editRisa Tanaka
(里沙田中, Tanaka Risa)

  • The Puppet Princess
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Birthdate Astrological Sign Cancer July 1
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 16
Blood type A
Team Taka
Clan Tanaka Clan
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 14500

I lost everything; my family, my team-mates, my house, people's respect towards me. But now I'm in a better place with better people and a better life. So if you're going to ruin my fun, I'm gonna ruin yours.

-Talking to Naruto before they battle

Risa Tanaka is a missing kunoichi from Sunagakure.



Risa is a serious girl. She shows dislikes to jokes and pranks as she finds them a waste of time and pointless. She's quite tough and doesn't like waiting for long. She hardly smiles or laughs. She is sometimes sarcastic, but is never rude and cold towards people she knows well. She's quite clever and harshly dislikes the lack of smartness in people. Deep inside, Risa is caring and helpful as she cares for most people she knows. She is very curious at times and is very good at hiding things. But she is quite impatient after a long period of time of waiting and has short temper sometimes. She's very strong and skilled, she dislikes annoying and whiny people.


Risa has light orange hair and pale green eyes. She has a very light skin tone and she's the height of Suigetsu.