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Strangle Oasis by AquaSixio7E0

Hayato finds Sigma resting in the forest.

A few days passed, after Sigma had taken on the Jūbi, and gain some-what control over his power. "The Northern Frontier seems mighty peaceful today." Sigma stated as he layed down, and gazed at the beautiful blue sky. "Pa Madara, is just amazing! As well as grandma Iname." Sigma stated as he closed his eyes.

Hayato Shin is within the Northern Frontier. Konohagakure's Hokage had sent him on mission; should the frontier's people be friendly, a possible alliance will take place. While jumping from tree to tree, he'd ponder;

"Goodness... I just want Sasuke to die... I want him to die soo bad! Gosh!"

He'd continue roaming the forest. As he does so, he'd think even more,

"Naruto and Sasuke make me feel weak. Naruto is always saving the day... Sasuke's infamy is what makes him famous. Why can't I be recognized, too?!"

That's when he comes across Sigma, whom happened to be relaxing in the forest. Hayato was astonished; Sigma's features... his hair... attitude. It all resembled an Uchiha's.

"Oh- Oh my goodness! Is that an Uchiha?! I thought that the Uchiha all died..!! Damn them all!"

Hayato lands a few yards away from Sigma...

"Hey! Hey you!"

He'd think to himself...

"Now's my chance. If I fight this guy... I'll take one of his eyes. Fuck the leaf. Fuck all of the people in it. I'm done with that idiot village."

Sigma continued laid upon the ground, but opened one eye, and say another shinobi standing in the distance. "When can I ever have a chill day?" Sigma asked as he stood up. On his back, there was a crest of the Uchiha on it. "How may I help you today?" Sigma asked, already annoyed that his perfect day was disturbed.

"... I'm a rouge ninja. I want to destroy the motherfuckin' Leaf... The bitches killed Deidara-kun... Sadly, I'm gonna need a Sharingan for that."

Hayato's only implanted Byakugan is activated. He'd keep observe Sigma's chakra circulatory network.

"Here's the deal. I'll fight you. If I win, I won't kill you... I'll simply take one of your eyes. I might join your village, too."

He'd continue.

"If I, however, lose... You can kill me, or make me your subordinate. You chose. Let's just hope you're the merciful type."

Closing his eyes, he'd lightly giggle. His happy expression suddenly shifts into that of a serious facade upon opening his eyes.

Hayato keeps his sights on Sigma, with-list gathering chakra throughout his body.

He'd begin to have second thoughts;

"This Uchiha's chakra network is staggering. It's a good thing I've got this Byakugan... Whatever you do, Hayato... Don't look at his eyes. If some sort of Genjutsu is casted, I'll see through it with my Byakugan. Then, I'll release it."

"Hmph... You Uchiha are all OVERPOWERED BITCHES!"

Keeping his eyes on Sigma's body, he'd take a fighting stance.

Sigma pointed at Hayato. "You're a nuisance." Sigma stated as he appeared behind him. Sigma then attempted a chop on the neck.

"He actually thinks I'm an idiot!"

Utilizing the chakra he had been building up, he'd focus it down to his legs, thus, greatly augmenting his strength. He had kept up with Sigma's speed through the use of the Byakugan.... As if it were an instant, Hayato ducks, and sends a power-packed trip-kick towards Sigma's ankles, in attempt to bring him down to the floor - all when he appeared.

"Itachi used that "finger trick"... Back when I fought his clone along side Chiyō and the others. That idiotic genjutsu can't fool me."



When Hayato kick Sigma's ankles his body broke up in to black eagles, and began flocking around to easily distracting Hayato. Sigma pulled his blade from his back. "Now shall we begin, if you can see me."

Weaving a few hand-signs, he'd once again build up chakra. This time, however, explosive chakra is being charged and moulded.

"Kingdom of Hearts Jutsu!"

Hayato takes a deep-breath, and unleashes several hundred explosive hearts into the area. They each come to contact with the eagles, and the land around the technique's radius. Coming into contact with all of these "surfaces", a gigantic explosion is unleashed.

Co-ordinated, he'd use Fuyō to float into the air. In doing so, he'd escape all of this calamity.

"What such pity?" Sigma stated, as he placed his Samehada behind his back, and pulled out of Gunbai. Next he swung it with great force and blew all the smoke and other things away. Activating his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, Sigma began to focus on Hayato. Hayato's body then began to deteriorate.

With a combination of the Byakugan's visual powers and his very own speed, he'd swiftly escape the portal's path; the Byakugan had caught on to the sudden build up of chakra infront of him.


Landing behind him, he'd conjure up chakra above his palm. While Sigma stays focused on the portal, Hayato sends the explosive heart right for his back.

Using his Chakra Smelling Technique, Sigma scoped out Hayato from behind him. Unable to move due to the use of the Kamui, Sigma place one of his hands towards his shadow, and chakra traveled towards it. In a instance the shadow arose and stood back to back with Sigma. The shadow slowly began taking all the physical and mental features of Sigma. And with a certain utilization, the shadow sent the heart back towards Hayato.

Hayato smirks. His reflexes are rather sharp. His explosive hits the shadow. Much to his advantage, he'd use the blast as leverage to add some distance between the two. Landing with a backflip, Hayato is staring at Sigma's back; he is a few yards behind him.

Hayato would think to himself:

"All of these Uchiha are overpowered lucky charms. They all suck. Sasuke sucks. Itachi can kiss my ass. I just can't wait for all of them to die!"

Hayato begins weaving hand-signs... Chakra begins to ignite throughout his body, thus, augmenting his senses even more and vamping up a cloak of pink chakra.

"You must really hate yourself..."

Hayato takes a fighting stance.

Regaining composure, Sigma turns and faces Hayato. "You claim we're overpowered, yet you want my eyes." Sigma concluded. With the snap of his fingers, Sigma's shadow stood tall once again. "Yet again you're right. Most of us are overachievers. Most of em' are dicks." Sigma placed his hands as if he were shooting a bow and arrow. "But me." black arrows began to form. "I'm a hunter..." Sigma fired Six arrows towards Hayato all aiming for vital points.

"I myself, look for the downfall of any pure Uchiha" He then fired another one towards Hayato's feet.

Effortlessly, he'd dodge them all with incredible speed. Appearing behind him in almost an instant, he'd send a punch, which is full of fashion and form, towards Sigma's back, attempting to send him towards the arrows.

As Sigma was sent flying, he phased through the arrows. While still flying, Sigma weaved one-handed seals, so fast that even the naked eye could keep up with. "Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation" A violent wall of flames traveled quickly towards, Hayato. Sigma then smashed his gunbai to the ground, and flipped over it, stopping the force in which he had been sent flying. Once again Sigma used his Kamui.

Hayato, once again, appears behind him with incredible speed. Chakra is being built up within his body. Having appeared a few feet above him, he'd send down a power-pakced kick - one which is headed right for his very head.

Hayato ponders:

"That stupid intangibility... Obito used it. Hmph. I know just how to counter it.."

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