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(昨秋, Sakushū, Literally meaning: Last Autumn)

  • Sakushū Squad (昨年秋の分隊, Sakunen aki no buntai, Literally meaning: Last Autumn Squad)
  • Senjō's ROOT
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Team Info
  • Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure

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Sakushū (昨秋, Last Autumn) is a special group comprised of high ranking Jōnin level shinobi lead by Senjō; a kage-level kunoichi and fiancé to the Hokage's second hand. This team is tasked with being the primary defenders of Konohagakure alongside the ROOT. They are also as a special task force used to aid allied countries in their time of need.


Their main goal is the safety of Konohagakure. They are tasked with being the main forces that oppose any invaders or enemy shinobi that attempt to harm the village. They are also tasked with eliminating a civil war outbreak before it gets out of hand, along with various other tasks too great for the ANBU Black Ops.


Name Role Monicker
Senjō Leader Senjō of the Scorching Forest (灼森の戦場; Shakumori no Senjō),Senjō the Blood Diamond (血金剛の戦場; Chikongō no Senjō)
Senkai Chaotic Bullet (混沌とした弾丸; Konton to Shita Dangan), Thunderbolt of the Leaf (葉の落雷; Ha no Rakurai)
Juro Uchiha Hero of the Sharingan , Konoha's Brown Rebel
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