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Basic Information


Name: Otogakure

Other Names: Village Hidden in Sound

Location: In the Rice Field Country

Information: This is a newly formed villaged that was founded by Orochimaru. Orochimaru used this village to create a shinobi army in hopes that together with Sunagakure that they could crush Konoha. Its current leader is Seireitou Hyuga.

National Anthem

When Seireitou rises to the throne, in order to contruct nationalism in Otogakure, he makes an national anthem that every student in Otogakure must recite to begin the day.

Truth and hope in our Fatherland!
And death to every foe!
Our soldiers shall not pause to rest
We vow our loyalty
Old traditions they will abide
Arise young heroes!
Our past inspires noble deeds
All Hail Otogakure!
Immortal beacon shows the way
Step forth, seek glory!
Hoist your swords high into the clouds
Hail Otogakure!
Our Kage stands astride this world
He’ll vanquish every foe!
His truth and justice shine so bright
All hail his brilliant light!
Never will he be overthrown
Like mountains and sea
His bloodline immortal and pure
All Hail Otogakure!
So let his wisdom guide our way
Go forth and seek glory
Hoist your swords high into the clouds
Hail Otogakure!!


The former leader of the village was the legendary Sanin Orochimaru, however due to his "death" a new leader took over an Otogakure Chunin by the name of Hebima. A while later, Seireitou Hyuga staged a coup d'tat in his former sensei's name and tookover Otogakure as the first Lord Otokage. The Rice Field Country's current Daimyo is Shien Uchiha, who killed the previous Daimyo and obtained his status.


It is uknown what type of ninja or the actual techniques they posses of this village. Though it is speculated that the ninja know tecniques related to sound. It is also rumored that most to all Sound Ninja possess in-human techniques, techniques that would naturally be impossible to learn without proper Body Alteration. There is however a clan of shinobi known as the Hebi Clan who are known for their snake related jutsus. Also, a old clan known as the Secoiya clan, originate from here. Orochimaru's lost experiments known as The 13 are roaming the ninja world

The only known organization within Otogakure is the Otogakure Advance Force; a team of select Otogakure Shinobi who function the same way as ANBU from other villages.


Former alliance with Sunagakure; no current alliance


Mostly all Shinobi nations especially Sunagakure and Konoha. When Seireitou took over, many new enemies arose, because of Seireitou's tittle as the "Shadow Sannin" in the bingo book. Orochimaru is currently after Indo Huiyo, the Slabia of Darkness. Raido X is a prominent enemy of Otogakure as he soley responsibe for his prior destruction a few years back .. he is a wanted man with a extreme bounty on his head

| Raido X || Yamagakure || 175,000,000 両 Dead/Alive

Noteable People

  • Hebiko
  • Hebi Clan
  • Nagashi
  • Urumaya Tenshi
  • M.E.W. 2
  • Ursa
  • Seijun Togiretogire
  • Uganuda
  • Otogakure Advance Force
  • Kuchinawa Gekkō