editOda Nobunaga
Oda Nobunaga
(織田 信長, Nobunaga Oda)
Appears in Anime, Movie
Voice Actors
English Jason Liebrecht Icon - Search
Japanese Yusaku Yara
Birthdate Astrological Sign Taurus May 8
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Walrus
Age 8,213
Height 304 cm
3.04 m
9.974 ft
119.685 in
Weight 309 kg
681.228 lb
Blood type O
Classification Sage
Occupation Sage of the Walrus
Clan Lee Clan
Nature Type

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"

Kenryokuyoku (けんりょくよく, Kenryokuyoku) is the patriarch of the Walrus family haling from Kirigakure and he is currently the Great Sage (偉大的聖人, Wěidà de shèngrén) of his people and rules as ruthless and cunning man of his generation. he was the most powerful walrus that ever lived during his time but is widely respected for his unique fighting skills and strength that is rumored to rival the Raikage's brute strength but the two is fond of another, he moved to Kirigakure with his wife in hope to find a safer future for the next generation. he is currently the father of two daughters Suizei Lee and Suiko Lee.


Thousands of years ago before the warring era began, before the clan's grew from the bloodlines from the Sage of Six Paths there were the Ōtsutsuki Clan. their existence and great influence brought the many changes to the lives of many but this action birthed the three clans of the land of water along with the animal clans that is lead by they're sages, keifuku the nine tailed sage, Kai Shirokuma their latest member and is the great bear sage, and finally Kenryokuyoku the walrus sage. their great influence and leadership brought the new era of shinobi's along with others such as the Uchiha Clan, the Senju Clan, and Hyūga Clan being the most powerful in the country.

Kenryokuyoku was a brutal and strict individual who loved war, he always enjoyed a great battle that makes his blood pump in excitement, his many involvements in the warring era brought him respect and fear amongst the shinobi's that fought him and his clan of walruses that they called him Oda Nobunaga the Demon (悪魔の織田信長, Akuma no oda nobunaga). his power and strength alone allowed him to excel as a bloodlust warrior til the villages founding.

he later married into a unknown Clan, the clan's eldest daughter Sonkei Lee together they had two daughters named Suizei Lee and Suiko Lee who excelled under their teaching and raised her to be honerable and respectful like the mother but as strong and cunning like his father. the first shinobi war came like a storm with Kenryokuyoku leading his squadron to battle leading to him making a legendary name for himself after battling against the second hokage, Kumogakure's Kinkaku Force which the brothers given him the moniker Oda the Mad Titan (小田狂人タイタン, Oda kyōjin taitan) out of respect and sheer joy after fighting such a foe but the second and third war brought many loses the man refuse to participate despite his joy for war. he later settled down and ruled his kingdom in the mountains.


Oda Nobunaga is generally characterised as stern, outspoken and decisive. he widely seen but humble and respectful to others with the same or higher status referring them as "Wakai" but he sometimes call worthy enemies or comrades as "Kurogane" showing great respect to other species, with his legendary pride came with his legendary bloodlust for battle. this would result in oda's craving for a worthy opponent let it be friend or foe alike characterizing him as a ruthless, cunning and powerful being but in nature he is a simple and wise walrus who enjoys life and wants to make the most of it til the bitter end. He can also be somewhat hypocritical as he would voice his disdain at the other Great Shinobi Nations for allow their finest shinobi to go rogue, Oda has quite an emotional side; his short temper and eagerness can cause him out to act recklessly with regards to certain matters but deep down he loves and deeply cares about his wife and daughter; Suizei Lee and Suiko Lee.

the very day his wife and his two daughters came into his life he immediately bonded with them forming a military like parental bond between them. this bond would later become the greatest family to ever exist in their generation; the father with his strength and intelligence, the wife with her tactical battle plan and kenjutsu prowess, and finally the daughter with her immense strength and water nature transformation. this incredibly increased his pride and bloodlust for battle tenfolds but he would do anything in his power to protect his family even if it meant sacrificing all of his home village and the population within it.


Oda Nobunaga is a tall massive muscular man with pale white skin in his human form, he wears black pants but no shirt showing he enjoys the freezing arctic air, large combat boots wit metal plates on the toes and bottom, he wears a large red and black cape that drapes down to his feet with a metal chain to keep the cloak on him. he has long dirty blonde hair that is unkempt from many years and a goatee.

it is unknown what his true form is but many believed that in his walrus sage form he can be twice as powerful then any living being in the country near rivaling the tailed beast in power and strength alone but it was all mostly rumors and legends.


Kenryokuyoku was undoubtedly an immensely powerful Sage, he is so powerful that he can rival the Nine Tailed Sage in battle displaying great proficient in mostly taijutsu but learned how to use Hydrification Technique after stealing the Hōzuki clans scrolls displaying great mastery over their technique. his reserves are incredibly large enough to last most of the day. he displays great skills wielding a Shakujō as his primary weapon of choice.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

Oda Nobunaga has immense physical strength, being able to fight off a tailed beast by himself via Gyūki the eight tailed beast out of the nine, he is also powerful enough to withstand a hell stab by the third raikage but is also able to create numerous amount of water clones to aid him in battle but what he can remarkably do is continuously use the hydrification technique for hours on but he mostly uses his immense strength and chakra to get the job done. his poweful energy that is filled with senjutsu shows he is a true master in senjutsu allowing him to share his sage chakra with others and regenerate his lost chakra amount after an hour rest.

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