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  • Kirai
  • The Mysterious Uchiha
  • Thousand Eyed Ryuk
  • Ryuk of the Sharingan
  • Demon Eye Kirai
  • Black Reaper
  • Crimson Eyed Shinigami
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 36 (Presumed Deceased)
Blood type A
Kekkei Genkai
Occupation Villain
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Clan Uchiha Symbol Uchiha Clan
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Pseudo Immortal
  • 360 Degree Vision
  • Various Sharingan
  • Regenerative Abilities

Ryuk Uchiha is a surviving member of the Uchiha Clan that belonged to Konohagakure. Once a shinobi that sought to establish peace and ease the tensions between the Leaf and his clan hoping for the two to get along, all of that changed when he discovered not only was the Leaf going to exterminate the Uchiha, but they were going to use an Uchiha to do it, Itachi Uchiha. Ryuk went to the village elders including the Third Hokage and pleaded that there must be another solution, but due to the ill timing and disappearance of Shisui Uchiha, Ryuk was to late. On the evening of the day of the massacre Ryuk made it his plan to warn his brethren to flee, but was stopped by one of Danzō's secret Root members Ishi of the Lava Release, during their fight it was suspected that Ryuk had died but he in fact survived and was rescued by an elderly Uchiha who was part of a secret faction of the Uchiha that devoutly followed the will of Indra. After sometime in recovery, Ryuk secretly returned to the Uchiha quarters in the Leaf to find that none of his brethren had survived the massacre including his own family. Filled with the rage and despair of his loss he returned to the old man to be trained and to carry out revenge for his clan and the revival of Indra himself.


Ryuk Uchiha was born into the well-known and powerful Uchiha Clan of Konohagakure. From a young age Ryuk displayed amazing talent as a shinobi and a member of the Uchiha Clan. At the mere age of 6, Ryuk awoke his Sharingan and was already learning various B-rank Fire Release techniques. After graduating from the village academy at the age of 7, Ryuk became chūnin right out of the academy and enrolled himself in Konoha's medical faction to learn to become a Medic-nin. Ryuk excelled greatly with the help of his Sharingan and his raw talent, learning complicated medical procedures and techniques. By age 11 Ryuk had become a well known and respected jōnin within both the village and his clan, but even with his effort things continued to go downhill.

Soon things would get messy when only 1 year later the Nine-Tails attacked Konoha, to which the Uchiha Clan was blamed for the incident. High tensions and distrust began to arise among the villagers and the Uchiha Clan, leading to brawls and mistreatment. Ryuk among all this worked to prevent any wrongful disturbances between the Leaf and his clan. Shisui Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha two other well respected shinobi were meeting in secret to help settle the disputes and asked Ryuk if he would be willing to help them, without hesitation Ryuk decided to help pleading to his fellow clan members and the villagers that this distrust is destroying the bond that Madara and Hashirama worked so hard for, but few listened to his words. Then it was decided that Shisui would take more stringent actions by placing Fugaku Uchiha, the clan leader under his genjutsu, Kotoamatsukami to sway his choice and work with the Leaf to promote peace rather than a coup d'tat. Ryuk was told by Shisui to go to the meeting so that nothing looked suspicious, so Ryuk attended the meeting, while the events between Danzō and Shisui unfolded. Itachi did not mention Shisui's death to Ryuk leaving him in the dark. Ryuk then found out about the disappearance of Shisui leading him to question Itachi, but Itachi gave him no answers. As things progressed and were getting worse as the coup d'tat, Ryuk took actions into his own hands and requested and audience in front of the Hokage and the Village Elders to which he pleaded and argued that there had to be an alternative solution to settle this dispute. However, because of the disappearance of Shisui Uchiha, and the little amount of time left to do anything about the coup d'tat with it nearing, the elders and the Hokage turned Ryuk away, telling him that nothing could be done. Not believing what he was hearing especially from the Hokage, Ryuk got a look in his eye and Danzō noticed it. "You can either side with Konoha, or die with your clan", said Danzō as he peered at Ryuk with discontent. "DANZO, THAT'S ENOUGH", shouted Hiruzen. Ryuk then left the room.

In order to stop any interference with his plans to wipe out the Uchiha Clan, Danzō sent one of his best Root agents Ishi of the Lava Release, to intercept and kill Ryuk before he could interfere with the massacre. A large battle unfolded between Ryuk and Ishi ultimately ending with Ryuk sustaining massive bodily damage with severe wounds and melted flesh. Ishi believing he was dead from being swallowed by a plume of Lava, left and returned to Danzō to give him the new of Ryuk's death. Ryuk however, in fact survived and was saved by another surviving member of the Uchiha Clan who lived on the outskirts of the village. An Uchiha by the name of Taka, an old man who was a scholar of the Uchiha Clan holding vast amounts of knowledge of clan techniques and history and also a follower of the Will of Indra, and apart of a secret faction who planned on reviving Indra to restore and revive the Uchiha to greater heights. Taka had been experimenting with Zetsu and had parts of Zetsu implemented onto Ryuk to save his life. At that moment Ryuk's only desire was to see his family, but Taka warned him that if he goes there would be only dispair, knowing he wouldn't be able to change Ryuk's mind Taka sent his son Kanzaki Uchiha with him to make sure that Ryuk remained safe.

