This property has the type String. This property should be empty, if it is not then Template:Infobox icon is wasting server resources to check if a page exists when it does, and the template should be updated to reflect so.

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Enlightened Ones Symbol.svg  +
Raika Symbol.svg  +
Kyūdō Symbol.svg  +
Deva Symbol.svg  +
Soeki Symbol.svg  +
Yamagakure Symbol.svg  +
Yamagakure Symbol.svg  +
Nenshou Symbol.svg  +
Nenshou Symbol.svg  +
Hamaro Symbol.svg  +
Nenshou Symbol.svg  +
Kuroboshi Symbol.svg  +
Kuroboshi Symbol.svg  +
Hanabiragakure Symbol.svg  +
Kaneko Symbol.svg  +
Land of Woods Symbol.svg  +
Helixian Symbol.svg  +
Hakkingakure Symbol.svg  +
ANBU Symbol.svg  +, Uchiha Symbol.svg  +
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