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Kanji 鮫鰭
Rōmaji Samehire
Literal English Shark Fin
Appears in Anime, Manga

Samehire (鱶鰭, Samehire; literally meaning "Shark Fin") is powerful spear, and much like its older brother weapon in Samehada, is a sentient weapon that functions in a similar fashion. The spear is often called the only true rival weapon of Samehada, and as such many in Kirigakure try to steal the weapon. However, the sword is truly stronger as it can merge with its host into a more powerful form, while Samehire seems to lack this power.


Samehada, the great sword of Kirigakure, forged by the blacksmiths from an old Kirigakure clan, was called the greatest sword the ever be forged. The sword fell into the hands of many, being picky with its wielder, calling out of the Kiteru's control with time, until it finally fell into the hands of Kisame Hoshigaki. The powerful shinobi made a name for himself with the blade, but ultimately left the village, betraying the home he had once loved and took the blade with him, eventually losing the sword to Killer B, making it so the great sword was now based in Kumogakure. The people of Kiri were angered by this, but could do little to stop the picky sword and their lightning allies. A blacksmith of the village, related to the forgers of Samehada, decided to take matters into his own hand, and searched out the documents deep in the clan's vault to learn how the creation of a living sword was possible. Finding the process buried among the belonging of the clan, the blacksmith went to work as to learning how to forge weapons, disregarding his ninja life until he was wielding his own masterpiece. Months passed, time changed, and blacksmith slowly mastered the art of forging weapons, and decided the time was ready for his plan. Using his status, the blacksmith commanded two villagers to follow him to the forge, one possessing the Yin Release while the other wielded Yang Release. Forging the weapon, the blacksmith decided to make it a spear, rather than a sword like its predecessor. Creating the ideal shape for the lifeless weapon, while the metal was glowing red with heat, singing the song of fire as it was nearly complete, the blacksmith commanded the two shinobi to flow their chakra into the spear. The power of the yang chakra gave life to the sword, making it a senseless creature who tried to thrash about in the ironworks. The shinobi who wielded yin infused his chakra into the blade, giving the living weapon a soul, a mind, and a personality. The blacksmith took the spearhead and dipped in water, cooling the blade. Drawing it out, the tool looked towards its creator with as shark-like grin, being pleased with its life. The blacksmith named the living spear Samehire, in a fashion like that of Samehada, and went to add the finishing touches to the spear. The spear showed a track record like that of Samehada and begin to cling to many of the clan members to get chakra to live, but not to bond with as its wielder long term.


The spearhead of Samehire is much like that of Samehada in a shorter form. The spearhead is made up of a series of downward facing spikes, which stop at the handle of the spear. The handle appears to be covered in a woven materiel, with the very base of the spear having a small skull ornament on it. Like Samehada, Samehire grow larger when it consumes chakra, with the spearhead becoming more spiky, making it look more like a mace. The spearhead also can open up to reveal multiple rows of sharp, shark-like teeth, commonly found in a goofy smile. Samehire is quite large, and shown usually to be about eight feet long in total at its base size.


Samehire, much like Samehada, as a sentient weapon that consumes chakra, loves powerful sources of chakra that is potent, large, and flavourful. Samehire, unlike Samehada, is far more loyal to its wielders. Once it chooses a master, Sameyari chooses to remain loyal to them until given a reason not to, such as its master dying, giving up their ninja career, or throwing Samehire aside, according to what Ninigi has spoken of it for the spear. Samehire is also obedient in the regard that if its master was to command it to allow someone else to wield it, it would obey. Those who attempt to wield Samehire without being the spear's chosen wielder or once the wielder has commanded it to allow usage, Samehire will cause spike to come out of the handle and stab the hand of the abductor, and even use the spikes to cut the abductors hand off entirely if they refuse to let go even then. Unlike Samehada, Samehire shows no pain while eating fire-based techniques, and seems unphased by any elemental nature.


Much like its sword counterpart, the blade is made up of scales, and inflicts damage by shredding all it contacts. The long hangle allows it to be used in a ranged manner more naturally, and is used to more like a mace or hammer than a true spear, and its handle can be used into a flexible manner for a flail-like effect. While it can give its wielder the chakra it absorbs, it seems incapable of merging with its wielder like that of Samehada, who allows its wielder to become a shark in appearance. The exact limitations of Samehire's fusion ability are unown outside of that, but this is enough to make it known that the spear is somewhat inferior to the sword.


  • Samehire, which means "shark fin", was chosen as the name to be simlar to the name of Samehada, shark skin.