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editRakon Nara
(Rakon Nara)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 18
Gender Gender Male Male
Blood type A
Clan Nara Symbol Nara Clan
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Nature Type

Rakon Nara (ラコノ 奈良, Nara Rakon)








Rakon has high chakra levels, higher than most shinobi however, his levels are not high enough to be a threat to a Sage or Jinchuriki and his chakra is otherwise nothing special. Like all Nara, he is able to use Yin-Yang Release but has not shown to be able to use any other release though he makes up for that with his unique ability to use his techniques a little longer and more than others which has given some the arguement that just being able to use the Nara Clan techniques longer means he has special chakra.


Since he mostly uses long range combat to defeat his foes, Rakon only trained to be proficent incase he did need to defend himself or another in close combat. Although it is rare for him to engage in close combat, he trains daily to keep up his proficency incase the day does arrive and is always trying to come up with new Taijutsu strategies to defeat those more skilled than him.


Although his power with Ninjutsu is average, Rakon is believed to be able to preform almost any Yin-Yang Release technique with intense skill and ease. Because of his high chakra reserves, he is able to use his techniques more often than a normal Nara clan member and for a little longer than average but can't go past it's other limits.

Even though he has large amounts of chakra reserves, some of his techniques can be very taxing so he learned chakra absorption techniques and became adept at it however, he can't go past his normal max amount of chakra.

Unfortunately, he has no skill in barrier ninjutsu, medical ninjutsu or other similar Yin-Yang Release techniques however, he does have average skill with the Shadow Clone Technique.


Although he has Yin-Yang release, Rakon exceptionally weak with Genjutsu, only succeeding in preforming a technique twenty percent of the time however, he is able to fool even the most talented sensory types into believing illusions is reality though exceptionally powerful sensory types like Jinchuriki and Sages are not effected.


Like all members of the Nara clan, Rakon is extremely intelligent, being able to plan more than twenty moves ahead within a few moments and is exceptionally clever, even for a member of his clan. On many occasions he has proven to outsmart even the most experienced tactians of Kohona in games like Shogi as well as in battle.

He has been hailed as probably the most intelligent member of the clan to have been born however, his intelligence is about average when it comes to most otherr things though he is an excellent student, always getting top grades.

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