silver and white, as well as strange blue gems.

Both of his alternate appearances are caused by his Genjutsu: Self-Concealment creating a different effect at the will of Nisshō.


Nisshō is a very quiet individual who is a seeker of justice and truth, He knows that his timeline is not right and wants to change it for the better. Despite his counterparts Nihilism, he chose the path of light and while still developing Time Shift, he would not go to the lengths of "god-hood" that others have taken, but rather he sought to connect with his roots.

Comrades and friends are important to Nisshō as he would sacrifice himself to defend those close to him, including all forms of beast. Nisshō also despises oppressive rulers and regimes, choosing the side of rebellion over being complacent.

Due to his strategic and cunning nature, Nisshō is quite cautious, often hiding certain skills to maintain appearances and keep others from discovering his true motives. This also blends into his fighting style as he will often maintain Sage Mode, in order to have an extrasensory feel for the world around him. His strategic nature is shown in his usage of his Genjutsu: Self-Concealment in order to appear as three different individuals in the world, but also in his usage and creation of the Sacred Flame and Sea Dances.


Nisshō is an overall "Long-Range" combatant, preferring to use his techniques to fight to keep his opponents at bay and overwhelm them with high power. When at close range, Nisshō's goal is to swiftly overwhelm his opponent using weapon skills rather than Taijutsu as he has not trained as extensively in Taijutsu as he has in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Kenjutsu.

With the introduction of Senjutsu, Nisshō is able to augment his skills and increase their potency.

Nisshou glare

Due to being a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan, he boasts a higher than average Chakra yield for someone his age. This is accompanied by his Fuyutama heritage which promotes a link to the ancestors and has a passive link to Ancestral Chakra. His chakra was stated to have a purple coloration when sensed by a Sensor Type Shinobi.

Due to training with Shirokaze Fuyutama and Kazeyo Fuyutama, he has gained access to his "Spirit Techniques" which allow him to weaponize his spirit and replicate jutsu from other clans or techniques. This ability to weaponized his spirit is unique to Nisshō as he was seeking a way to escape his material bonds. His skills stem from his Spirit Transformation Technique, and have grown into the the ability to temporarily translate his material body into a spiritual form and the the ability to call forth a guardian using his spirit as the base. Nisshō's intense training granted him a modified version of Chakra Enhanced Speed; This ability has allowed Nisshō to be able to vibrate his body by increasing the flow of chakra to his legs and then rebound the force back throughout his body, In doing so he is able to race around at a blinding speed, leaving a streak of white in his wake. When in use at its full potential, he has been said to surpass the Body Flicker Technique, creating shockwaves from his force and impact. When used in conjunction with his Kenjutsu, he is able to attack with such intensity that he cuts his opponents to shreds leaving a mist of blood in his wake. This speed has repercussions, however, in that his bones rattle when his speed is in use, causing him intense pain, which limits his full use of his speed.

Nissho sealing chains

Nisshou using the Adamantine Sealing Chains

Nisshō has access to the Uzumaki sealing chains, being able to deploy them at will. Unlike other users, he is able to manifest these independent of his body, having them manifest from distortions in space.

Due to losing his left arm and right eye, these have been replaced with Shinobi-Ware prosthesis. This houses a hidden weapon, which can be used to release a single-use pulse, blasting enemies with a wave of pressurized chakra. His eye is able to see things far in the distance, as well as reveal hidden items using Infrared and Ultraviolet vision.

Due to being of the Fuyutama clan, Nisshō is able to call upon the spirits of his ancestors as well as tap into the realm of Sage Arts to use a unique form of Senjutsu. Being able to draw in the Ancestral Chakra of his ancestors to increase his standard reserves for a brief period of time.

The usage of the Ancestral Chakra gives rise to Nisshō's spirit techniques. These enable him to turn his own spirit into a weapon and attack the spirit of his foes. Stemming from his Spirit Transformation Technique, Nisshō is able to transform his soul into parts of an etherial knight. Using his Spirit Translation Technique, he is able to make himself ethereal simulating the effects of Kamui.

Due to his training with Shirokaze and the modification of his Shinobi-Ware arm, Nisshō is able to access Sage Mode, however, unlike a regular shinobi, this is completely linked to his Shinobi-Ware's ability to absorb Natural Energy, and as such without it, he is cut off from his Sage Mode transformation. This ability to absorb natural energy is attributed to the metal his arm is made of, which resonates with the energy using his chakra as a magnet.

