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Kanji 平和忍
Literal English Peace Shinobi
English TV Peace Ninja
Team Info
Leaders Gender Male.svg Hirotaka Sakamoto
Gender Female.svg Honey B
Members Gender Male.svgRiku Uzumaki
Gender Various.svgYei
Gender Female.svg Akua Yuki
Gender Male.svg Kamei Shirogane
Gender Male.svg Shikakai Nara
Gender Female.svg Sana Momochi
Gender Male.svg Kumo Chinoike
Gender Male.svg Asa Kamizuru
Gender Male.svg Masashi
Gender Female.svg Saya Shirogane
Gender Female.svg Honey B
Gender Male.svg Kō Hyūga
Gender Male.svg Arikurin
Affiliations Tactical Training Division Symbol.png Tactical Training Division
Allied Shinobi Forces Symbol.svg Allied Shinobi Forces
Otogakure ANBU HQ.png Otogakure Anbu
Otogakure Symbol.svg Otogakure
Konohagakure Symbol.svg Konohagakure
Iwagakure Symbol.svg Iwagakure
Kumogakure Symbol.svg Kumogakure
Kirigakure Symbol.svg Kirigakure
Sunagakure Symbol.svg Sunagakure
Team Jutsu
Jutsu Forbidden Sealing Technique: Praying Mantis Dragon Seal
Hidden Peacekeeper Technique: Phantom Energy Blast
Summoning Technique: Praying Mantis

Peacekeepers (平和忍, Heiwa Shinobu, Peace Shinobi) is a group of some of the strongest shinobi who strive to create peace in the world. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, the group was created by Hirotaka Sakamoto to ensure peace in the shinobi world.


Hirotaka's Peacekeepers

Once the Fourth Shinobi World War ended, most people had seen the horrors of what had happened. As a result, Hirotaka Sakamoto created a group known as the Peacekeepers. The purpose of the group was to prevent future wars. In the beginning, the group only consisted of Hirotaka, but soon it grew. At first, it consisted of former Tactical Training Division graduates, but it soon grew to other S-rank shinobi. During the Blank Period, the organization was able to prevent all wars in the shinobi world. They also fought for the Allied Shinobi Forces against opponents during the Blank Period. The group of twelve is most famous for having fought all elite forces of Iwagakure alone to prevent a war between Iwagakure and Kumogakure. This made them widely renowned in the world, and simply the fear was enough to prevent lots of conflict. Although, this also made the group hated in lots of Hidden Villages, Iwagakure especially. They soon became a target for Hidden Rock forces, and were constantly pursued by Anbu and Jōnin units. Soon the group earned their respect back in Iwagakure, after Sunagakure attempted an attack at the defenseless village. The group then once again put their lives on the line to prevent a war, taking down all the Sunagakure attackers. During the Blank Period, the group was also able to eliminate numerous rogue ninja.

Name Gender Status Village of origin
Hirotaka Sakamoto Gender Male.svg Male Survived to next iteration Konohagakure
Riku Uzumaki Gender Male.svg Male Killed by Darui of the Seigi Group Konohagakure
Yei Gender Various.svg Fluid Survived to next iteration Sunagakure
Akua Yuki Gender Female.svg Female Killed herself after being captured by the Seigi Group Kirigakure
Kamei Shirogane Gender Male.svg Male Killed by Sana Momochi Sunagakure
Shikakai Nara Gender Male.svg Male Killed by the Seigi Group Konohagakure
Sana Momochi Gender Female.svg Female Survived to next iteration Kirigakure
Kumo Chinoike Gender Male.svg Male Killed in the battle with Kumogakure Kumogakure
Asa Kamizuru Gender Male.svg Male Killed by the Seigi Group Iwagakure
Masashi Gender Male.svg Male Killed by the Seigi Group Iwagakure
Saya Shirogane Gender Female.svg Female Killed by Sabaku of the Seigi Group Sunagakure
Honey B Gender Female.svg Female Survived to next iteration Kumogakure
Kō Hyūga Gender Male.svg Male Survived to next iteration Konohagakure
Arikurin Gender Male.svg Male Survived to next iteration Otogakure

Honey B's Peacekeepers

After the Blank Period, many members of the group were killed or had committed suicide. The Peacekeepers managed to help the world, but to do so they fought against their own villages for the sake and the lives of everyone in the world. They were all considered missing-nin s-rank shinobi in the bingo book. They were hunted down by their own friends and teachers, and for some the pressure was too much. On top of this, many were killed by hunter-nin and other Jōnin from all five villages, as they are missing-nin. Only six members survived by the end of the Blank Period, and one member from Iwagakure left the organization, but was later killed by an Anbu unit. At the start of the New Era, Hirotaka Sakamoto turned over the position as leader of the organization to Honey B. Under the control of Honey B, the New Era Peacekeepers continued their work, but in the dark. With only half the ninja they originally had, they could not take on the forces they used to. Instead they worked behind the scenes, and often performed silent assassinations or missions. The most notable include eliminating one of Konohagakure's entire Anbu squad of twenty people, who were going on a mission to assassinate the Tsuchikage. On top of this, they managed to defeat the Mizukage and Kazekage, and held the two hostage until they signed an alliance agreeing not to start a war with each other.

