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Rōtasumāku on first thoracic vertebrae.png
Kanij ロータスマーク
Rōmaji Rōtasumāku
Viz Manga Mark of the Lotus
Clan Shunsoku Clan Symbol.png Shunsoku Clan
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Jutsu Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Nature Type Chakra Flow
Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang Release
Known Wielders
Raikō Shunsoku
Toshirō Shunsoku
Shindō Shunsoku
Thunder Dance

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The Rōtasumāku (ロータスマーク, viz meaning: Mark of the Lotus, Literally meaning: Lotus Mark) is a kekkei genkai of the Shunsoku Clan that appears only among its male members. Much like the Byakugan, the Rōtasumāku is present at birth; however, like the Sharingan, one must go through intense physical and emotional/psychological trauma to activate it. Once awakened, it permanently grants the user vast amounts chakra at a consistent rate throughout their tenketsu chakra network, making chakra control needlessly difficult but augmenting their vitality to the same degree as an Uzumaki. The clan is very secretive with their two precious kekkei genkai — the Rōtasugan and the Rōtasumāku.


The Rōtasumāku’s origins is an S-rank secret, but it is well-known that it is inherited by only one X chromosome. Males have only an X and Y, therefore, only male clan members can use the kekkei genkai, whereas female clan members only carry the genes necessary to pass it on to future male clan members, but the extra X chromosome prevents them from using the kekkei genkai. When a male Shunsoku is born, the mark is present at birth, remains inactive. Only by going through intense emotional trauma can the mark activate.


It is located on the first thoracic vertebra, or the base of the neck. Against Neji Hyūga, even his clan’s Jūken failed to defeat him as the Rōtasumāku effortlessly restored Shindō’s tenketsu chakra system and stamina. It can even negate the chakra of another of equal or weaker intensity like when Shindō stopped and dispelled Neji’s Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven in its tracks before defeating him with a knockout chop to the neck. According to Hiashi, the Shunsoku clan was a foiled the Hyūga’s Gentle Fist and said that Hyūgas are naturally born strong with their dōjutsu; however, once a male Shunsoku clan member (Shindō in this instance) awakens their Rōtasumāku the odds of any Hyūga defeating a Shunsoku is close to impossible.

At a certain age, a male Shunsoku will be trained on how to control and master the mark to perfection, becoming a valuable asset in their repertoire. The time varies upon the practitioner, but it is typically one to two years. Shindō, however, was able to begin mastering it in less than a month after receiving Orochimaru’s Cursed Seal of Earth and a couple of scrolls of advanced chakra control exercises given by Kakashi Hatake. He was able to greatly limit and even mix the Sannin’s evil chakra into his own, creating a deadly combination that enhanced his physical abilities to superhuman levels, as mentioned by Sakon and the rest of the Sound Four who were impressed with the boy’s ingenuity.

The mark’s properties makes the user a near-unstoppable opponent, and grants the user even bijū levels of strength, power, and magnitude like when Toshirō effortlessly contended the complete Nine-Tailed Demon Fox by grabbing one of its tails and throwing it out of the village with raw unbridled strength before subduing it long enough until Minato teleported all of them away to a safe location for the beast to be sealed again. The Rōtasumāku is what earned Toshirō the infamous nickname Konoha’s Tailed Beast Without a Tail to the other five elemental villages. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, much like his father, Shindō earned the moniker Konoha’s Second Tailed Beast Without a Tail.


If one is not trained in how to use the mark correctly, the Rōtasumāku will pump out vast amounts of chakra without end. This makes suppressing one’s chakra and all chakra control exercises from difficult or to near impossible to master. Also, the Rōtasumāku does not activate until its user experience significant psychological and emotional trauma like witnessing the death of loved ones and/or going through a powerful and debilitating genjutsu.

Shindō Shunsoku, for example, was put under Itachi’s Tsukuyomi which awakened his Rōtasugan then getting stabbed fatally in the stomach. This caused the Rōtasumāku to pump a massive amount of chakra throughout every tenketsu in his chakra system, overloading his body. Because of this, and with no prior training in using either one of his clan’s two kekkei genkai, he was barely able to move and was drifting into unconsciousness, but not before helping a semi-conscious Sasuke out and hearing from Itachi how he and Sasuke could avenge their families.

Due to constant chakra delivery, all forms of chakra control is very difficult for even a Jōnin-level Shunsoku Clan member like Toshirō himself. Also, chakra control was something he worked the most on throughout his remaining four years with Sasuke at the Academy. After receiving the Cursed Seal of Earth from Orochimaru at the Forest of Death, and some further training from the Sannin upon leaving Konoha behind for three years, he was able to control the Rōtasumāku perfectly, able to hide his chakra signature and even several ninjutsu techniques with few hand signs.


Main article: Koutetsu

Koutetsu (甲鉄, Literal Meaning: Armor) is a nintaijutsu in which a perpetual chakra mode around the user’s body is created from the Rōtasumāku and is used for ninjutsu and taijutsu combat itself. With training and strong mental fortitude, this technique is powerful enough to match the physical might of the Fourth Raikage and the user can control, manifest, and activate it at will without hand seals.

Main article: Kyōka-tai

Kyōka-tai (強化体, Literal Meaning: Reinforcement Body) is the act of harnessing the chakra provided by the Rōtasumāku and channeling it through one’s physiology, augmenting all forms of physical attack to monstrous levels; however, it greatly taxes the user after prolonged use unless they undergo intensive physical training to overcome this weakness. Shindō used it successfully against Neji Hyūga, but it failed against Itachi Uchiha and the Sound Four.

Main article: Thunder Dance

The Thunder Dance (サンダーダンス, Sandādansu) is the is a form of taijutsu requiring a vast amount of chakra—specifically a vast amount granted the Rōtasumāku—to perform and master it. It was first invented by Raikō Shunsoku, the founder of the Shunsoku clan, using both the mark and Rōtasugan to make a taijutsu technique to rival that of all five Kage and even contend with Tailed Beasts.


  • The Shunsoku clan’s Rōtasumāku is widely feared by the entire Hyūga clan since their Gentle Fist is useless against any of its members because of the mark, in addition to their dōjutsu.
  • The Shunsoku clan earned the moniker Clan of Tailed Beasts Without a Tail from the whole world after learning about how they used their kekkei genkai to help the Shodaime Hokage of Konohagakure and Madara Uchiha subdue all nine Tailed Beasts to redistribute them as powerful weapons to several Hidden Villages in the hope of ensuring peace and a balance of power across the world. Because of their help, the Senjus and Uchihas revered the Shunsoku but were greatly feared and distrusted by the Hyūgas and weaker shinobi clans in Konohagakure.