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Name Otsuge
Kanji お告げ
Rōmaji Otsuge
Personal Status
Gender Gender Female.svg Female
Affiliation Land of Yin Symbol.svg Land of Yin
Occupation Researcher on the Human Condition
Family Kurumi (Creator/Mother)
Shinka (Sister)
Haniyasu (Sister)
Classification Artificial Human
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Wood.svg Wood Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Wood.svg Wood Release
Nature Icon Earth.svg Earth Release
Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release

Otsuge (お告げ, lit. "Divine Message") is a kunoichi of the Land of Yin. An artificial human, she is the culmination of years of research and the successful merging of technological advances and life-giving properties. Yet her emergence would be delayed; the discovery of the project by Yang authorities would lead to her creator being forced out, facilities destroyed, research burned. Naturally, her maker had a backup; and where Yang Country was "uptight", Yin was curious and welcoming. Soon after Otsuge was born; though aware of the circumstances of her birth, she shares Kurumi's intellectual rigor, joining the ranks of researchers keen on uncovering what it means "to be human".




The new gen.



  • She is based on Kashiko Sekigai from My Hero Academia appearance wise. Her time skip is taken from Shelter Nr. 7 Girl in One Punch Man.