Name Gender Status Village of origin
Hirotaka Sakamoto Gender Male.svg Male Retired from the organization Konohagakure
Yei Gender Various.svg Fluid Killed by the Seigi Group Sunagakure
Sana Momochi Gender Female.svg Female Retired from the organization (killed by Seigi Group) Kirigakure
Honey B Gender Female.svg Female Retired from the organization Kumogakure
Kō Hyūga Gender Male.svg Male Retired from the organization Konohagakure
Arikurin Gender Male.svg Male Retired from the organization Otogakure


The Peacekeepers outfit

Most members of the Peacekeepers wear a navy blue shirt with a white and dark red collar. They wear a black robe like garment over the shirt, and they also wear black pants. They also wear black, light shoes so they can move quickly. Some also wear a ninja headband with 平和 (peace) on the forehead, but instead almost all of the Peacekeepers wear a white cat mask. Woman in the group usually wear a red bow in their hair as well. The cat mask represents the nimble ability and speed of a cat, and it also represents the Anbu units that most of the them had left to join the Peacekeepers. The red bow stands for strength, passion, self sacrifice, and blood. The strength shows the raw power of the group. The passion shows how they are willing to maintain peace in the world. The self sacrifice shows how they will put their lives in the line to save the shinobi world from war. The blood represents the sacrifices of people which must be made in order to ensure peace.

Each member of the group also possess different colored lights. On the image to the right, you can see white lights, Akua Yuki's lights. The lights all together symbolize the peace and harmony of every village and country in the world. When a member dies, their lights turn off too.

The lights:

  • Black lights, the lights of Hirotaka Sakamoto
  • Orange lights, the lights of Riku Uzumaki
  • Yellow lights, the lights of Yei
  • White lights, the lights of Akua Yuki
  • Brown lights, the lights of Kamei Shirogane
  • Red lights, the lights of Shikakai Nara
  • Blue lights, the lights of Sana Momochi
  • Gray lights, the lights of Kumo Chinoike
  • Purple lights, the lights of Asa Kamizuru
  • Pink lights, the lights of Masashi
  • Gold lights, the lights of Saya Shirogane
  • Aqua lights, the lights of Honey B
  • Green lights, the lights of Kō Hyūga
  • Violet lights, the lights of Arikurin


Similar to the Akatsuki, the Peacekeepers are split into teams of two. Each team of two is responsible for one of the five hidden villages, and one team is assigned to minor villages. The remaining team consists of the leader who is said to oversee the operations. During the New Era Peacekeepers, there were six teams, although each team only consisted of one member. Once again, each person was responsible for one of the five hidden villages, with one responsible for minor Villages (Otogakure, Amegakure, Hoshigakure, etc.)

Hirotaka Sakamoto & Yei

Hirotaka and Yei were responsible for overseeing the entire operation. When information hinting towards war was discovered, it was reported to this team. If it was serious, they then contacted the other five teams, and had them gather all together. If necessary, the fourteen of them would make a move. Both Hirotaka and Yei survived to the second iteration of the Peacekeepers.

Riku Uzumaki & Shikakai Nara

Riku and Shikakai were responsible for the Village Hidden in the Leaves, or Konohagakure. Both of them originated from Konoha, so they knew lots about the inner workings of the Hidden Leaf. They monitored the village's actions, as well as spying on the kage and anbu units. During the Blank Period, nothing hinting towards war was mentioned within the Hidden Leaf, and the only main mission they carried out was killing rogue shinobi from Konoha. Riku was eventually killed by Darui, and Shikakai was later defeated by Konoha's Anbu.

Akua Yuki & Sana Momochi

Akua and Sana were responsible for the Village Hidden in the Mist, or Kirigakure. Both of came from elite Kiri Anbu units, which made it easier for them to spy on the Hidden Mist. They also observed the kage's actions as well as the actions of the hunter-nin. Nothing major happened in Kirigakure during the Blank Period. The team usually ended up killing rogue shinobi from Kiri as well. They were widely known within the village's hunter-nin, as the two of them have caught more rogue ninja then any of the Kiri Anbu forces. Akua later committed suicide with the help of Yei after killing her best friend, who had gone rogue in Kiri.

Kamei Shirogane & Saya Shirogane

Kamei and Saya were responsible for the Village Hidden in the Sand, or Sunagakure. The two are brother and sister from Suna, which is why they were assigned to the village. After watching the actions of the village, they discovered a plan that the village had to attack Kumogakure. They immediately notified Hirotaka and Yei, and soon the rest of the Peacekeepers gathered. They all killed countless Suna units, until the Hidden Sand agreed not to start a war. Later, it turned out that Kamei was a spy for Suna, and he killed Saya. Later, the Peacekeepers pursued Kamei to make sure he did not give away information about them, and Sana ended up killing Kamei.

