Revered Paths of the Consecrated Blood Grail
Kanji 尊い道の血の聖域聖杯
Rōmaji Tōtoidō no Chi no Seiikiseihai
Literal English Revered Paths, Blood of the Consecrated Grail
Viz manga Revered Paths, Hallowed Blood Grail
Other Consecrated Blood Grail Creating Revered Paths
Appears in Anime, Manga
  • Rashoujin
  • Majikina
  • Hara
  • Wukong
  • Kibagami
  • Yagami
  • Senryo
  • Hanafusa
  • Kogetsu
  • Odagiri
Known Wielders

"Those souls who involve themselves in the service of maintaining the physical path of these appointed Stations of Light, become transducers of that vibration themselves. Further, in submitting to this process of service, so each individual involved will undergo his / her own deep inner experience with their destinies. One must sacrifice their old paths to realize the new. No further truth shall be spoken in regards to the most sacred path, a path who's existence stems from beyond the realm of comprehension."
The World Teacher

Reveredpath Revered Paths Reveredpath

~Theme of SahaTo

Revered Paths of the Consecrated Blood Grail ( 尊い道の血の聖域聖杯, Tōtoidō no Chi no Seiikiseihai), is considered the primogenitor for the sacred paths displayed by, Heavenly Sovereign and his disciples. The origin of the Revered Paths of the Consecrated Blood stems from a unutterable truth, the creation of destiny. This destiny is a force of imperious will and is a concept that is singularity exalted and sagacious. The teachings of the Temple of Thesmosphoros for the Revered Path of procreation was called the Red Road, or Path of the Red Stone. Their name for direct infusion of Grail consciousness into the genetic stream was known as the White Road, or Path of the White Stone. The White Stone is similar in principle to the Philosopher's Stone, and in its most ancient understanding represents a 'gleaming or 'shining' pillar of manifest Spirit; that is; Spirit turned outwardly into the manifest world without any violation of its Spirit's higher truth. Little did they know that each color within the physical grail represented not only ethereal concepts but traits attributed to the inheritors of the Revered Paths.


Buddha Realm

Buddha Realm (如来部, Nyorai-bu)

Adamantine Realm

Adamantine Realm (金剛部, Kongōbu)

Lotus Realm

Lotus Realm (蓮華部, Rengebu)