(猿虎, Sarutora)

  • Tora (虎, Tiger)
  • Great Monkey Boss (大鰐長, Ōsarunaga)
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Monkey
Blood type B
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Ability to stretch appendages

Sarutora (猿虎, Sarutora) is the chief ape of Monkey Island. Sarutora is a monstrous orangutan coming just short of the bijū in stature. He is oftentimes called simply by the name Tora (虎, "Tiger") or Great Monkey Boss (大鰐長, "Ōsarunaga", VIZ; "Chief Monkey").


Presumptuous in nature, an avid drinker and poker enthusiast, sometimes Sarutora can be difficult to get along with, even for his so-called master Yamazaru—he considers Yamazaru to be more of a co-worker, if anything. The great-ape does, however, reserve respect for him as if a sibling. Some describe him to be grumpy, high and mighty though charismatic. His wisdom is clear from the moment people meet him. He is quick, however, to let pride get in his way, leading him into conflicts that he cannot always succeed in. He is known to talk of himself in third person. Sarutora has a legion of monkeys that follow his every command; some compare him to a gangster.


Sarutora does not use senjutsu as often as one might assume; he prefers to make use of the astronomical physical strength he possesses to strong-arm opponents. His size is deceiving; the ape boasts breathtaking speed and reach, favoring taijutsu; using chakra he can extend the reach of his arms to several hundred meters. He is considered a shinobi and is very knowledgeable on ninja tactics, history and current affairs.

His element of choice is doton but he has also been seen to use raiton. Few of his techniques incorporate tar as well.

Aside from his unbelievable power, Sarutora is also a stupendous medical specialist, capable of using its mammoth chakra reserves to replenish multitudes. In fact, the seal located on the top of his head is directly connected to Yamazaru Sarugami's forehead seal, syncing the both of them symbiotically.

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