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[nil edit]Safe Blade Technique 15px
Classification Chakra flow & Hiden
Rank C-rank
Class Supplementary
Hand seals None


Holding the SAFE end of the object, the user pours chakra into it, channeling it into the blade and creating a sort of chakra barrier around it only the user and sensory types can see.

This barrier acts as a safe guard to prevent the blade from hurting allies or the user accidentally by one of two ways: If the blade is used to attack the shinobi who used this technique, the blade will simply bounce off the person's skin without leaving a mark however, when in the position of it hurting an ally, the blade feeds on the feelings of the user, identifying that this person is not to be hurt and bouncing off of the person however, this ability only works for the user of this technique.

The blade will of course keep the user's chakra poured into it safe and sound at the right amount until used to prevent friendly fire or harm the technique's user. How much chakra used to save the person depends on how hard it is coming down among other things. Those of the Nara clan often use this technique along with their Shadow Imitation technique to dispose of enemies with no harm to themselves however, only few others ouside of the Nara clan knows this technique.