Nozomigakure no Sato

Basic Information

Name of Village: Nozomigakure

Translation: Wish Village

Location: Demon Country

Information: Nozomigakure no Sato is a shinobi village that contains shinobi that have the ocular Doujutsu 'Nozomigan'.

Nozomigakure started by the leader Ichibu Mori-oni. His name literally means Copy Helping-Demon. His name gives away what he is capable of, copying jutsus. He was known as the wish-demon. It is believed that if you wished for him with your Nozomigan activated then he would appear in front of you. If you needed his help he would lend it.


The leader of Nozomigakure is the Nozomikage; Wish Shadow. Unlike other Villages, to become the Nozomikage you have to fufill certain requirements.

1. You must have activated the Tsuyoi-Nozomigan; Mighty-Wish Eye. The Tsuyoi-Nozomigan gives the user the ability to coppy Kekkei Genkei, not just Jutsus.

2. They must have defeated a level S foe.

3. They must not have any family to sucess them.

Nozomigakure Ninja

The ninja of Nozomigakure are known for their Nozomigan. This ocular Ninjutsu allows the wielder to copy any jutsu they have come across.

Village's Primary Jutsu

Some of the Primary Jutsus are:

1. Nozomigan; Wish Eye (Doujutsu)

2. The 10 Puppets of Chikamatsu's collection; ten puppets that have their own specialty (Ninjutsu)

3. Many use Medical Ninjutsu such as 'Healing Resuscitation Regeneration' and 'Chakra Scalpel.' (Medical Ninjutsu)

4. Summoning Reanimation Jutsu; this Jutsu allows the user to attach a dead soul to a dead corpse (Kinjutsu)

Important People

Mori-oni Clan

Ichibu Mori-oni

Tenshi Mori-oni

Ukiyohi Clan

Haru-fuu Ukiyohi

Touji Ukiyohi

Sannin of Nozomigakure

TsuyaTsuya Yofun

Ureshii-Ko Kara

Ureshii-Ko Kara is one of the three Sannin of Nozomigakure. His name means Pleasant-Sin Emptiness. He can summon many different animals at a time and can countrol them like puppets.

Touji Ukiyohi; Look at Touji Ukiyohi under Ukiyohi Clan

Enemies and Alliances

Nozomigakure doesn't have any signed treaties with any other shinobi villages. In time of war and if they are needed, the highest bidder gets to use them in battle.

Other Noteable Facts

Birthplace of all Doujutsu