Using his Senjutsu, Nisshō is able to infuse the sage chakra into his existing arsenal, creating larger-scale versions of his techniques. When in Sage Mode, his flames burn much hotter, and his water's healing properties are increased to be able to regrow limbs. While in sage mode, he has access to the Sage Art: Authority of the Gods Subjugating the Heavens, which is a technique seemingly inspired by the effects of Shinra Tensei. Using it he is able to create a massive repulsive force, however, it depletes his senjutsu chakra dramatically, limiting him to about 3 uses in sage mode before he loses his form.

Main articles: Sacred Flame Dance and Sacred Sea Dance Nisshō specializes in Fire Release, using the effects of his Ancestral Chakra to create "Holy Fire". This fire has the properties to burn away impurities and when infused with Natural Energy it can burn the spirit. The base technique Nisshō has in his arsenal is the Sacred Flame Dance, which he is able to mold into other variants. The special properties allow him to combat powerful techniques such as the Tenseigan Chakra Mode, by interrupting its chakra flow, and when using Senjutsu to enhance his flames, he can combat the Truth-Seeking Ball.

His second nature is his Water Release, with it, he is able to imbue the water with his "holy" properties allowing them to cleanse others. This, like his flame dance, are able to erode impurities.

Main article: Time Shift Being of the Uzumaki and the Fuyutama, Nisshō has had a different grasp of Ninjutsu and took to learning the secrets of Space–Time Ninjutsu, in order to find a way to warp space and time in order to travel the corridors of time. This led to him developing Time Shift as a means of going backward and forwards through time. In his research he also discovered that in using his technique it displaced him in time, allowing him to create an arsenal, unlike any other shinobi. His first technique was the Temporal Clone Technique, which allows him to pull "remnants" from aborted or parallel timelines to fight with him. These unlike Shadow Clones don't split his chakra and are autonomous to the degree that they are Nisshō just from different points in time. The clones are able to bleed, and when dealt sufficient damage or are killed fade away as their life force was keeping them tethered to the timeline in which they were summoned.

He would go on to perfect his space-time ninjutsu, in order to create an area where time doesn't flow where two could fight for virtually forever uninterrupted as well as the ultimate barrier, capable of deflecting even the Truth-Seeking Ball once fully invoked.

Due to his training against Shirokaze Fuyutama, Nisshō learned how to dispel and cast Genjutsu, while not as potent as those cast with a Sharingan, he was able to simulate the same effects using his Sage Mode and Senjutsu. His main skill is in the ability to use Temple of Nirvana Technique, which allows him to place a large group to sleep.

Nisshō has access to a skill known as Genjutsu: Self-Concealment, which alters his outward appearance using high-frequency sounds. This is nearly always active and requires minimal chakra to maintain. The effects are far-reaching as he is able to mask his chakra along with his face, allowing him to essentially appear differently depending on who he is around. While in the Shinobi Union, he uses a youthful slightly regal appearance, however, while out on Rebel strikes, he takes on a black-haired appearance in black armor. Following his battle with Kiri ninja over the Three-Tails, he went on to develop Hyakki Yakō, a fusion utilizing both the Temple of Nirvana Technique and the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique.

As with all members of the Fuyutama Clan, Nisshō was trained in the use of swords from a young age and refined when he traveled to the past to meet his ancestors. Nisshō doesn't hold a traditional sword and prefers to conjure one using his Azure Flame Saber, Adorned Sea Branch: Trident of Waves or Tool Creation Technique, allowing him to create any type of sword for the situation.

Due to his training, Nisshō is skilled in more than just using swords. He has excellent ability and aptitude in Archery, allowing him to create a bow using his Tool Creation and then fire arrows made from his Sacred Flame Dance. His main technique is to fire an arrow of fire into the air and then cause it to splinter and release hundreds of arrows over a battlefield to overwhelm his opponent.


Nissho's Marksmenship

His marksmanship using his pistols known as Hi and Mizu is unmatched, Nisshō is able to hit targets without much effort, as well as set traps using his specialized ammunition.