When the arrived to the Uchiha living quarters it was in shambles, bloodstains littered the walls and streets, and body outlines of his clan members were scattered around everywhere. Ryuk and Kanzaki slowly walked through the quarters when Ryuk stopped in front of what was his home. Ryuk went inside to find things destroyed and his mother and fathers' bloodstains in the living room, but when he went into his little sister and brother's room he founded that they had been also killed which tore Ryuk apart as he fell to knees and began crying, his emotions of sorrow and despair swelled furiously inside of him, and he walked outside with tears dripping down his face and it began to rain hard, Ryuk stood in front of Kanzaki with his head down. "Ryuk, I'm...I'm sorry", Kanzaki said in an truly empathetic manner. "You, have nothing to be sorry about Kanzaki, you did not do this, Itachi did, Konoha did", Ryuk replied with his head still down. Ryuk began to rise his head and stare up towards the crying sky with his eyes closed and the rain pouring down on his face. "Ryuk, maybe we should go", said Kanzaki. Ryuk then opened his eyes revealing that he had just awoken his Mangekyō Sharingan. An astonished look swept over Kanzaki's face, "". "Ryuk? No, Ryuk is dead, he no longer exists only hate remains, only sorrow, I will be reborn as Kirai (嫌い/Hate), and I will not rest until all of those responsible for our clan's suffering know what true hate feels like", Ryuk proclaimed calmly. "Let's return to your father, I believe he has some training for me", said Ryuk. "Of course", replied Kanzaki.

They returned to Taka in which Ryuk and Kanzaki were trained by Taka in the ancient techniques of the Uchiha Clan and to prepare for their plans to revive Indra. A few years later after the war Ryuk and Kanzaki have been secretly locating Uchiha survivors and recruiting them to their cause. Recently, Ryuk has joined the newly reborn Akatsuki, who he found out that Danzō Shimura an elder of the village was revived and is now the leader of the organization. Ryuk joined in order to close in an kill Danzō eventually. Currently with Danzō fighting Sasuke, Ryuk is on his way to their battle so that he can kill two birds with one stone by killing them both. Ryuk wishes to take revenge on Itachi by killing Sasuke and his niece Sarada.


Before his battle with Ishi of the Lava Release, Ryuk had short black that hung over his face. He wore an cloth-like head band and wore a cloth-like cloak around his body which he typically wore when travelling as a medic. Ryuk also wore a long-sleeved black shirt and shoes with gray colored pants.

After his fight with Ishi, Ryuk sustained heavy damage most of his skin had been burned off and sustained heavy scarring and 3rd degree burns. When he was rescued by Taka, he used the skin graphs of a white zetsu to be used as the new skin of Ryuk, which is why Ryuk now has a pale white appearance and can use Healing Power and Wood Release. During this process Ryuk asked for the scar on his face to remain so that it reminded him of his pain he endured. He has at least 19 Sharingan implants, 8 visible on his left arm, 8 on his right as well and three additional ones on his head. At the same time, the Sharingan in his right eye socket is held open by eight stitches from the use of his Earth Grudge Fear; to which the sclera appears dark and blood shot. He first appears garbed in a dark, hooded cloak with his Zetsu Modification Armor. He is also seen wearing a dark, long-sleeved, high-collared shirt bearing an Uchiha emblem on both its front and back, as well as dark pants and boots.


Ryuk was a very happy person before the death of his family and brethren. He loved to help those in need and was well liked by both the Leaf citizens and his fellow clansman. Ryuk seemed to always be in a good mood as long as others around him were happy. Ryuk was also described to

A serious Ryuk.

always be in a calm and collective mood.

He is also known for his keen intellect and his intelligence especially in the medical field, being a medic-nin. He can quickly discern a physical problem and quickly find the solutions to mend it, and the best ways to proceed in a full recovery. Ryuk mostly specializes in self-healing and surgical practices.

After the massacre of his brethren the happy person that Ryuk once was, was consumed by a much darker version of himself. Ryuk's heart became as black as coal and his gaze became as cold as

Ryuk's Killing Intent

ice, Ryuk no longer cares for the lives of others as he used to and will easily use innocents or toy with peoples lives to achieve his goals. When

Ryuk's pure killing intent manifesting.

Ryuk faces an enemy he feels no sentiment no remorse and will show no mercy regardless of age, gender, or disability. In his eyes those that stand in his way are to be cut down no questions asked.


Ryuk is highly agile and a quick learner, especially when it comes to learning new techniques. During his training Ryuk has learned to be able to enter a sensory mode giving him the ability

Ryuk easily taking out several ANBU.

to use sensory perception allowing him to sense other peoples' chakra. Being a medic-nin it is important that the medic of a team stays alive, keeping this in mind Ryuk has learned to completely hide his presence capable of fooling even the best of sensors and dojutsu wielders.

