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editPure Shiume
(し梅 プレ, Shiume Pure)

  • (The exiled/forgotten - 追放 Tsuihō)
  • (the faceless Phantasm- Noppera-bōjin のっぺらぼう人)
Appears in Anime
Birthdate Janurary 7
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
  • Part I: 24
  • Part II: 26
Height 169.97cm1.7 m <br />5.576 ft <br />66.917 in <br />
Weight 54 kg119.05 lb <br />
Blood type B
Classification Hunter-nin
  • General in Mist interrogation division
  • Jonin sensei (Team Coldsnap)
  • Seven Swordsmen of the Ninja World
Affiliation Kirigakure Symbol.svg Kirigakure
  • Sensor Division
  • Team Miyazuki
  • Team Coldsnap
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Academy Grad. Age 7
Chūnin Prom. Age 9
  • Kojiro Shiume
  • Yua Shiume
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Information scrying through contact with freshwater
  • Genjutsu resiliency
  • Water breathing

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Pure was born to kojiro Shiume and Yua Shiume, two farmers that took refuge in a town along the access route of a major hydroelectric dam and navigable river from bandits. they both ran from their respective towns to this town because it was a known haven for rebels who opposed the land of water daimyos aggressive taxation policy that was the foundation of the classism system in this nation.

As a child Pure lived a mostly happy life. he would frequently play in the woods or on top of the large hydroelectric with the other children of the village. he was often the de facto leader of the group of children due to his quick decision making skills and his take charge personality. one day while he and the other children were playing games on top of the hydro electric damn, they were ambushed by the same group of bandits that had previously ran his parents from their homes 9 years ago. the bandits strangled the children on top of the damn, with Pure included. one by one they threw the children's bodies from the top of the dam, but Pure wasn't dead just unconscious. a bandit drug his body to the edge but last minute he regained his consciousness and kicked the guy in the face which allowed him to break free and make a hasty escape back to the town.

Back in the town Pure tried to warn the civilians but it was too late. a large explosion and deafening crack and then a roar could be heard all through the small fishing village. Pure looked up in horror as thousands of gallons of water rushed into the subsequent valley below. at the very last second Pure's father ,Kojiro, Used a water style move to send him hurling through several buildings into an noticeably high embankment where he would be safe from the tsunami wave.

Now orphaned, Pure wandered the woods for two years until he ran across Kirigakure shinobi who brought him back to the village for safety. Normally the hidden mist has a policy against adopting orphans as village resources tend to dwindle. but when pure was presented to the Mizukage, he made the decision to let him stay based purely on the tattoo on his face that was implanted by his town leaders when he was young. the Mizukage recognized it as the mark of Shiodamari ( Lit. Tidepools 潮溜まり) which is a hidden ninjutsu that allows a user to gain information about things in the water simply by touching the same body of water, allows them to breather underwater, and allows them to turn their hands and feet into webbed versions for free movement underwater, but he also aptly noted that half of the half the kanji was incomplete and that pure could probably only activate half the technique.


Pure is often portrayed as quick witted and rational. His calm analyzation of every situation frequently leads him to produce possible outcomes to scenarios that most people would think about. Pure is also known to be introverted at times, not preferring the company of many people. While he is in battle and using the Artificial seven Mist sword"Kaimuyume" his demeanor completely shift. he becomes chaotic and inconscient of allies around him, trying to achieve his goal at all cost. if wielded long enough Pure will start to behave insane or rabidly, lost in a world of delusion and paranoia.


Pure is a medium sized man with washed periwinkle colored hair and hazel eyes. his slim and slender build along with his flowing hair and angular features always makes people mistaken him for a lot younger than he actually is. . he frequently wears his hair pinned back in a loose hanging ponytail although when his personality shift his hair becomes noticeably more messier. Pure has a navy blue tattoo under his right eye that is reminiscent of how water whirls in a whirlpool. He says it is customary in his village back in the land of water but it is really to hide the secrets of his town.


Pure is proficient in water style, Kenjutsu, and Genjutsu. with water style techniques he aims for pinpoint precision attacks to target vital acupuncture points in the body for quick takedowns. water spirit wave has been coined as his " bread and butter technique" as its the one he's most proficient with. he hates the use of the villages most noted jutsu " Hidden mist" as he feels like its a waste of chakra because of its indiscriminate nature and lack of potent killing power.


Pure is a skilled Sword user. he's so skilled that he was able to disarm 15 colleagues in a small office space by just wielding the sword between his thumb and index finger. this skill was enough for him to be considered for the candidacy for the " Reformation of the Hidden mist ninja swordsmen" Group and eventually he became the wielder of the artificial seventh sword " The whispering Dao - Sea fog's Dreamscape ( 海霧夢 Kaimuyume) "

Kaimuyume- The artifical Seven mist sword

Kaimuyume (Lit. Sea fog Dreamscape) has chosen Pure as its wielder.


Pure is shown to have a extremely high proficiency in Genjutsu. He was able to recognize an allies chakra being disrupted through a high level Genjutsu from several rooms over, almost 20 meters away and was able to use his water scrying ability to transfer his chakra through a pipping system in order to release it. He's also been noted to be able delay the activation of Sharingan based Genjutsu for a few seconds, which was long enough for him to relay information to an ally before successfully succumbing to it. Since his sword is also Genjutsu based there's no way to tell whether or not his Genjutsu resiliency and potency is actually his, but Pure has preformed Genjutsu feat such as casting a sound based Genjutsu off the empty piping system of a building when he wasn't wielding the sword in hand , suggesting that it is indeed his own.


  • Due to his sword Pure is known to have bouts of insanity induced amnesia, Depersonalized or derealization disorder, and Dissociative amnesia.
  • Shiume (死梅) means "Death plum"; like all members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen (excluding Raiga), the surname is derived from a type of produce.