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Rainbow Release
Rainbow Beam Release
Kanji 虹遁
Rōmaji Kōton
Literal English Rainbow Release
English TV Spectrum Style
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Kekkei Tōta, Ninjutsu
Basic Natures
Known Wielders


Rainbow Release (虹遁, Kōton, Viz: Spectrum Style) is a high-level element Kekkei Tōta, a superior version of kekkei genkai, which is created through synchronous method through the essential element of Water (水遁, Suiton) and the liquefaction of the primary element Lightning (雷遁, Raiton) and the Yang (陽遁, Yōton) element, whichever makes it the Kekkei Tōta.

The Kōton, allow the user to manipulate pre-existing streams through water particles to generate powerful colored radiation emissions or create their own, by turning their chakra into the light. It takes some significant higher experience to create the light outside the body than to manipulate what is already available.

To perform Rainbow Release, the user accumulates an organic light, out of chakra in the body. The chakra launches a powerful light-energy beam once released by the user and moves incredibly fast; anything that caught it (or that is passed through it) is tremendously exploded due to high-speed light.

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