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Odeshi Tribe
Odeshi Symbol.svg
Kanji 青弟子種族
Rōmaji Odeshi Shuzoku
Literal English Blue Disciples
Clan Data
Kekkei Genkai {{{2}}} Boil Release
Nature Icon Crystal.svg Crystal Release
{{{2}}} Explosion Release
{{{2}}} Ice Release
{{{2}}} Lava Release
{{{2}}} Magnet Release
ItsukiPureEye v3.png Shishagan
{{{2}}} Storm Release

The Odeshi Tribe (青弟子種族, Odeshi Shuzoku, Lit Meaning: Blue Disciples) were once a peaceful species of demonic humanoid beings that hailed from the planet Sakaki. Sometime during their history, they were invaded by a pair of Ōtsutsuki clan members with the sole intention of harvesting Chakra Fruit from the planet’s revered Mother Tree. However, after learning that this mysterious tree only produces a single fruit the Odeshi Tribe calls the Seed (実, Mi) once every thousand years, the Ōtsutsuki decided to stay until a new one was produced. During this time over half of the tribe’s population were enslaved while those who didn’t perish in the initial uprising hid away from their invaders to form a resistance led by the Odeshi King. Not much else is known about them, however, the last remaining survivor, Itsuki Odeshi, would go on to revive the tribe on Earth in the form of the Kōboku clan who reside in the Land of OwlsSugigakure.


In terms of appearance, the Odeshi Tribe very closely resembles what humans on Earth would later call an Oni (鬼, Lit Meaning: Ogre). Interestingly, both men and women of the tribe tend to have different physical features more notably in the number of horns, skin tone, and even tusk. Female members are shown to have a single horn as opposed to their male counterparts having two slightly larger horns. As for their peculiar skin tone, the tribal women’s skin was always bluish-gray while the men’s skin was a more saturated blue. Only the men sported horn-like tusk, although not as exaggerated compared to what’s commonly depicted in Shinto mythology. Compared to humans, members of the Odeshi Tribe were depicted as very tall creatures, easily reaching heights of over six feet on average.

The Odeshi appeared to have no eyebrows and long black talon-like nails, like traditional Oni, they all possessed wild black hair in various hairstyles. Interestingly, in the center of each member’s forehead appears to be a small circular amethyst stone. Members of the King’s family are never seen without these intricate white lines spread across their entire body, it’s currently unknown what these markings represent. In a flashback, it was shown that several male tribesmen were barefoot while wearing black kariginu-inspired robes with varying designs and baggy white pants.


As stated before, since the Odeshi were classified as a demonic race, they naturally inherited various enhanced baseline attributes like enhanced strength, speed, and even longevity. However, due to the tribe living in peace since their inception, they lacked the necessary combat and survival experience to put up much of a fight against their invaders. Despite not being born with any inborn skills like the Ōtsutsuki, every member of the tribe possessed the ability to feel and interpret one’s emotions similar to that of telepathy. It wasn’t until King Tsuyoi took matters into his own hands by partaking in the mysterious fruit of the Mother Tree that new powers would emerge. After being flooded with Demonic Energy (魔族エネルギー, Mazoku Enerugī), a new power manifested in the form of the Shishagan, a powerful new dōjutsu kekkei genkai.

Immediately after consuming the Seed, King Tsuyoi demonstrated the ability to also transform into a gigantic three-headed canine-like monster seemingly at will. Before Planet Sakaki’s destruction and shortly after successfully defeating the Ōtsutsuki invaders, King Tsuyoi used his remaining demonic chakra to protect his youngest sibling, Itsuki, before sending him into space. This was done with the intention that Itsuki would someday stumble across another planet for which he could revive the Odeshi Tribe. Sometime after arriving at Earth, it was revealed that Itsuki was also able to manifest the Shishagan, however, it appeared that he wasn’t able to transform into the same demonic monster that his brother once could. Another interesting development was that he awakened Crystal Release for the first time.

Itsuki also showed the capability to heal from most injuries and the ability to go without food or water for prolonged periods of time. While on his journey to understanding chakra, his adopted father stated that he possessed a rather large quantity of tainted chakra circulating within him. After having several children, it was discovered that they too would inherit the Shishagan, however, each child would awaken a different elemental kekkei genkai amongst each other. Using the Shishagan, it was discovered that each kekkei genkai was linked to either Earth Release or Water Release. These characteristics would later be passed down to their descendants. It is unknown if these various additional kekkei genkai manifested within King Tsuyoi.  

Known Members

  • King Tsuyoi
  • Itsuki Odeshi


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