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Reikaigakure (霊界隠れの里;Reikai no Sato;Lit. meanin "The Village hidden in the spiritual World;Viz Hidden Spiritual Land) is a Hidden Village of the Land Of Wisdom. It was a newly formed village that despite having objection had a leader known as Chiekage. This village was founded by Kiba Uchiha who is currently the only Chiekage of the village.




Kiba Uchiha and Ikigai in their travels came across a Land that was ruled by a tyrant king, with the help of the local's Kiba decided to kill the Tyrant. Succeeded in his mission, Kiba freed a young Meiro Uzumaki who was the leader of the small group of the village that had opposed Tyrant King and was held captive by him. With Meiro, Kiba set up law and order in the Land and set up a military camp. He built the Village to provide necessary facilities for the shinobi. Thus the Village rose into existence.

War against Sunagakure

Soon after the founding of Reikaigakure, the neighboring Village of Sunagakure, found a threat in its existence, decided to eradicate the village and launched a three successive wars against the Village. Reikaigakure despite winning all the three wars, found itself unstable and ready to collapse.

Neo Akatsuki Invasion

In order to increase the stability of the land and increase its income, Kiba Uchiha decided to enter into an agreement with Hakkingakure and Gingagakure, which also allowed then to join the Allied Village Forces, though has a subsidy, they had to grant some land to build the HQ.



Military Unit