Nissho protecting Yue

Nisshou protecting Yue with Tool Creation

Nisshō's skill with the Tool Creation Technique is different than other users as he doesn't simply create melee weapons, but also other tools and at times ammunition for some of his other tools such as Hi and Mizu, or the bows he creates with Adorned Sea Branch: Trident of Waves. Using the Tool Creation, Nisshō is able to rapidly create weapons, having them emerge from the ground simply by flowing his chakra into the earth, this action is often used to catch his opponents off guard as the swords and staves are generated at a rapid pace, allowing for him to skewer groups in quick succession.


Main article: Naruto: Kaimetsu At the beginning of the story, Nisshō is still in the past, training during the era before the Fourth Shinobi World War with the Fuyutama Clan. In completing his training he used Time Shift to return home but due to the conflict he was pulled out of the Corridors of Time and ended up missing his target by one-hundred years. Starting an island nation known as the Land of Merchants, he would go on to found Harōgakure and become its first Admiral. Sometime during its inception prior to Kaimetsu, he was approached by Koūhōshu's Honrui and asked to join their cause. Choosing to be a spy on the action of the Shinobi Union for her and her group, Nisshō joined the Union as a spy. He would secretly go on to capture the Three-Tails Isobu for the rebel cause alongside Yuto Chinoike. After failing to capture the Three-Tails due to the intervention of Kirigakure, Nisshō alongside Honrui herself and another shinobi plot to capture Saiken.

Story Outcome Status
The Rebels Strike Back (mentioned) The Ace-ops meet with Honrui to relay a message Completed
The Firebringer and the Baron (mentioned) Nisshō and Harōgakure are confirmed as part of the Rebel cause. Completed
Rebels on Rough Seas (debut) Nisshō failed to capture the Three-Tails, due to Kirigakure interfering Completed
The Path Least Traveled Nisshō and Honrui plan the next raid Completed
Distant Thunder: An Uneasy Summit The Five-kage agree that there is an issue brewing and proceed with caution. Yue while under the guise of Nisshō planted information about Kirigakure. Completed
Tales of the Sixth! Following a confrontation between an unlikely pair from Kumogakure, The Six-Tails is captured by Honrui and placed under the effects of Hyakki Yakō by Nisshō. Completed (Concurrent with Distant Thunder)
Strange Fire: Claws of the Two Tails (mentioned) Yue recalled her orders from the dear admiral Completed
The Darkest Night The Admiral began his testing of the drug Reiki, with Kurasa and her Lieutenant Daisuke. Completed
Land of Untruths and Uncertainties (on hold)
Gathering Storm: Opening of the Chrysanthemum Petals (flashback) Nisshō was not directly involved in the activity but acted through his proxy Tsuki. Completed
The Brightest Morning The completion of Reiki is underway. In Progress
Cutting Against the Tide: Intrigue In the Land of Waves (mentioned) Kiri nin are searching for his chakra signature while on a missio in the Land of Waves

Concept and Creation

Originally crafted as a troll character Nisshō/Nisshō/Post-Crisis, the author Niss wanted to craft a version that could be taken seriously on the Wikia as his true return to the site as an editor. Nisshō gained the last name "Fuyutama" from the authors past on the Wikia working with Kazeyo and KamiYomi and his character Seiryūō Fuyutama. The link to the other versions of the character linger in his use of the Time Shift technique, showing a mini-multiverse in the author's mind. As the second incarnation of a multiversal character after Nisshō van Astrea and Naoto no Mikoto.

The continued use of the name Nisshō comes from the author's love of the name meaning of "Sunlight", being a derivative of the term Akasuki which means "Daybreak". His skills were inspired by various fire users from other anime series as well as a chaotic parallel with his water usage. The main characters that inspired the user to use flames were Karna from Fate/Apocrypha, Shin Wolford from Wise Man's Grandchild, and recently Quetzalcoatl from Fate/Grand Order. These characters used widescale fire attacks with devastating effects.

His epithet "Lord of Time" stems from the authors' love of the series Doctor Who, which heavily inspired the time travel aspects of the character, as well as the Flash series with its Temporal Duplicates.

This character serves as the Author's escape to create something that embodies his favorite elements of other series.


"You Kage think you are superior to everyone? Don't make me laugh, you are a puppet, with the Daimyō pulling your strings, but you will find, that there are no strings on me!"

"The Past, The Present, The Future, All things return to Ash and when the Sun rises, you shall see the End; Genesis: Morning Star!" - Finishing Quote: Naruto: Shinobiverse



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