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Paragon Release
Nature Icon Paragon
Kanji 金剛遁
Romaji Kongōton
Literal English Adamant Style
Clan Kōboku Clan
Nature Type
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Jutsu Adamantine Glider
Chain Barrage — One Inch Finale
Clone Technique: Body Tool Manipulation
Diamond Dust Clone Technique
Gilding Technique
Gilding Technique: Spearmint Scatter Bomb
Hiding in Diamond Dust Technique
Paragon Aegis
Paragon Chakra Mode
Paragon Release: Adamant Grasp Emergence
Paragon Release: Chīsaidōji
Paragon Release: Diamond Rock Rising Catastrophe
Paragon Release: Diamond Rock Rotunda of Magnificent Nothingness
Paragon Release: Magnificent Adamant Blockade
Paragon Release: Quill Shot
Paragon Release: Spearmint Shuriken
Quill-Style: Crystalline Scion
Sage Art: Paragon Release Wisping Chīsaidōji
Known Wielders

Chikara Kōboku

Paragon Release (金剛遁, Kongōton, Viz: Adamant Style) is a nature transformation kekkei keiro, a combination of earth, fire, water and yang. Although having mixed heritage from both the Kōboku Clan and the Sōzō Clan, Paragon Release has only manifested in Chikara Kōboku; some techniques utilized by this advanced nature release use a unique set of hand seals.


At its core, Paragon Release grants its users the ability to materialize near-indestructible chakra infused diamonds in various shapes and sizes, these crystalline structures appear spearmint in color. It’s stated by Chikara as the ultimate defense, even outclassing the impressive durability seen capable in other chakra-based defenses. When using a certain technique, users can cover targets or objects in a crystallized coating of diamonds for protection or trapping purposes. The crystallization process can be somewhat slowed down or outright negated if the target has greater control over their chakra than the user. Moreover, a target who is encased by this technique has the opportunity to shatter the outer adamant shell by focusing a large amount of chakra throughout their body.

This kekkei keiro allows the users to transmute any pre-existing physical matter (more commonly earthen materials) into adamantine structures, this feature extends to any chakra nature with a physical form like Earth Release. Chikara has demonstrated the potential for Paragon Release to counter particular combined nature transformation kekkei genkai such as Ice Release by altering the physical structure into diamonds. Skilled users have shown being capable of emitting an ultra-fine luminous dust-like substance from their mouth or body made of paragon-natured chakra to blind or hide from enemies, this dust can even be used to create shadow clones.

It’s important to note that Paragon Release isn’t capable of transmuting raw chakra natures like Fire Release, this is due to these nature types not possessing a physical form. Paragon Release seems to further push the capabilities of naturally occurring diamonds found in the real world, it was stated by the ability’s progenitor that these adamant creations can easily withstand extreme temperatures of 4,027° Celsius (7,280° Fahrenheit). These crystalline structures are great insulators, the prismatic structures are capable of refracting bolts of lightning-based attacks. When shrouded in the Paragon Chakra Mode, Chikara can absorb lightning-based attacks and redirect them back at the original attacker, making chakra natures like Lightning Release or Storm Release completely ineffective. Paragon Release has exhibited a weakness towards high-frequency sound-based ninjutsu and potent corrosive attacks seen demonstrated by Saiken.


  • It’s theorized that since Chikara has igaku chakra, this is the reason that his diamonds are mint green in color, and why it’s possible to drain an individual's life force through certain techniques. However, although extremely rare, it’s possible for diamonds to naturally adopt a green appearance due to radiation exposure.


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