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Kanji 旅行隠れの里
Rōmaji Ryōkogakure no Sato
Literal English The Village Hidden in Travel
English TV Hidden Travelling Village
Village Data
Symbol Ryokogakure
Population 2/5
Military 3/5
Economy 5/5
Ryokogakure Symbol

Ryokogakure Village Symbol, A Steel Shuriken

Ryōkogakure (旅行隠れの里, The Village Hidden by Travel, English TV: The Caravan Hidden in Movement) is made up of a large fleet of merchant caravans, travelling from country to country for trade. Ryōkogakure was founded by the Hitotsuyanagi Clan, and most of its inhabitants are either born or married into the clan. The travelling village, due to their small numbers, often stay in one of the Seven Minka of Sin, large traditional manors built by the village in each of the Five Great Shinobi Countries.


The village was founded far prior to the Warring States Period, though it wasn't considered a hidden village at that time. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Land of Ancestors, the previous home of the Hitotsuyanagi Clan, Ashina Hitotsuyanagi, the first Hitotsuyanagi Clan Leader, chose to take on a life of travel with her clan. Thus, they began trading silver-goods made using their Kekkei Genkai, Steel Release. As more people started joining the clan, the fleet's population swelled with time.

Though most of the village specialises in business and trade, a smaller fraction train as ninja to protect the village and/or bring more wealth into Ryōkogakure. Both the merchants and the ninja of the village helped the village bloom during the Warring States Period, selling weapons or acting as Mercenary Ninja for hire. This wealth caused the Hitotsuyanagi Clan elders at the time to become more money-oriented, thus leading to the founding of the clan's very own Academy.

Overtime, Ryōkogakure began stabilising as more systems were created, and the village began pumping out a steady flow of its very own ninja, slowly becoming recognised as a hidden village.

Academies and Bases


Hitotsuyanagi Clan

Hitotsuyanagi Symbol

Main article: Hitotsuyanagi Clan The Hitotsuyanagi Clan (一柳一族, Hitotsuyanagi Ichizoku) are a clan of travelling merchants, widely known for their high-grade weapon-crafting skills. As the founders of Ryōkogakure, the Hitotsuyanagi make up nearly all of the population, with a few exceptions.

Araya Clan


Main article: Araya Clan The Araya Clan (新家一族, Araya Ichizoku) are a small clan from Kumogakure, known for their powerful Moon Release Kekkei Genkai. Some clan members, after leaving the village as Mercenary Ninjas, joined the Ryōkogakure fleet after Sumiko Araya married into the Hitotsuyanagi Clan.

Uchiha Clan

Uchiha Symbol

Main article: Uchiha Clan The Uchiha Clan (うちは一族, Uchiha Ichizoku) is one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure, reputed to be the village's strongest because of their Sharingan and natural battle prowess. Only a handful of Uchiha have ever married into the Hitotsuyanagi Clan, with the most current being Hazuki Uchiha, who married Kentaro Hitotsuyanagi.

Rinha Clan

The Rinha Clan 凛葉 (Rinha Ichizoku) was a clan that specialised in medical ninjutsu and were so proficient that they, during past wars, were targeted by shinobi from other countries, seeking to obtain their techniques. In wake of the Third Shinobi War, many Rinha clan members settle into Ryōko, working as instructors of Medical Ninjutsu, or hired as Medic-nins.

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