Kumo Chinoike & Arikurin

Kumo and Arikurin were responsible for minor villages. Arikurin was from the Hidden Sound, and was able to infiltrate there, and Kumo had been a missing-nin for years, and he had traveled through most minor villages. Due to Arikurin's ability with sound, they could communicate from long distances, making it easier to be in multiple minor villages at once. Kumo is also known to use Flying Thunder God Technique, which allows him to easily go between villages.

Arikurin and Kumo restore the Hoshikage to political power

Arikurin and Kumo were later dispatched to Hosigakure. Akahoshi had escaped from prision and was attempting a second coup d'etat. and to restart star training, known as Mysterious Peacock Method. The 2 went undercover, posing as Hosigakure shinobi in order to gain intel. When they are found, Akahoshi launches an attack and a battle ensues.

The two eventually stop Akahoshi and the Hoshikage agreed to end the star training if the Peacekeepers help to guard it. Agreeing, Kumo and Arikurin return the meteorite to it a secure hiding place. It is sealed by a jutsu in a cave, rested on an eagle claw pedestal.

A (Fourth Raikage) is caught in Arikurin's Genjutsu

Kumo and Arikurin hear rumors of Kumogakure experimenting with Jinchūrikis and are dispatched on a joint mission with Otogakure Anbu. Oto-Anbu begin to extract experiment information related to cloud from the Raikages mind after he is caught in Arikurin's Genjutsu. Not long after, C and Darui arrive because of the commotion. While Arikurin continues to extract information, Kumo Chinoike is forced to stall with his Ketsuryūgan. When they arrived, C launched an attack with his Lightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar technique to blind Arikurin and his team, creating an opening for the Darui to attack. When Darui activated his jutsu, the attack landed on the pillars, causing the ceiling to come crashing down on Anbu, Raikage, Darui and C. In the midst of the chaos, the Fourth Raikage awakens, and while in his Lightning Release Chakra Mode, runs towards the anbu, attacking at maximum speed. Arikurin spins rapidly, and attempts to repel the attack, creating a protective shield using his Sound Release: Vacuum Palm Rotation. A's speed however is too fast, and he is able to pierce through the defense and hits the Anbu members, knocking them all back in various directions. The blowback from massive attack hitting the shield shatters the walls and windows of the office. Kumo later died due to injuries sustained in the battle while Arikurin survived to the next iteration.

Asa Kamizuru & Masashi

Asa and Masashi both originated from Iwagakure, so naturally this was their village. The most notable thing they discovered was that Iwagakure was planning to attack Kumogakure, so they reported this and the Peacekeepers ended up fighting off all of Iwa's forces without backup. This is also what made the group famous. Asa Kamizuru left the organization after the Blank Period, but was eventually tracked down and killed by Iwa Anbu units. Masashi was killed by Iwa Jōnin, although he never actually left the organization.

Honey B & Kō Hyūga

Honey B and Kō were responsible for Kumogakure. Honey B originated from Kumo. Although Kō is from Konoha, the two are married, and also make a great pair in battle. They spied on the village, often focusing on the Tsuchikage's actions. There were not many issues with Kumo during the Blank Period, but again, the two worked to eliminate rogue shinobi from the village. Honey B often also felt torn when Kumo started trouble, as she knew she might have to be the one to stop it. Both Honey B and Kō Hyūga made it to the next iteration of the Peacekeepers.


Like the Akatsuki, in addition to its core members, the Peacekeepers have several affiliates spread across multiple countries. Almost all of them associate only with specific members rather than the entire organization.

  • Kusagakure - Base of operations for the organization
  • Land of Tea - Base of operations for Hirotaka and Yei
  • Otogakure Anbu - The Peacekeepers' connection with Otogakure
  • Ichiro Uchiha - Hirotaka's spy to the Hidden Leaf
  • Rei - Yei's twin brother and spy to the Hidden Sand
  • Himari Momochi - Sana's mother and spy to the Hidden Mist


  • Peacekeepers (平和忍, Heiwa Shinobu) directly translates to Peace Shinobi rather than Peacekeepers
  • The Peacekeepers are sometimes called "The Wielders of One Thousand Shinobi", as legend says each member is able to defeat one thousand elite shinobi alone
  • All of the Peacekeepers are considered S-rank or Kage level
  • All of the members originated from one of the five hidden villages except for Arikurin
  • There is at least one member from each of the five hidden villages in Honey B's Peacekeepers except for Iwagakure
  • Kumo Chinoike is the only Gēnin on the Peacekeepers, as he left Kumogakure before he took the Chūnin exams