After his body modifications using parts of a White Zetsu, Ryuk has developed several abilities of Zetsu such as being able to use Event Recording with his Sharingan making it even easier to learn techniques, the substitute technique which allows him to take the form of anyone he touches to completely copy someones chakra and even use their techniques, this is how Ryuk learned the Earth Grudge Fear technique after touching Kakuzu's corpse.

Ryuk also has a large amount of knowledge pertaining to a wide variety of jutsu, as well as his sense for jutsu, one of Ryuk's more feared attributes, especially with the aid of his Sharingan. Ryuk can easily grasp the workings and weaknesses of different techniques with ease and come up with ways to counter them in a short amount of time including his foe's movements.


He is highly skilled in the use of various weapons especially the utilization of both shuriken and chakra blades. Ever since he was a youngling Ryuk would practice his shurkenjutsu and has excelled in its use so much that he was considered to be one of the most dangerous shinobi with a shuriken in their hand. One of his most frequent used technique is the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique, he can create up to 600 shuriken in an instant using this technique. When he learned and mastered the Kamui, he was able to create and use Kamui Shuriken, despite not being able to use Susanoo.

Ryuk is highly skilled in the use of chakra blades usually flowing the Chakra Scalpel technique through his blades to make them much more deadlier. He also seems to be skilled with the scythe that he possesses.


Ryuk professes at the use of his chakra nature Fire Release, partly because he is an Uchiha. He shows a great amount of skill utilizing the Fire Release and can use high-ranked techniques with ease.

After making contact with Kakuzu's corpse he gained and learned how to use his Earth Grudge Fear technique over a short amount of time. In conjunction with his Sharingan this allowed him to access the chakra nature and learn to use them eventually giving him the ability to use all five of the basic chakra natures.


Being an Uchiha, Ryuk is able to use the Sharingan. With the Sharingan he is able to see the flow of chakra, predict his enemies movements, and also copy certain movements and techniques. Ryuk's use of the Sharingan has earned him the moniker Ryuk of the Sharingan signifying his great amount of skill in the usage of the sharingan. He is shows his prodigal use of the

Ryuk's Sharingan(Past)

Sharingan through how fast he is able to read his opponents' movements even faster than other shinobi who possess the Sharingan and his use of genjutsu that is said to rival Shisui's. Ryuk has undergone a series of body modifications that he has performed on himself transplanting various Sharingan on different locations of his body. Specifically he has eight sharingan in

Ryuk's new look(Current)

each arm and three infused into his head, not counting his own two sharingan. The Sharingan in his right eye socket is held open by eight stitches from the use of his Earth Grudge Fear; to which the sclera appears dark and blood shot. The reason for this because he filled his right eye with Yin chakra to be able to use Will Materialisation from a distance just by peering at a target. Each of the Sharingan on his body are fully functional and are able to see this has granted Ryuk a 360 degree range of vision effectively getting rid of any blind spot he might have.

It wasn't until later after he recovered that Ryuk awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan. His MS awoke when he returned to Konoha and saw the rumble of his home and the blood stains of his family and friends throughout the Uchiha quarters. Filled with rage and sorrow of the loss of his brethren his MS awoke, as he let out a sorrowful, yet terrifying shout.

Another survivng Uchiha, and elder named Taka was full of the knowledge of all of the Uchiha Forbidden Jutsu and decided that he would train Ryuk in their ancient techniques and history. While training with Taka, Ryuk learned how to use powerful techniques like Izanagi,

Ryuk's arm of Sharingan.

Izanami, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Kamui, and so much more. Ryuk gained a fascination of the Uchiha techniques and continued to train and learn more even activated his own powerful eye technique. Ryuk gained such a knowledge of the use of Uchiha technique likes Izanagi and Izanami that he could even use them without going blind.


Due to the unique mixture of both Uchiha and Senju DNA in his body, the unique 6 paths chakra awoke and caused Ryuk to manifest his Rinnegan. Similar to Sasuke Uchiha, Ryuk's Rinnegan contains the Sharingan pattern on it an allows him to use both the Sharingan and Rinnegans' abilities simultaneously. However, unlike Sasuke, Ryuk possesses two Sharingan patterned Rinnegan.

Through training and gaining a more in depth understanding of his Rinnegan, Ryuk was able to cause all of the sharingan located on his body to activate his special Rinnegan by flowing 6

Ryuk's Rinnegan Mode

paths chakra directly into each of his Sharingan. He personally has dubbed this as his Rinnegan Mode. When all of his Sharingan have become Rinnegan his blind spots are vertially reduced to zero. All of his eyes gain a higher level of perception and have a stronger link connection making both predicting techniques and his 360 degree of vision reach new heights.

Out of all the paths that he is able to use, Ryuk seems to primarily use the Naraka Path, making use of its ability for interrogation and restoring damage, being a quick way to reverse any damage done to him. He also frequently uses the Preta Path and the Asura Path.


Because Itachi had been already killed, Ryuk wishes to kill Sasuke as a way of payback, but Danzō seems to already be honing on Sasuke.

Ryuk is able to keep all of his Sharingan activated at the same time for up to a week straight.

Ryuk becomes riddled with excitement each time he talks about wanting to destroy Konoha.

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